#12DaysofAnime: Gurazeni Money Pitch (ep 1 – 3) rambles

Hey guys! So it might not be too much of a surprise that I decided to check out Money Pitch next. You see, I just came down from a Haikyuu high (I got to volume 33! and dayum) and thought I’d continue on the sports anime spree. Also, I’m sure everyone has already heard we’re going to be getting more Haikyuu in our lives soon YASSSS. I seriously CANNOT wait for that. Ahhhh, if I cried now while reading the manga I’m going to be bawling when we get the Miya twins on screen. I seriously loved that match! Haikyuu is probably one of the few series (and the only one I can think of off the top of my head) that I’d say I prefer the anime over the manga, but only because I like seeing all the action on screen

money pitch2

But you guys are here for Money Pitch, not my screams over HQ:

  • I knew I wasn’t going to like this as much as Daiya or even HQ and KnB but I really wanted this to woo me into continuing. It didn’t
  • I just couldn’t really get into the animation. It’s no secret (I think) but animation and style are two major reasons why I will or will not continue or start a series and CG isn’t my thing. I don’t like how weightless and mechanical and glaringly obvious the effects are and that was the first thing I noticed when watching Money Pitch. I guess people use it because it makes animation easier (or so I’ve heard) but I just think it makes things look awkward
  • I told myself I would keep going for three episodes and in that time I just didn’t connect to the characters. Most series use this time to introduce characters but here we’re just thrown into this world and are just expected to like it? I mean, I guess the main character is ok (I have nothing against him) but our cast is very…boring (to put it simply)
  • I always characterize sports anime as guys (girls too I guess?) who are super passionate about the sport regardless of skill who will put their lives on the line to keep playing, to be better, to WIN. Money Pitch is more about money and just comfortably staying afloat. Or at least that’s the impression I’m getting from Bonda
  • On the same note, this is also the only series I’ve watched where the characters are not in high school. I’ve always been curious to see what pro-sports would be like and well…I wish this wasn’t what it was like but I think this series paints a more accurate picture of pro-sports than my action-packed favorites would. You lose touch with friends unless they’re in the same industry and while you might like the sport, it all really comes down to what you’re worth
  • It’s kind of scary but the style and tone of this series is very goofy and fun but then you think about how some players Bonda has gone against have had their career destroyed over simple mistakes or off days. Pro-sports are pretty ruthless
  • That guy with the pretty lashes and good batting skill is so cute!
  • Speaking of, episode three was SO convenient for both Bonda and Pretty Lashes

If it isn’t already clear, I won’t be continuing this series. At least not right now. I might come back to it one day but I think I need more excitement in my life right now, lol


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