[Fanfiction] Do you still read stories if they haven’t updated in forever?

It’s kind of weird. When I saw that I wouldn’t have class on Monday (yesterday), I was stressing out. 6 days at home with nothing to do?! I tried to watch some anime but like always, I found it hard to decide what to watch (and so I ended up watching nothing, LOL). Instead, I found myself on AO3 and before I knew it I was reading some really long stories. I actually wrote about one of those stories the other day (Hey Lover by wasterella). Then yesterday (and the day before) I was reading Catch me, sweetheart by  and it got me thinking about incomplete stories Continue reading

39 Thoughts While Reading Killing Stalking Ch1: What Did I Just Read?

Welcome to the first Killing Stalking impressions post! If you’re curious about what these are and how they came to be, check out the masterpost. Otherwise, get ready for some spoilers! Like always, let me know what you think in the comments section~ Continue reading

[Masterpost] Reading Killing Stalking

Last year I started reading Killing Stalking because I kept hearing about this series at conventions (the yaoi panels) and it seemed to be “the boku no pico of BL webcomics”. What I mean is that nobody ever said anything about Killing Stalking but as soon as someone said the title everyone in the crowd would be like conspiratorial ohhhs and apprehensive yeahhhs. After attending a couple of yaoi panels with these same reactions and no explanations as to what Killing Stalking was, I finally gave into temptation. I decided to look this series up and read it and MY GOD I got addicted. I binged it so fast and I was so devasted when I caught up I cried (really it was the only logical thing to do) Continue reading