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[poll] I’m Joining the #24hrmangalove readathon!

Hey guys! The other day while on Instagram, I saw that Lita was going to be doing this readathon (check out her tbr here). The #24hrmangalove readathon is being hosted by Shaegeeksoutย and it will run on Sunday the 10th all day (so midnight to 11:59pm). Lita actually already started the readathon, courtesy of her being a day ahead of us lazy Americans


I briefly considered joining but then changed my mind. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to join a readathon but I’m actually a VERY slow reader. It would probably take me more than a day to finish one book so I see little point in my joining novel based readathons, but of course, this is all about manga. But did I really want to read a bunch of romance manga? I decided nawww

A few hours later and I’d changed my mind (…)

But I need help. You see, I came home tonight and “narrowed down” my tbr selection, except there’s probably 30+ volumes of manga still on my list. Technically, I can probably read them all if I don’t sleep for the full 24 hours but realistically, I’m going to be sleeping for at least 7 hours and will be taking breaks


This is what my TBR looks like right now and to help narrow it down, I’ve made a poll that I’d like for you all to participate in! You’re allowed to make as many selections as you want but I would appreciate keeping it to 18 books total. Why 18? Because I am 18 books behind on my Goodreads Challenge and I’d like to get back on track (lol)

If you’d like to keep track of my progress, I’m going to be posting pictures on my Instagram and I might livetweet a couple times. I will also be posting mini-video impressions that I will link to at some point during the readathon. If you’re participating in this readathon, let me know! I will be following the tag on Twitter and sharing posts so be ready for a slew of romance manga recs

Thanks a bunch!!

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