#12DaysofAnime: FREE!! Dive to the Future (ep 1 – 5) rambles

Double post today because sports anime and maybe because I’m more behind than I thought, what day is it today again??? How many days have I missed?! Who am I?¬†Also, this post ended up a bit more, ah fangirly than I originally expected. It’s just that one of my old OTPs is in here (MakoHaru) and I got so emotional! Plus all the gay vibes *SCREAMS*

dive to the future

Onward to the spoilers: Continue reading

#12DaysofAnime: Gurazeni Money Pitch (ep 1 – 3) rambles

Hey guys! So it might not be too much of a surprise that I decided to check out Money Pitch next. You see, I just came down from a Haikyuu high (I got to volume 33! and dayum) and thought I’d continue on the sports anime spree. Also, I’m sure everyone has already heard we’re going to be getting more Haikyuu in our lives soon YASSSS. I seriously CANNOT wait for that. Ahhhh, if I cried now while reading the manga I’m going to be bawling when we get the Miya twins on screen. I seriously loved that match! Haikyuu is probably one of the few series (and the only one I can think of off the top of my head) that I’d say I prefer the anime over the manga, but only because I like seeing all the action on screen Continue reading