#12DaysofAnime: Attack on Titan (ep 34 – 37) rambles

This is going to sound crazy but it looks like I haven’t reviewed anything Attack on Titan on the blog yet. Well, sort of. I have a review of No Regrets (Levi’s story) but considering I was super into this show, enough to collect the manga, it’s “prequel” Before the Fall, the light novels, brought home a bunch of merch (especially Levi merch) from my first trip to Japan about five years ago, and sold my soul to buy the magazines publishing No Regrets, I would have thought I’d written a bit more about the series on the blog. Even if it were just Ereri content because you bet that’s one of my Top OTPs, but no. I think this is the first legit (hah) post I’ve written for this series and I think I need to change that come 2019

Now, I’ve been slowly (very slowly) getting through season 2. I thought I wasn’t even halfway into the season but when I sat down to work on this post, I realized I was only three episodes away from finishing the series (such a short season compared to the first!). Kind of perfect actually, considering most of these 12 Days of Anime posts are three episode long impressions


Rambles are most likely mixed. I’m working from memory because I couldn’t look away from the screen (even though I knew what was going to happen), the emotions still shook me

  • I knew getting Mikasa upset was a scary thing but wow, she is a monster. Note to self, don’t kidnap Eren against his will (if he wants me to steal him that’s a whole other matter)
  • I kind of feel bad for Bertolt
  • Wow, ok I’m feeling emotional. Even though I’d read the manga chapters (a long time ago) I forgot about Bertolt’s feels. I know he’s one of humanity’s enemies but I just want him to be able to go back with everyone. Reiner too I guess (wow his psychological state might have been fascinating to me. Ymir’s reaction was pretty much me)
  • I am SO CURIOUS about their home. Did they ever show it in the manga? If so I obviously didn’t get to it yet, lol. Who sent them? Why them? (I only just realized that they were KIDS when they knocked the wall down. Who do I have to murder?!)
  • ARMIN IS FREAKIN BRUTAL. He might be physically weak but he knows where to mentally stab you and it’s not even quick. He totally milked that. Damn, he’s good (of course all of Eren’s friends would be monsters in their own way. Unfortunately, Eren is only a physical monster)
  • I knew titans were people but I don’t remember this part. Ah! I can’t remember much about how people turn into titans but they get injected with something right? So were those people injected then pushed off the wall?
  • Is it bad that I feel he had it coming to him? I mean, it’s not easy to kill a titan but I think he was a little uh…off. He kept slashing at everything but the grinning titan’s neck (I’m still sad though. He was the last adult Eren had from his old life and to get eaten by the same titan that ate him mom?! What are the chances. That titan was so stalking Eren)
  • Eren heals SO SLOW. Ymir and he lost the same amount of limbs and yet Eren still didn’t heal (and so couldn’t transform?) during the whole frenzy. And Ymir had been transformed since before the Corps arrived…(then he suddenly heals completely when he punches the titan. OK)
  • I wish Eren didn’t just rely on his titan powers. I get that in this situation his gear was taken but why is he so useless? (well he’s important but he’s not really smart, he lets his emotions get the best of him, and he’s not the best fighter. I mean, he was pretty clumsy when he got his first kill)
  • I hadn’t realized that there were other cadets who hadn’t had their first kill yet. I’m glad Historia had her moment (even though I’m pretty partial about her)
  • DUDE. Mikasa thinking they’re about to die and swooping in for the kiss and Eren totally not noticing was EPIC (yeah they’re my nOTP, sue me, lol)
  • I really like how this season ends (I also liked how season one ended)

Well, that’s about all I had to say for this season (end of the season). It’s actually nice to finally watch something that doesn’t leave me foaming at the mouth because of the gay vibes (though that Armin/Jean moment nearly got me, til death do us part). In terms of the manga, I remember there was this whole arc where Levi and the rest of the Survey Corps were on the run but in terms of who that mysterious guy was in the last episode and the titan plot, I don’t remember much. Time to go in blind but it’s nice to know I can just binge the next few episodes. I’ve been really out of the loop though so I don’t know if season three is complete yet or not. My brother said he randomly checked out one of the latest manga chapters and he said everyone was grown up and I was just like WHAT

I guess I’m just really sad my excitement for the series has dwindled. I don’t know about you all but I felt the whole pause between seasons was too long (though I understand, since they wanted to keep to the manga content), not to mention the chibi spin-offs…And don’t get me started on the lack of my husbando in action! I need more Levi and season three better remedy this, lol


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