Boogiepop Never Laughs (ep 1): I’m Intrigued

I told myself I wasn’t going to be following any more anime but I just couldn’t resist! I saw everyone talking about this on my reader and I figured I’d join in the fun as well. As an FYI, I’m jumping in blind on this. I did read Karandi’s episode 2 impression (Boogiepop Begins To Reveal Its Secrets) but I think it was vague enough that I still am not sure what this show is about (which is how I like it). I also briefly looked at Arthifis’ post 3 Reasons Why Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 1 was So Confusing but it looked like he was going in depth so it’s been put on hold until I watch this show


this cover looks really nice!

Spoilers from here on out!

  • what the heck is boogiepop? like, is it an actual word?
  • WOW that opening was really neat! (is this a yuri show?)
  • he doesn’t want you to date because he wants you (hehehe)
  • am i the only one who thinks her dressed like that is weird?
  • i was expecting some sort of zombie apocalypse with how that guy was walking. hadn’t realized he was crying
  • wait so he was going to go on a date with miyashita? the girl in the strange outfit?
  • ok now i’m curious. this girl has magic? and she’s just publically using it? and who was that crying guy? why did she help him get away? why was he crying? what did she say to him? WHAT IS SHE DOING
  • is miyashita trying to find the missing girls? is she the cause? i’m just thinking of the opening song but i’m not 100% sure if she was the girl with the long hair HMMM
  • oh…i guess that wasn’t her xD
  • i’m getting war flashbacks, ick Touka 
  • i’m thinking multiple personalities and why is he not questioning how she jumped to the roof?!
  • wait…so are the two girls in the opening the same girl? HMMM
  • guilt over what? why would he hate her? for standing him up? or is she doing something else HMMM
  • finally he’s getting to the important questions!
  • ok i’m a bit confused. she’s telling him about the split personality while on the roof, then we see him doing research, and then we jump back to the roof with him telling her what he found but…is that another day? had he already suspected and done some research and she’d only confirmed his suspicions? or how is this conversation even logical? am i missing something? Orz
  • is it a man-eater or woman-eater, lol
  • what even are these questions
  • i guess the reason people cry has changed…

So far I’m not loving this show but I’m not hating it either. From what I saw in the first episode this is what I’m guessing is going on: There is a monster (what kind, idk) among the student body going around killing school girls and it is Boogiepop’s (Miyashima’s alter ego) job to stop the creature. Boogiepop has some magical abilities, isn’t averse to using them on the general public, and for some reason, thinks it’s okay to divulge her mission to Miyashima’s boyfriend

Speaking of, I wasn’t a huge fan of the boyfriend. I can’t even remember his name but he felt very lukewarm. It’s one thing for you to calmly take in that your (possible?) girlfriend has a personality disorder and another for him to nonchalantly believe and not question Boogiepop (or to not even think she’s a little crazy?). Then again, most of this episode was us just glimpsing at what was happening in the school and getting some info dumps from Boogiepop so more may be revealed along the way


The part I’m the most confused about is the ending when Boogiepop confesses that her job has been completed, that the monster is gone. Considering that there had been a recent victim (who was she and why should I care, IDK), I’m doubting her. It also makes me wonder if Boogiepop is the monster. I mean, why not? Maybe she’s the one killing girls (just girls or monsters?) and the one suspected as murderer material (Nagi Kirima) is actually the Sherlock Holmes of the series. If I also assume the girl with the long hair in the opening song is Boogiepop, she seems to be an aggressor so even if she claims to be there to destroy this monster, she’s also not “good” (police scene)

This mystery of Boogiepop, the so-called monster, and random shots of dead girls is what makes me intrigued. I hear this series is supposed to be a mystery/psychological horror type of story and I’m definitely game for those genres. The animation also isn’t the worst. There are moments where I just stare at the characters because their anatomy looks off but I think it’s done ok enough where it doesn’t bother me intensely, lol


Leaving the Audience On The Outside in Boogiepop: Karandi does a great job at not spoiling the first episode but giving enough to get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the show so far

Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh Episode #01: Benigmatica gives us a pretty good description of what’s going on in the show

Boogiepop wa Warawanai First Impressions (1): That kind of resolved itself: Marth gives his impressions on the first episode (agree with them all) and clears up the mystery of Kamikishiro identity! Because I was so confused when they said she disappeared. I was like who the heck? Although even now I’m like who? What did she look like?

Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019) (First Impression): It looks like this isn’t the first time Boogiepop has been animated (although it is my first time watching) and while Dennis keeps their impression short, it raises my expectations ^^

The general consensus seems to be that the first episode could have done better but I’m curious, what do you guys think? Are you going to watch Boogiepop? Let me know what you think so far! I’m going to jump to the second episode now. I may have seen a couple of comments on Crunchyroll of people feeling better about that episode but we’ll see ^^

p.s. Does anyone know why this series called Boogiepop and Others on Crunchyroll vs. Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh (as everyone is calling it and how it’s listed on MAL)? I feel like Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh gives it a more eery feel while Boogiepop and Others makes it seem like a series of short stories

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