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22 Thoughts While Reading Killing Stalking Ch2: Someone Hold Me!

Welcome to the Killing Stalking impressions posts! If you’re curious about what these are and how they came to be, check out the masterpost. Otherwise, get ready for some spoilers! Like always, let me know what you think in the comments section. This post is much shorter than the last one but wow, is this chapter more intense


Killing Stalking is a BL webcomic by Koogi about a stalker and a killer whose lives get intertwined. Bum has loved Sangwoo for a long time now and has finally made his move when he breaks into Sangwoo’s home. Of course, he wasn’t really expecting to find himself nearly beaten to death and then kept as a prisoner. It’s a really dark webcomic so if you can’t stomach torture, all types of abuse (physical, mental, verbal), rape, and gore, I probably would stay away from this. There’s just a lot of messed up stuff going on in here

1. Now that I know Bum isn’t dead I really like this composition and their expressions. IDK it’s sort of fascinating. Though I have to say, it looks more menacing and foreboding in the black background with the green light being more prominent than this white background


2. If I was Bum’s size and was hit by someone of Sangwoo’s strength with a freakin bat I think I would have died. Bum, you amaze me, you’re still conscious T_T

3. How many people has he killed in 10 years? Also, how did he not kill anyone while in the army? He was there for a while right? Did he really keep that killer instinct bottled up while there?

4. TECHNICALLY, you never knew him…

5. Sangwoo’s expression! It’s like he’s enjoying the chase

6. Ohmygod that is gonna be painful

7. The first thing he thinks of is to die with no regrets? Or is it trying to save himself by confessing? And even if you were annoying him, he shouldn’t be bashing you around T_T

8. *speechless*

9. IDK how this all works but shouldn’t those bashes have hurt more than the fall? Like, he cracked something, right? Then again, I’ve never fallen off the stairs like that and I guess Sangwoo was holding back? But also he used a bat…mmmm


10. Ok so maybe it wasn’t 10 years of murder. Only 3? Wait, why was 10 years relevant again? OH GOD, I just read chapter 1, how did I already forget?!

11. I feel like that would be something I would think of too but maybe not with as much conviction. Just something that would pass through my mind if someone mentioned the crime. And that, my beautiful people, is why I’m not a cop or detective

12. What’s that Boom noise?

13. He cut her hair >_< And is that a slash on her lip or just a blood smear? Is it weird that I want to know what he did to her? Though if I saw I’d be all squeamish

14. How did she think she was better than him?

15. Bum is really cute but god his leg! Even my leg is starting to tingle a bit T_T

16. Swear, the first time I saw this, I thought Sangwoo was going to feed him worms

17. OMG part of me is like is he trying to save himself by going along with what Sangwoo is saying or is he Legit? At this point IDK what to think

18. AHHHHHHHH BUM! Why is that the first thing you think! He beat you half to death!! You are chained up, your leg is messed up, you’re in your underwear and in a basement! WHY. I feel like crying

19. SOMEONE HOLD ME. Just looking at that thing!! He’s going to shatter the poor guy!

20. OHGOD *cringes*

21. A sound effect has never been so ominous…

22. UGH, I’m going to be sick! But also I’m fascinated. Like how is this human finding the strength to hurt another to this degree?! And instead of feeling remorse or anything he’s all nonchalant and bored and even taunting Bum. Fascinated

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This post was originally posted June 2018. Minor changes have been made since then

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