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39 Thoughts While Reading Killing Stalking Ch1: What Did I Just Read?

Welcome to the first Killing Stalking impressions post! If you’re curious about what these are and how they came to be, check out the masterpost. Otherwise, get ready for some spoilers! Like always, let me know what you think in the comments section~


Killing Stalking is a BL webcomic by Koogi about a stalker and a killer whose lives get intertwined. Bum has loved Sangwoo for a long time now and has finally made his move when he breaks into Sangwoo’s home. Of course, he wasn’t really expecting to find himself nearly beaten to death and then kept as a prisoner. It’s a really dark webcomic so if you can’t stomach torture, all types of abuse (physical, mental, verbal), rape, and gore, I probably would stay away from this. There’s just a lot of messed up stuff going on in here

1. Crossdressing Bum?! OH MAN. I want to see more of this! That’s him though right?!

2. I’m…being called out…by a webcomic with psychopaths…is this a sign?!


3. DUDE, this is next level stalker!! HE’S SO CLOSE TO HIM. My heart, I’m getting so nervous!

4. IDK man, I feel like Sangwoo must have noticed him? I mean, I kind of notice people on public transportation. But I guess Sangwoo doesn’t care who looks at him or not, plus he was on his phone HMMM

5. Sign the agreement? What agreement?

6. “Because of love.” OK who showed Bum this is what you do when you love someone

7. I thought that was Sangwoo’s house the first time I read this but now I’m realizing it was Bum’s. Still weird But more acceptable?? LOL

8. Should I look up borderline personality disorder? I feel like I should…

9. I always feel like somebody’s watching me. And I have no privacy

10. Bum with that haircut is so cute! It makes him look younger and less stressed with life


11. WOW. Idk if I would have noticed Sangwoo! He looks so different with no hair!!! (or army cropped I guess). Such is the power of a True Stalker


13. I seriously thought he was going to get raped or at least that they wouldn’t believe him? I’m so glad they got rid of those guys! SANGWOO, TY! Idk why he did it but that saved Bum so I’m grateful! I wonder if he recognized him?! Is this wishful thinking on my part?

14. Is that girl dead already? I wonder how many he’s killed at this point…Also, this has got to be fate, I mean, to bump into each other so many times? I don’t think Bum was actively looking for him right?

15. His grip on the bed pole is totally not innocent. It’s not just me imagining things right? I mean WHO grabs the pole like that? A sexually frustrated stalker who just saw his obsession, that’s who!

16. The fingernails being white has been bothering me since I saw them at the start…

17. Now this is what I call dedication!



19. Oh god! He recogniZed the house! BUM RUN

20. Bisshhhhh don’t look at Bum with that angry mug of yours

21. “Excuse me, is that your house?” AHHH SHEEEET


22. If you don’t get this right…!!!

23. OMG that machine! Why’d you have to say he got it wrong so many times xD It’s all over Bum!

24. OMG I just realized he got in by accident because the pin doesn’t match the last number on the paper. I just thought he said it aloud because he’s like that (who else talks to themselves? I can’t be the only one) but then I was like wait his finger slipped…? So I thought I’d double check. The wonders of rereading

25. Isn’t it suspicious that it doesn’t smell like anything?! Or maybe this is hindsight speaking. Would I have thought it weird? But then I have a good sense of smell so maybe I’d notice if he used cleaning products? Or maybe he uses something odorless?

26. That girl he’s with…is that the one from later? The one with the sticker like things on her cheek? J-something or other. And damn he works fast! One in the basement and one on his arm

27. His face! Sangwoo’s open-mouthed face is hilarious. I don’t even know WHY. I guess it’s like one of those pictures you take when someone’s not ready lolol

28. Now I know what kind of look I should be wary of when I meet someone. Calm your killer Oh Sangwoo!


29. Seungbae noticed it too! Oh he’s gon DIE. I wonder if his life is flashing before his eyes, getting any chills? lolol

30. Nice save! LOL

31. Oh man. When I first read it I was like yeah he said cousin but now I’m not so sure. I do remember Bum saying relative because I looked at that image like a thousand times so where did I get cousin from? Or is that the automatic guess?


33. Sangwoo is going to catch Bum doing the do on his bed, SHOULD I COVER MY FACE, I’m going red already!

34. WAIT. The basement is inside the closet?!

35. Regular tools have never looked so menacing before

36. I’m dying!!! IDK Bum, she’s a bit tied up, do you think she’s ok??



38. DUDE

39. What did I just read

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This post was originally posted June 2018. Minor changes have been made since then


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