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Boogiepop Never Laughs (ep 2): The Mystery Revealed?

Since most peoples impressions for the first two episodes are out already, I figured I’d drop this one today as well. If you haven’t checked out my episode 1 impression, you can read it over yonder. Oh, and I thought I’d try my hand at the winter season so there is a tab up on my menu for easy access to any impressions for this season πŸ™‚ so far this is the only show I’ve picked up but I might pick some others up slowly


Now off we go to spoiler territory! p.s. I ended up watching this episode twice. The text in black were my reactions and things I noticed the first time I watched. When I went back and rewatched, I made other comments (the ones in orange)

  • actually, the girl in the opening doesn’t even look like Boogiepop HMMM
  • oh wow, i hadn’t even taken notice that Nagi is in the last part of the opening
  • lol, that way she can throw you at the murderer if they come for her
  • lol! it’s not easy to kill someone, she says and the next second the girl’s on the floor about to get her arm broken
  • that was an abrupt cut
  • finally some gore. hm, tokyo ghoul vibes
  • WAIT. is that the guy from ep 1?? and is that the crying guy from before??
  • what is up with all these guys being okay with the supernatural? he just saw this girl change appearances and eat someone! i’d probably be in a corner throwing up or screaming or frozen or afraid for my life, IDK
  • is he just a normal guy? how are they going to recreate the world?
  • ok i’m going to assume akiko is the girl date from the first episode and the one dripping blue brain juices from her eyes
  • is this another day? i’m going to assume yes…?
  • it’s totally weird for her to have this student database right?
  • ok so the day she attacks the girl she already knows about Echoes and his clone and Brain Juices is dead
  • finally someone who asks the right questions!
  • ooooo, what past?
  • so this is what was going on while Boogiepop was around and now that Nagi is back, Boogiepop is gone? but the monster is still around? HMMM
  • who is this girl? man, i feel so sad that we know who the monster is. i was hoping for more of a mystery
  • now we’re in the past right? Nagi’s friend was there
  • OH. so this is how the guy and manticore met right? so the girl it ate is the one they’re mimicking now
  • my head hurts! xD
  • i feel like there is no real reason we’re going back and forth
  • is she the girl who got killed? -> i don’t even know what i was talking about
  • was that a random drops cup on the floor or an oh snap i just heard something horrifying drop?
  • and now i’m getting elfin lied vibes because of this facility
  • even with all this info dump, i am still confused…
  • what exactly are they supposed to be doing? and why is he so invested in this? what are his plans?
  • she has the cigarettes so this means she already knows about Echoes and the whole manticore, right? so she’s investigating now? did she already go see him? does she already know her friend is dead?
  • OH so she was accidentally killed. i was wondering why she approached the girl, how she knew that girl was the manticore but she was looking for Echoes
  • what does “evolved too much” even mean?
  • HA, except for Nagi, you guys dun messed UP
  • wait…if Naoko went to find Echoes and Manticore and the other guy was there, where was Echoes? did he leave? was he there?
  • ok time to rewatch

I don’t even know what to say at this point. I feel like I get why people are saying this episode was better but I also feel so disappointed with the info dumps we got. I guess I just wanted a bit more mystery behind the murders but now it’s just a show where we know most of what’s going on and we just watch the other characters figure it out. Which would be fine if this had happened somewhere in the middle but we’re only on episode 2 so now I don’t know what I should be looking forward to? I like being kept in suspense and I am not in suspense

I mean, it wasn’t bad. I liked that the pace picks up. Most of the previous episode was talking (we still got quite a bit of talking here too), but here we also got some chow time, drugging girls, accidentally killing people while in a panic, and someone threatening to break arms. The way the timeline works also helped with the pacing. Where the first episode most of the content was “linear”, in this episode I felt like we jumped back and forth a lot. That’s mainly why I felt like I needed to rewatch this episode and it was only after I did that, that I started to “get” what was going on


I feel like at this point the only things that I’m really curious about are Echoes and the end of Manticore (ep 1 end). They keep saying Echoes has “evolved too much” but I’m not sure what that means. Also, I only thought of this after I rewatched the episode but where was Echoes when Nagi’s friend was killed? I feel like she wouldn’t forget where she hid him and I wasn’t expecting him to save her but if he was looking for Manticore, they may have been in the same room?! Nagi’s friend also mentioned that she connected with Echoes and that’s how she knew about his mission on Earth. I’m wondering if this is what Manticore meant by evolving too much. Then we have the meeting between Nagi and Miyashita at the end of the first episode. I’m not sure where it goes chronologically. I thought that it fit when Nagi came back to school but the Manticore was still out there (when Boogiepop claimed it had been taken care of) and it felt strange to not add that meeting or even a reaction to it in this episode since Nagi seems to be our featured character…

A lot of people have been saying their meeting was actually at the end of the series (or close to it) if we consider the end of the monster The End, but I feel conflicted about this. I guess I just find it strange that the first episode basically gave us the start and end to the series (unless it’s something about the timeline being weird, maybe the end of episode 1 wasn’t actually the end but a relapse in time?). It would also make me wonder what the purpose of Boogiepop is if she wasn’t the one who got rid of the monster?…

You know what, I’m going to take a break, this is making my head hurt, LOL. I’m still having trouble keeping up with characters, especially when they just appear in the background and then it turns out they’re important but now possibly dead. Still, I’m going to continue it because there is still some curiosity in me and, while confusing, I think this non-linear way of telling the story is interesting ^^


Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh Episode #02: I had to put another of Benigmatica’s posts on here because they did a great job at unraveling what was going on in this episode. It makes me wonder if maybe I watched this incorrectly, was it always so concise?! Beware spoilers!

Boogiepop 2019 [WATCH or NOT?]: Ok so this one is actually a first impression of the first episode but I wanted to add it here because I thought it was really well done. Also, it’s a video, who doesn’t like variety?

The Evil In Plain Sight – β€˜Boogiepop and Others’ Episode 1 & 2 Review: Cactus Matt brings up some important points that I completely overlooked (in regards to Echoes) because I take all word as truth, lol

I would have added more links for other more coherent posts but I didn’t really see too many on my Reader that I haven’t mentioned before (prev post) ^^;; But let me know what you guys think so far! Are you still continuing Boogiepop? Time to drop it? Haven’t picked it up yet? Do you feel just as confused as me? Or maybe you noticed something that can help with the confusion? LMK!

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