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[Review] Hush and My Last Love Scenario by Today

Do you guys ever make a list of what you plan to read and stick to that plan? Yeah, me neither, which is why I ended up reading this beautiful series instead of the three novels I started before the year ended. I couldn’t resist the cute bishies falling in love!! p.s. I actually read this series backward. I ended up reading My Last Love Scenario first (aka. da smut) and when I saw there was a prequel I jumped over to Hush (the FEELS)

In Hush, we are introduced to two best friends, Jigoo and Juhyun, who have known each other for 10 years and are usually stuck at the hip. They’ve been in the same class most of their lives, their families get along, and Jigoo makes it a habit to wake up Juhyun in the mornings so they can make it to class on time. In theory, they should know everything about each other and Juhyun truly felt that was the case…until he stumbles upon Jigoo getting kissed by a boy. Feeling confused and betrayed for not being privy to Jigoo’s orientation, Juhyun runs away and both avoidance and awkwardness begin to seep into their friendship. With the help of two of their friends, Jigoo and Juhyun end up making up and talking. Things seem to go back to normal, or as normal as things can get with Juhyun taking advice from Jigoo on how to get a girlfriend and promptly “courting” three different girls (one of which is Jigoo’s younger sister, yikes!)

Because I ended up reading this story backward, I feel like reading through Hush was like trying to walk through 10 feet of nearly frozen snow. I shipped Jigoo and Juhyun so much and so hardΒ that seeing them not together was torture, but I also just loved, adored, made whale noises and CRIEDΒ atΒ how they slowly progressed into the relationship we saw in My Last Love Scenario. It was so precious!

002 (1)

don’t worry Jigoo, he’s so gay for you too!

In terms of the characters, I really did like both of them. Juhyun was the extrovert of the two and was often teased for his low(er) grades, but you could see he always tried his best at everything. Even though he wasn’t a huge fan of having been voted in as vice president to the student council, he still took up the position with a passion (likewise when he was voted as president later on). I think he was like many teenagers his age in terms of romance. He had always been single and he wanted to get a girlfriend and have that experience but his easy going personality (I felt) made him more of the friend guy than actual dating material. He just always had this big brother type of feel, although I was iffy about him showing interest in three different girls. I was afraid something was going to blow up in his face but I also liked this as a journey for him. He began to realize what liking someone actually meant and from there, his passions seemed to triple as he began to court Jigoo

Jigoo is sort of the opposite. He’s more introverted but with close friends he’s outgoing. He’s smart, he’s good at sports, he is very attentive, he values his relationships, and he’s a good brother (and later tutor). Even though it pained me to see him with someone else (Hush), I also just liked how he was considerate of his partner (sadly, so much to the point of him getting hurt) and in My Last Love Scenario, I adored how committed and loyal he was. Ah, the woes of being so popular. Besides, he’s SO ADORABLE just look at him!


Normally I’m partial to darker themes (Uncomfortable Truth, Killing Stalking, Moritat) but then webcomics like this one cross my radar and I just fall in love. There was nothing really spectacular about this story. In fact, I think it’s a very typical slice of life/romance story with two teenagers who love with all their might but it was beautiful to me. Again, I’m working backward here. When I read My Last Love Scenario and we had two obviously in love guys with a healthy sex life, who lived together, who were trying to make their situation work (lived together but went to separate schools, didn’t see each other as often as they liked), and who talked with each other when misunderstandings arose I was crying. I don’t think I can really name many (if at all) yaoi series where the two guys end up together naturally, who looked so in love, and communicate. Then to follow their story and see them get together…!!

Yeah, I seriously recommend checking this one out. It’s very short. I finished both in a day (binge, binge, binge) and I might have to read it over again, this time in the right order, lol

But I’m curious, has anyone else read this story? Did you like it? Did you LOVE it? I was honestly going to not read it, based on the cover because it wasn’t the nicest out there (especially with the huge text). I think I just picked it out of a couple I had bookmarked and was pleasantly surprised. I don’t think there’s going to be more but I am definitely going to follow this author. I’m sure I’ll end up liking anything else they create!

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