Not For the Faint of Heart (ch 1 – 11) by Bopul

Sometimes when I have nothing to read I’ll randomly go to certain sites that shall not be named and look through their homepage, which tend to show their top 5 in different genres. Recently I stumbled upon a SUPER CUTE webcomic called Not For the Faint of Heart by Bopul because ghosts and a cute boyfriend, get it (heh) and I just had to talk about it!

not for the faint of heart

In this story, we follow Sungwan, who has recently gotten a job at a haunted house that is rumored to house an actual ghost. The problem here is that Sungwan is easily frightened, which makes him rather bad at his job. On his first day, Sungwan ends up talking about his situation (how he came to even land such a job) with a stranger he believes is the guy he replaced. To his absolute horror, right as they’re about to part ways, his companion walks through a wall and Sungwan realizes he’d been talking to a ghost the whole time! Left in a state of shock, it’s only natural that the next step is to consistently faint when the ghost approaches him (such are my fragile cute boyfriends)

However, one day after work Sungwan is so stressed over the possibility of getting fired (for consistently failing to scare any customers) that when he finds the gray-haired ghost stuffed and waiting in his locker (and not in the yummy yaoi way), he stays conscious long enough to hear out why he’s being approached and to learn the ghost’s name: Ahn Jaeyoung


The proposal: Jaeyoung has not been able to pass on for a while now and he believes that the only way is to have someone (good thing Sungwan was just sitting there, waiting to be ambushed by a cute ghost) grant him three wishes. And since Jaeyoung had never had the opportunity to date while he was alive, he wanted his wishes granted under the guise of being boyfriends. In exchange, he would help Sungwan keep his job by helping him scare customers. In this contract, Jaeyoung assured him that they don’t have to be like a normal couple. There would be no feelings involved and that all he wanted were his three wishes to be granted

PSHH, as if fake boyfriend stories ever not involve deeper feelings. We know better. Besides, how is Jaeyoung going to win against the cuteness level of Sungwan? His pureness is cleansing me as we speak!

And it’s because I know how fake boyfriend stories pan out that I am WORRIED. You see, out of all the paranormal boyfriends out there, spirits and ghosts are the ones I like the least. Why? Mainly I just don’t like that they are intangible. Depending on how far an author takes it, ghosts can’t really interact with people physically so how will they hold hands, hug, kiss, and (most importantly) do the dirty?! Where be my smut?! And OH there’s a scene in here that punched me in the heart and reminded me of why these types of relationships break my heart. It was so heartbreaking I’ve lost my vocabulary T-T Heart, kokoro, nghhrghhh

Aside from the obvious Feels and Tears, I think this is one of the cutest webcomics I’ve read so far (and there are A Lot of cute ones). I just love how carefree, fun, and innocent Jaeyoung ends up being. I had instantly dubbed him the top because he’d suddenly get these moments of seriousness where he’d open his eyes (yeah he’s one of those squinty eyed characters who open their eyes for dramatic moments) and I’d get dominant seme vibes. But halfway through the story, he became so soft and Sungwan, for all his shyness and jumpiness, was very forward when it came to their relationship. I was like Oh Snap! Shy looking bottom is actually aggressive clumsy top?! *breathes in deeply*


i swear it’s not as weird as it looks (dat booty tho #thirsty)

But this is a shounen-ai so I’m getting ahead of myself here!

So far I saw 11 chapters available and it looks like it’s about to end. GOD, I always complain about long series and when I finally get a short one I don’t want it to end! I’m just really invested in their relationship and once they clear things up and hopefully talk about the whole passing issue (nughrhh heartache incoming), I want to see more cute scenes. I don’t care if it’s more cliche scenes but I need more of their cuteness in my life! Aside from these two I also want to mention that there is a really cute lesbian couple in this story and that I may be crushing on the tall tsundere-like (but non-violent) girlfriend

I’m curious, has anyone else read this story? What are your thoughts so far? How do you think it’s going to end?! Fangirl/boy with me in the comments section! And if you haven’t read this yet, have my rambles convinced you to? I seriously recommend it, especially if you’re more into the softer romance-centric non-sexual type of stories (if you liked the stories by Bamwoo, you’ll enjoy this one too) ^^

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3 thoughts on “Not For the Faint of Heart (ch 1 – 11) by Bopul

  1. I’ve read this comic and I’m so in love I just finished it :((( do you maybe know if the author has social media I can follow them on?


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