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#BESpring19: 2019 Spring Releases I Am Excited About, The Anime Version

Hello, lovely people of the internet! Welcome back to this little corner of insanity. Hm, considering how neglected this place has been, I’m surprised that my stats are pretty consistent. Thank you to everyone who has been visiting and indulging~


Today’s post is a little different and usual to what you guys can find here. ICYMI, I signed up for the Bookending Spring Event, which is a month-long event being hosted by Clo and Sam. Every day for April they have a variety of writing prompts for us bloggers to talk about (done by different hosts) and since the month is slowly heading out, I thought I’d get my butt to writing. Now, technically, these posts (and event), are geared towards book bloggers and the book community but seeing as I am a rebel and a dabbler in all arts, I thought I’d use the prompts for my devious fujoshi ways!

bookending spring

For day oneΒ Jayati @ It’s Just A Coffee Addicted Bibliophile, posed the prompt 2019 Spring Releases: Share some Spring 2019 releases you’re excited about. And I shall be doing so! Except not for books because heck, I can’t and don’t even know where to even keep up with those releases, but for the Spring Anime Season~


Ok, so maybe Fruits Basket (middle) isn’t a sequel but I decided to add it to this category because it’s a series I’ve already watched.

  • Attack on Titan: I am part of a season behind if this whole part 1 and part 2 thing is how we split seasons now? I managed to finish season 2 “recently”. I told myself I would quickly jump into season 3 but uh, well, I didn’t. Oops. It’s fine though since now I can just jump into season 3 part 2
  • Fruits Basket: It looks like this is THE ANIME to watch this season. I had been on the fence about watching this one since I technically already watched the original but everyone being so excited has me adding it to my watch pile. Besides, it was a really cute series!
  • Bungo Stray Dogs S3:Β Eherm! Speaking of things I am behind on…I only watched the first season of this show. I know, why am I even adding it to my to be watched list?? Because everyone keeps telling me it got better in season two and since there’s a season three, it must be good, right? Besides, the gay vibes are calling me!! I just need to binge season 2, then jump to season 3. Piece a cake, right?

I also noticed that One Punch Man season 2 is airing and even though I ADORE Mob Psycho 100, I just can’t get into OPM? I’m not sure if it’s because of the hype around it, but it’s a huge no-no for me. Still, I mention it because I did triple glance at it. Who knows, maybe a miracle will happen!


As you can see, this anime season I have decided to broaden my horizons and choose a few series with female characters!! *GASP*

  • Fairy Gone:Β First off, I am a sucker for covers and that cover looks so cool! Then I jumped into the summary and did you say fairies? Possessions? Magical Weapons? And some sort of human-fairy experimentations?! You got me!! How I am weak to the dark fantasy genre!
  • Carole and Tuesday: This title isn’t the one that I usually gravitate towards but there was something about the art and composition of this cover that I couldn’t stop being curious. Every time I opened Anichart I would zero in on it and I thought, what the heck, let me get it out of my system. Now it’s on my list. Apparently, the story is about humans who have gone to live on Mars and AIs…sorry, I’m having Aldnoah Zero flashbacks now!
  • Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu: Like many of you guys know, me and lots of female characters in an anime don’t mix well. But when I read the summary for this, a story about Hitoru Bocchi who suffers from anxiety, I thought I’d check it out

Ok, the next category is my last and will also be the loudest. You all have been warned!


OH SWEET GAY VIBES, MIYUKI FREAKIN KAZUYA, AND MY CINNAMON SAWAMURA. I’m pretty sure someone tagged me on Twitter about this Daiya news but I completely forgot! Imagine my surprise when I saw it on this list. *SCREAMS INTO VOID*

  • Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine: Okay, I’m not a huge fan of sports anime featuring girls, especially not after that “swimming” one with the butts *shivers*. BUT this is baseball, how bad can it be? Wait, don’t answer me, I don’t want to imagine it! Plus, it has Cinderella in the title and I am a sucker for anything fairytale related!
  • Daiya (Ace of Diamond): Have I even caught up? No. Am I still going to scream about how amazing and beautiful and gay this series is? YES. HECK YES. Oh god, I need to go finish the previous season!! AHHHH
  • Mix: What is up with the recent explosion in baseball anime? I’m not sure but I’m also not going to complain. The art looks cute and I think I’m going to have fun watching all three of these together! Maybe I’ll do some sort of comparison post or something. And I’ll try to limit my screaming over my husbands (COUGH)

I feel super inspired by this last category and I may or may not just jump into older baseball anime and perhaps that will take over the blog in a future month…

Welp! That’s all for now. Chances are high I won’t be starting the sequels until I catch up but I’d like to start looking at some of the new shows soon, since there are three episodes out for each (at least, or will be soon). I also plan to start blog hopping to my otaku buddies blogs and especially if you guys are covering the shows I mentioned (but at a slower pace because spoilers!)

Feel free to drop me links in the comments sections if you guys already have first impressions up and PLEASE let me know if you’re covering Daiya. I need to cry with someone T-T




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