[Masterpost] Reading Killing Stalking

Last year I started reading Killing Stalking because I kept hearing about this series at conventions (the yaoi panels) and it seemed to be “the boku no pico of BL webcomics”. What I mean is that nobody ever said anything about Killing Stalking but as soon as someone said the title everyone in the crowd would be like conspiratorial ohhhs and apprehensive yeahhhs. After attending a couple of yaoi panels with these same reactions and no explanations as to what Killing Stalking was, I finally gave into temptation. I decided to look this series up and read it and MY GOD I got addicted. I binged it so fast and I was so devasted when I caught up I cried (really it was the only logical thing to do)


Then around June, the author started up the next season because of course it wasn’t complete yet! Instead of continuing it though, I decided to start a special on the blog called “XX Thoughts While Reading Chapter XX”. It was something I had seen some people do with books and I thought I’d give it a shot for this. I ended up stopping soon after for reasons I can’t remember and now I’ve decided to pick it up again!

So how is this going to work?

Basically, each chapter will get some commentary from your local fujoshi in a list format. I have read the first “few” chapters so I will have some insight into future events (although it has been almost a year so maybe I’ve forgotten some stuff). I may point out some things I might not have noticed the first time around and just some random thoughts that cross my mind now. Each post will be filled with spoilers (of course) and there will be images to go with my rambles. There is no set day I plan to post these. It’s whenever I have the time for it

And this shall be the master post to hold all Killing Stalking rambles!

But what the heck is Killing Stalking even about?


this is my killer boyfriend

Killing Stalking is a BL webcomic by Koogi about a stalker and a killer whose lives get intertwined. Bum has loved Sangwoo for a long time now and has finally made his move when he breaks into Sangwoo’s home. Of course, he wasn’t really expecting to find himself nearly beaten to death and then kept as a prisoner. It’s a really dark webcomic so if you can’t stomach torture, all types of abuse (physical, mental, verbal), rape, gore, and a messed up and destructive relationship, I would probably stay away from this. There’s just a lot of messed up stuff going on in here. But if you like BL and dark themes, please, join me in my reading!

And even though you’re going to hear me gush about Sangwoo and how cute Bum is, I realize this is not cool IRL and don’t endorse it. But what can I say? Dark themes are my thing

Now then, let’s get this list started!

ps. The first three chapter impressions were first posted in 2018 but I went in, cleaned them up a bit, added more pictures, and reposted them

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