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Hitoribocchi Gave Me Cavities (And That’s More Than OK)!


To think that when I said I’d be sitting down “soon” to watch some anime meant 10 weeks later is a little sad, but yes, I’ve finally decided to do so. And one of the first titles I decided to pick up was Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu, which I mentioned I wanted to pick up because the MC has anxiety. I was curious to see how it would be portrayed *puts on snobby critic glasses* as I also have a fear of anything social

At first, I thought some parts were super exaggerated and I was going to rant about it but the more I watched and the more I began to think back on my behaviour…it’s all true (at least in my case). While I wasn’t plotting to get rid of the middle school institution and my classmates (in a non-murderous way, of course), I did have a period where I wished I could just not go to school because I was too nervous to socialize and well, to do student stuff

Hitori’s determination of trying to befriend people based on a promise she made to someone from her past was also something I felt to my core. A lot of times I feel like I hang onto the past too much, but as someone who doesn’t like social situations, it makes sense. The past is something that we know, it’s comfortable, and we’re afraid to make changes. Plus, wasn’t it enough to suffer through the torture of making those friends? Now I have to start all over? Such is the life of the introvert

But it makes me curious if Hitori will even think about her promise to her childhood friend once she (hopefully) starts to gain more confidence and starts befriending more classmates. Even though the promise is her anchor and motivator now, it would be amazing if this experience would show her that she’s a great character and that anyone would be happy to have her as a friend (I mean, anyone who gets me OJ is automatically my BFF)

The Yuri Vibes


Can I just say that one of my favorite tropes is the innocent baby getting tangled up with the bad boy (girl in this case) of the class?! And you know Nako-chan is a “delinquent” because Hitori didn’t mention she was a foreigner, the teacher froze up on her, and she dyed her hair. Apparently, that means you’re trouble (even though she’s just as adorable as Hitori!). So yeah, I may be shipping them already. I mean, sharing umbrellas?! *SCREAMS*


Someone tell me this is the original manga because that “Doki~n <3” is doing stuff to MY kokoro!

It’s a little sad that this show can get away with this type of stuff because Hitori is so socially inept (confession scene was so cute!!). However, Nako isn’t and okay, maybe she’s been ostracized by society because of her appearance and the blushing and cute feels can be just her finally feeling appreciation and kindness, but is it okay to pray that she might also be feeling the gay vibes?! God, these two are so cute!!

As you can probably tell, I’m definitely going to be continuing this series!

But I’m curious, how is everyone liking this so far?


2 thoughts on “Hitoribocchi Gave Me Cavities (And That’s More Than OK)!

  1. There were some nice moments in this first episode, I’m definitely finding though that the episodes are just too long. They don’t have enough to say and so everything feels kind of drawn out.

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