[tsukkihina] jealousy: DRAFT from Hinata’s pov [ch2]

Hinata knows he’s not the smartest cookie in the pan? Tool in the box? Whatever. It’s close enough. But he does pride himself in learning, observing, and his social skills aren’t too shabby. Especially when it has to do with the things he loves, like volleyball and (he blushes) Tsukishima. Plus, being a Ball Boy also has non-volleyball perks

What he’s not sure is if Tsukishima is trying to hide the fact he’s upset. Part of him doesn’t think so if that display of affection during lunch is anything to go by. Since they started dating they’ve never been too physical but this time he’d felt how hungry Tsukishima was and while his grip on his waist had been harsh, Hinata had liked it. He liked it when Tsukishima held him, liked feeling small (the ONLY time of course), and Tsukishima had made him feel Small. He rubs his arm and clears his throat

The only problem now was figuring out why his towering boyfriend was upset because if there was one thing he knew about Tsukishima, it’s that he wouldn’t spill the meat buns. Hinata had to sniff them out and pry them from his unrelenting boyfriend. Or something.



That was his goal but it’s hard to figure out what’s bugging Tsukishima when they’re not in the same class and when they’re practicing, well, Hinata might be a bit preoccupied, so he does the next best thing: he asks Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi only smiles at him nervously and asks if he’s heard the rumors lately. Hinata just tilts his head, “Rumors? About what?”

A sigh escapes Yamaguchi but before he can answer, Sawamura storms towards them to get their butts practicing. Hinata all but races to Kageyama’s side, bouncing and yelling for the ball, Tsukishima temporarily out of his mind when Kageyama smiles (or attempts to) and nods at him. As soon as the whistle blows, Hinata is on the move, tracking the ball and finding the best spot for a spike

The burn on his palm and the deafening smack of rubber against wood makes him grin and he turns to Kageyama to see a smirk on his face, his hands up in the air awkwardly. Hinata can’t help the laugh that escapes him and he jumps over to Kageyama, smacking their hands together (they might have also toppled over since Hinata was a little too excited)



When they leave that night, Tsukishima hovers around him. Hinata feels like he’s on fire and he can’t help but glance at his teammates to see if anyone is paying attention. He sees Yamaguchi and Yachi smiling at them but nobody really makes a big deal out of their cuddling so Hinata leans into Tsukishima’s lanky body

It must have been the right thing to do because Tsukishima rests his head on top of his and stuffs his hands into Hinata’s jersey pockets. It’s the most intimate they’ve ever been in front of anyone and Hinata is sure everyone can hear his heart beating too loud. He’s afraid it might try to leave his body with how much he feels it near his head (he makes a mental note to ask if that’s even possible) but Tsukishima’s weight must keep it at bay

The affection reminds him of lunch and his heart calms. There’s something bothering Tsukishima and this is his way of calling attention to the problem (a nice way, Hinata admits, although he wishes the cuddles would come without the problems)

Hinata whispers, “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

The question seems to make Tsukishima squirm a bit and Hinata is only privy to the information because the hands in his pockets fist and then relax. A sigh escapes Tsukishima, “Nothing.”

A week ago Hinata would have believed him. He tries again, “Tsuki-”

“Here,” a rough voice calls before Hinata feels a bag pushed towards him. He can smell the meat bun inside and he smiles at Kageyama, a thanks leaving his mouth before tearing into the bag. Kageyama just nods but before he can even turn around, Tsukishima makes a disapproving noise and straightens out. Hinata instantly misses his warmth and nearly chokes when he notices his boyfriend and best friend glaring at each other

After rereading what I’d written I just had this image of these two fighting (not physically). So here it is (at least the start of it). I’m still thinking on the next parts since the chapter still feels a bit short. Should Hinata and Tsukishima go their separate ways or do they walk off together? HMMM. Lmk what you think so far 🙂 


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