Last Chance to Submit to #theJCS!

Hey everyone! This is the last call to submit something for the Jon’s Creator Showcase. Technically submissions close tonight but I’m going to extend them until tomorrow night since it looks like some people are only finding out about the showcase now. Remember that for the April showcase you guys are submitting content you created in March 2019. Don’t forget to tag three others to join and myself (@readatnight00) and to use the tag #theJCS so I can find your tweets. You guys can also send your content via DMs on any of my social media sites

You might see me tagging a ton of people between now and tomorrow afternoon because if we get to 60 submissions, there’s a giveaway happening!


So far most of the submissions can be found in this Twitter momentΒ (we have about 30, we’re halfway there!). If your tweet hasn’t been added to this moment yet it means I didn’t add it before the Twitter update/change happened. I still haven’t figured out how to add more tweets to the moment but I will be stopping by everyone’s submissions today! If you don’t see a comment or like from me by tomorrow afternoon it means I didn’t see it and you are free to spam me (lol)

Remember that all creative content means anything from blog posts, podcasts, videos, short stories, artwork, and more! Anything that you guys created in March

If you were already tagged and you submitted something, let a friend know this is happening so they can submit too!

See you all soon


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