Boogiepop Never Laughs (ep 3): Perhaps And Others Is More Accurate

Hey guys! So it looks like the third episode for Boogiepop is out. In comparison to the first two episodes, this one was pretty straightforward so I didn’t have as many what the heck moments


Reactions while watching:

  • wait, i don’t think i know him but the girl i should right? why does she look familiar?
  • oh. lol! this is how bad i am at names, ok got it (she’s the detective’s friend)
  • so this cute little feller is her boyfriend?! it’s so cute but also so…unexpected? idk, I thought she’d have a taller boyfriend lol
  • CUZ SHE GOT EATEN and not in a fun way
  • don’t talk to the enemy!
  • oh was she talking to the echoes guy? from the previous episode when she went to demand answer
  • wait are you bitter because she turned you down?! you do realize she was trying to be nice right? didn’t want you caught up in rumors. wait, if he hadn’t been “normal” would she have said yes?
  • is this why he decided to get involved? (although i guess trying to avoid death is a more important reason but maybe there was a sense of i’m not normal anymore, senpai will notice me LOL ok i’ll stop)
  • DUDE WHAT. i can’t…just…
  • you guys better run!
  • omg i’m dying, i know i said run but at least be a little discreet? and why didn’t you pull the girl with you? left her to get eaten smh
  • she’s secretly a black belt!
  • oh snap! so that’s what the meeting was? she wins and it’s not actually nagi?!
  • he’s going to blast you away! DO IT
  • i’m dying but also, does this sacrifice mean he actually developed feelings for her or is it more like you gotta live and destroy these normies!
  • who is that?! i’m getting elfin lied vibes with these invisible suffocating
  • wait…but i thought she said it wasn’t her that finished the monster? and what happened to the detective girl?! isn’t she a main character?! why is she DEEAAAAD
  • oh so was it more of a ‘i didn’t deal the final blow’ type of thing?
  • also i’m so confused. this guy ran away so dramatically, yelling hilariously, and now he’s back and looks like he didn’t just run away crying?!
  • FIRE WITCH?! we got more paranormal creatures?!
  • *squints at tv* who was that?

As you can maybe, probably, if you squint…tell from my ramblings, the story this episode pretty much closes up the case of the Manticore. In this episode, we have the class President Niitoki and Shirou, Naoko’s secret boyfriend, looking for Naoko. People have finally noticed that her disappearance is strange, what with her being a good student. Masami, the Manticore’s boyfriend, ends up overhearing the two and suggests asking Nagi about her, claiming he has some intel that Nagi knows what’s going on. They don’t really mention Nagi being a culprit but considering her reputation, I wouldn’t be surprised if the thought she might have hurt Naoko didn’t come to mind (episode 1, students dubbed Nagi as murderer material). Unfortunately, the three were unsuccessful in finding Nagi so they end up calling her over the PA system, to which Nagi responds by “kidnapping” all three of them

At her side is Echoes who tells Nagi that none of the students are the Manticore so she allows them to go. As the lot of them are walking back to (perhaps) the main school grounds, Masami begins to act strangely, spouting near confessions about the whole issue. This is also when we learn that Nagi rejected Masami once because he was “normal”. And well, then this picture happens. GASP, nooo! What is the point of this show if one of the main characters is gone?!


Compared to the first two episodes, this one was more straightforward. We only had one moment that reflected the discord in the first two episodes. I feel a little disappointed. I was hoping to be stumped again and to need to rewatch the episode to piece things together but this time I just watched it without much feeling. There were some really neat ways things could have gone (the Manticore mentioned disguising herself as Nagi) but none of it came to pass because apparently, even monsters can’t live without their boys. We did learn a bit about Boogiepop though. It looks like her powers derive from the dormant strength that humans subconsciously have, and from what we saw, that manifests as piano wire looking, uh, wire. Also, Boogiepop called Nagi a Fire Witch and that this was the second time she’d been saved. WHAT. I am so curious?! What is a Fire Witch and how do they know each other?

I just figured that Nagi liked to stick her nose into paranormal situations but I thought she was a normal human. Now you’re telling me she’s a witch? I AM INTRIGUED.

Another thing I’m curious about is still Boogiepop. For a second I told myself, yeah, she’s like the good guy in the series, but then I remembered that the first episode had clips of dead girls hanging from wires and Boogiepop uses wires. I thought maybe it had been Manticore but she got speared by an arrow, not beheaded. So yeah, now I’m even more confused because so far she’s done nothing but “good things” but then we’ll have unexplained clips that make me doubt her (I should go double check)

In terms of the Manticore and Echoes, I feel conflicted. I never really grasped who they were, what their abilities were, and what Manticore’s goal was. She gives me Rize vibes because she eats people but why does she eat them? Is she hungry? Does it strengthen her somehow? I know she wants to get rid of the organization that made her and dubbed her a failure but how are zombies going to help? And I can’t believe Echoes was really just there to judge humanity. Guess we all got lucky he met Naoko! Although, since Manticore is his clone, does that mean he eats people and makes zombies? Why doesn’t he? Is Manticore a failure because she’s evil? And what about Masami? What was his deal? Why was he so invested in helping her? Did he really end up liking her by the end? Who was the girl at the end?

So many questions! But they’re not things I find push me away from the show. I mean, we’re on episode 3, I don’t expect things to go perfectly, especially when there’s more to be uncovered as we go. I’m not really sure where we’re going from here. Is it a new case? Are we somehow still dealing with something related to Echoes? I mean, he’s not dead. He just beamed himself back to space or heaven or to whoever wanted to judge humans

But I’m curious, if you’re watching this, what do you think so far? If the second episode cleared things up, I think this third one revealed everything that was going on with the Manticore case (unless there’s something still that we didn’t get a glimpse at). What do you think is going to happen next? I’ve finally remembered some of the character names and I’m hoping we don’t get a whole new cast (or if we do that we keep it small). It would be nice if we got some reappearances from characters like the book nerd and the boyfriend from episode one (although I wasn’t a huge fan of him). Just so that characters can be developed instead of just being there

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3 thoughts on “Boogiepop Never Laughs (ep 3): Perhaps And Others Is More Accurate

  1. I don’t know where it will go next and I’m unsure if I want to watch anymore. I’ll see what else comes out but this one is probably not staying on my watch list as mostly I’ve found it pretty dull despite the subject matter. But at least the first arc wrapped up so if I do drop it at least I got a nice spot to call it quits.

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