#12DaysofAnime: FREE!! Dive to the Future (ep 1 – 5) rambles

Double post today because sports anime and maybe because I’m more behind than I thought, what day is it today again??? How many days have I missed?! Who am I? Also, this post ended up a bit more, ah fangirly than I originally expected. It’s just that one of my old OTPs is in here (MakoHaru) and I got so emotional! Plus all the gay vibes *SCREAMS*

dive to the future

Onward to the spoilers:

  • Oh wow guys! FREE has always had really nice animation but WOW. It hasn’t even been a minute yet but the water looks amazing! It reminds me of Makoto Shinkai’s work!
  • Yes Haru, get your boyfriend nice and wet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ahhh, my old OTP, it’s so nice to see you guys again!! Now I just need them to live together~
  • Haha…seeing Rin’s face still upsets me
  • Omg, I forgot Nagisa and Rin were juniors! I feel like crying now T-T I feel like normally we only see the flip side. We see third years having to quit teams (or not in Haikyuu’s case) and we follow the juniors but this time we’re getting Haruka and the other in uni! It feels so disorienting, lol
  • I think Ikuya has teleportation powers. I Swear I saw him right there when the redhead finally came out of the tunnel (was it really that hard to get past these people?) and then he went Poof
  • “You’re the adulterous type, huh?” IM DYING I LOVE THIS GUY
  • I guess Japan is a small world. How is it that Haru and the others are trying to talk with Ikuya but can’t and yet all their friends and families are randomly happening upon each other? Hiyori is very powerful
  • I understand why Hiyori wants to keep Haru and the others away from Ikuya (Haru especially) but I don’t understand why he can’t consider that maybe having them all talk would actually make things better. By keeping him away they’re only avoiding the problem and Ikuya’s attacks are starting up again. But it’s also hard to dislike him because I know he has good intentions!
  • Speaking of Hiyori, he kind of reminds me of Rei. I feel like he really cares about Ikuya and wants to be by his side but Ikuya pushes him away? And when he’s confronting Haru and the others he says he’s been assigned Ikuya’s caretaker by his older brother. MY HEART. I feel so conflicted because Haru didn’t do anything wrong but what about him is so special that people just ignore other friends?! Maybe I’m not reading it right but that’s the vibe I got when Ikuya almost drowned again (and pushed Hiyori away)
  • DAMN. Hiyori is ruthless! Hit him right where Haru hurts!
  • I don’t know how to feel about Ikuya. I just don’t sympathize with him?! Or I guess I feel bad but there’s just something about him that bugs me. Maybe it’s because he definitely tried to kiss Haru during the meteor shower (haha, jk i gave him a pass because he was young but I’m looking at you greenie :P)

I definitely need to keep watching this! I also want to go back and binge the first two seasons because I’m finding I don’t actually remember a lot of things (I was so confused as to why Haru quit swimming up until they flashbacked to Rin and what is this about camels?!)

I’m not super excited about the episodes where we go back to Iwatobi (yet). I just feel like I’m so invested in the drama Hiyori is causing that I just want to watch it all unfold without sunshine pauses. I feel like getting doses of Nagisa really take away from my hyped mood. Still, I’m also glad to have those moments. Technically, the show didn’t have to show us what was going on with them (I’ve always seen them as minor characters) but we are getting it and with believable new characters (It’s still early to say they’re really fleshed out). I’m not really sure how to feel about that blonde coach with Rin though. I mean, I love that he’s all about the muscles but because I have nobody to ship him with he comes off as…weird? (LOL)

Welp, that’s all for now. I think I’ve exhausted my anime and manga reserves for today (though now I don’t know what to do). If you’ve watched this already, let me know what you think. Also if my OTP ends up living together, don’t tell me yet. I want to feel the full brunt of the news so I can cry. And if they don’t…well, that’s why fanfiction exists :)))))))

Until tomorrow!


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