24 Thoughts While Reading Killing Stalking Ch4: And the Suspense Escalates….

Welcome to the Killing Stalking impressions posts! If you’re curious about what these are and how they came to be, check out the masterpost. Otherwise, get ready for some spoilers! Like always, let me know what you think in the comments section~


Killing Stalking is a BL webcomic by Koogi about a stalker and a killer whose lives get intertwined. Bum has loved Sangwoo for a long time now and has finally made his move when he breaks into Sangwoo’s home. Of course, he wasn’t really expecting to find himself nearly beaten to death and then kept as a prisoner. It’s a really dark webcomic so if you can’t stomach torture, all types of abuse (physical, mental, verbal), rape, and gore, I probably would stay away from this. There’s just a lot of messed up stuff going on in here

1. It’s been an hour since the last chapter and who is singing?

2. Bum isn’t in the chair anymore, where are you?!

3. Oh hey I actually know this song! In this scene though it sounds more ominous, lol

4.  And we’re back in the basement! Poor Bum

5. BUM. Treating him like a dog, I think this is how his dad treated his mom, no? I can’t remember but since they’re playing house I’m guessing he’s recreating a scene?


6. Except stare at you the whole time? WEIRDO. And you never know when he might snap or get tired of playing around. Oh god, I can see how frightening it can be

7. It’s so stressful seeing him plan his escape and hesitating because he’s afraid of what will happen if he doesn’t succeed! I wonder if the sounds are even real. IDK, if Bum is right and Sangwoo is just waiting for him to make a mistake, what if he’s planting ways for him to “make a mistake”? And would the people even believe Bum? Sangwoo seems to have a good guy reputation

8. That’s why it’s there?! That’s why he gave you the chair? Maybe he can crawl? It might be quieter? Actually, IDK, his legs seem to be healing but can he crawl quietly while they’re still hurt? Mmmm


9. T_T

10. I wonder how things would have gone if Bum had escaped. Would he have stopped pursuing Sangwoo?

11. The psychological torture!! *dying whale noises*

12. It’s like you’re “free” but not

13. “It wasn’t working well last night” WHAT WERE YOU USING IT ON

14. STAB HIM, he said he sharpened it (or maybe he said that so that you’d think you had a chance against him and if it doesn’t work?! SCREAMS)

15. DIS BISSHHH (i still love him tho whhyyyyy)

16. Wait so he never made the food before? Isn’t that suspicious?!

17. He’s grinning, did he plant the poison there?!


18. He’s making YOU nervous?! You’re making HIM break down! (You’re making ME nervous!)

19. Oh god, Bum you look a little too excited, calm down!

20. He knows *clenches fist*

21. He’s gorgeous…fml

22. I told you to tone it down Bum Orz

23. “Then we can both smile.” I’m getting chills just reading this

24. It’s nice to see how each chapter has built up all the suspense. First I was screaming about Bum breaking into Sangwoo’s house, about him getting caught, and then I was screaming about him getting beat and cut. And then this chapter had me screaming at phantoms. Koogi is really good at this

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