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[Review] Ezuke wa Yahan, Ano Heya de by Homerun Ken

Oh my, it’s been a while since I last reviewed a BL manga! I think my last one was That Blue Sky Feeling back in September! Well, to be honest, I also haven’t been reading many BL manga recently. I’ve mostly been keeping to webcomics and their updates. But I was feeling a bit bored and figured it was time to pick something new up!

I ended up reading Ezuke wa Yahan, Ano Heya de by Homerun Ken for (I think) obvious reasons. I mean, look at that cover, isn’t it cute?! Luckily the content was cute too.

homerun ken

Ezuke wa Yahan, Ano Heya is actually a collection of short stories featuring four different couples ranging in age from high school, university, and working adults. Three of the couples’ stories fall in the same universe and setting (they even talk with each other!) and the last couple is set in an apocalyptic universe.

The first story follows Sano Akinori who has trouble keeping a girlfriend for long, as his partners usually ask him out based on superficial reasons, unknowing that he’s actually a very blunt and bordering on rude guy, and Nishimura Takashi, a boy with a cheery disposition who is having an affair with an older married man. They both frequent the same restaurant and often see each other but they only start talking when they end up having to share a table during the restaurant’s busier hours. From there they become friends and begin to hang out frequently

homerun ken2

I actually really liked this story and I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that Sano looks like Tsukishima (…well, maybe a little, lol!). I just really liked the progression of their relationship. Sano can never keep a girlfriend because he accepts anyone, they don’t have anything in common, and so they tend to be disappointed in his real personality. Except he’s actually really thoughtful and caring when it comes to people he actually likes. It was a super soft BL oneshot that I was super glad to have read!

I may have also cried a little because nothing is more precious than trying to protect someone you care about!

The next oneshot focuses on Saitou and Saitou (written differently) who are two high school students who “buy” each other. I put it in quotes because I feel like the whole buying aspect is just a front that they use to see each other and explain why they keep seeing each other (is it really so hard to just say you like each other?). They both come from similar dysfunctional family backgrounds, which I felt was one of the reasons they gravitated towards each other. However, I think this was the weakest of the stories in this compilation. I think it’s because all of the others were very soft, emotional, and we got to see more of the character backgrounds but here what we saw was mainly physical and onesided (we never really learn about W Saitou other than he likes sex and possibly Saitou?? He was a very flat character). Maybe if it had been developed a little better I would have also come to like it more

The third story is where things start to go into a more supernatural way. Apparently, vampires do exist in this world (I knew it!) and in this story, we follow the “adult” (in age only because BOI these two are just too cute) romance of Sunakawa, a human who turned into a vampire because of some nasty family plotting, and Shinya, the owner of the restaurant all the couples frequent!

homerun ken3

As you can see, they have a Vampire and Meal type of relationship, except it’s a bit complicated because when they were human, Sunakawa was of a lower status than Shinya. Oh but it lends itself for some beautiful “vampire is devoted to you” type of story, which I LOVED. Also, you would think that as two adults, this romance would be less complicated but it almost seemed like the most complicated. I guess once you get older romance is something these characters seem to second guess too often

Our last story is actually my favorite of the bunch. It follows two high school students who find themselves stuck in a town filled with zombies. I don’t want to spoil too much but again, we have the devoted couple with a mix of tragedy that just left me bawling. I guess I just really liked it because it ended in a way I wasn’t really expecting. While Shouichi and Haruya didn’t get a detailed background chapter, there was just something very charming and relatable about their actions during their retreat that just got me. Also, the last chapter has them being cute and I just ADORE cuteness! It made everything that happened in their story even more heartwrenching!

homerun ken4

Overall I really enjoyed this book of oneshots! Once I saw the second chapter featured a different couple, I knew not to expect too much in terms of development, but Homerun Ken surprised me. They really knew how to use the few pages they had and created really charming stories that made me fall in love with the characters (most). Not to mention that the art is GORGEOUS. I love me a good story with beautiful art! This book is definitely going into my cart and I’ll be buying it once I lift my book buying ban ^^

But I’m curious, has anyone else read this book? What did you think? I’m usually not a fan of mini-story collections because I’ll get attached to couples and want the whole book to be about them, or I’ll just end up disappointed at the lack of feelings I have for the characters, but these oneshots were very nicely done. Or have you read other manga by Homerun Ken? I was looking through their list of manga and I was surprised to find NakagamiS listed as one of theirs! That’s actually a book that was recommended to me a while back but that I never really picked up because the cover art looked meh. Actually, a lot of these books look like they’d be made by different mangaka but they’re all authored by Homerun Ken (wow)

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