[katsudeku] DRAFT: omake to new oneshot

Uraraka was sipping on her tea when she noticed a small package addressed to her best friend. Or at least she assumed so because written across the middle in bold letters was “To that freckled nerd”. She felt a grin tug at her face and immediately tried to spot him on the main floor, aware that sometimes he would just disappear between the stacks (she’d found him dozens of times with his nose between a book). After a few minutes, she spotted his messy hair poking out of the romance section and she couldn’t help but giggle. Typical

“Izuku!” she stage whispered. It took a few more name callings and a psst to finally get his attention. He sent a surprised look in her direction and quickly bounded over, the book he had been looking through forgotten.

“Uraraka!” he exclaimed, “I didn’t know you were coming in today.”

She just shrugged, “Tsuyu went to visit her family and I thought I’d kill some time here.”

Izuku smiled, placing his elbows on the register table, “I’m glad. I’m a little busy, since Shindo wasn’t able to come in for a few days. He’s still sick. I told him to just go to the hospital but he said he was feeling a bit better. I checked up on him last night and his fever finally broke.”

She waggled her brow, “You know he still likes you. Why not give it a try?”

“Uraraka,” he laughed out, “It’s not like that. We both decided to just be friends.”

She pouted, “Fine. By the way, this came in for ‘that freckled nerd’. Catch another innocent soul’s heart? So bad! What did you do this time?”

Izuku blushed and grabbed the package. He shook it but it didn’t make any noise, although it did weigh a decent bit…“Don’t think so.” He stared at the box and Uraraka made an impatient noise.

“Open it!”

And so they opened it and Izuku nearly lost his shit. He picked up the largest item inside, the newest novel by Katsuki Bakugou! But it wasn’t just any old copy. No, this was the limited edition copy that the publisher had put up for preorders like three months before the official release of the novel, which he hadn’t been able to buy because he’d just paid his bills and the rent of the location, “…there were only supposed to be like 100 copies! I know they sold out! How is this…who…why?!”

Uraraka was already looking through the box, pulling out pins, a couple postcards, and a T-shirt, “Well whoever sent this knows your shirt size…”

Izuku grabbed the shirt from Uraraka and nearly cried (he couldn’t help bending over the table while making pathetic noises. He heard a ‘Zuku people are staring from her. Let them stare! They’d be in the same position or worse if they got this collector’s goldmine!). It was a Ground Zero shirt (one of Katsuki Bakugou’s other, more well-known and popular superheroes from the series My Hero Academia), but with a design that had been discontinued early on because there had been issues with the design company.

“Maybe we should return these,” Uraraka said while inspecting the box. Izuku made a pained noise, “Wait, there’s no return address.”

And maybe Izuku perked up at that because if there was no way of returning this…then he’d keep them. Not that he would have gotten rid of them if there had been a return address but arguing with Uraraka would take too long, “I-I think it’s okay to keep them.”

Uraraka just squinted at his pleading eyes, sipped from her tea, and then looked over the bookstore, “Hmmm.” Seeing nobody suspicious, she let it slide but she’d keep her eyes peeled.

Izuku took her silence as a yes and opened the book, then promptly closed it, a blush on his face, “I’m going to, uh, take this to the back.”

He all but fled and Uraraka sipped at her tea, “Hmmm.”

OK this has been in my drafts LONG ENOUGH. I decided to share the omake because the actual story is uh…taking me longer to write than I expected. Originally it was going to be a prequel to the Cosplay Kinks series but things weren’t really adding up. Oops. 

I wonder what’s happening! Let me know what you guys think so far ^^

Also, I want to thank the wonderful Katie for helping me with edits (this one hasn’t undergone edits but the main one has and WOOO, it be a Lot) ;_; 


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