#12DaysofAnime: Banana Fish Rambles

Hey guys! So as some of you might have noticed, I have been watching Banana Fish for a couple days now but honestly, I feel like I have nothing to say about this series. I know I love it and it’s probably going to be my favorite watch for these 12 Days of Anime, and Possibly for the whole year (I mean, I haven’t watched much to begin with). But where do I even start with this series?!

banana fish

Impressions. I believe I’m about halfway through the series at this point, just can’t remember the episode…

  • First off, I went in blind. I knew this was a popular series but I didn’t really know what it was about. The only thing I knew was that it was a BL title (though I didn’t know the extent)
  • Now I know this is No. 6 level of BL, which I think is why this series looks so great. I feel like if it had been marketed as a BL title, it would look like…well, most cruddy looking “BL” animations (I’m thinking that one series with the blue haired kid, it’s like a NSFW game)
  • Speaking of BL, THAT KISS SCENE *swoons* I know it was to get a message out but legit, they totally like each other. Fight me!
  • You know, I usually favor characters like Ash but in this series, while I do like him, I LOVE Eiji. I just think he’s The Cutest Character I have seen animated. Ugh! Did you guys see his eyes sparkle, his little blush, how he jumped when he saw the mouse?! Strike me down NOW
  • Ash isn’t too shabby either. I LOVE the shade of his green eyes, his blush, the way he pouts, the way he puts his friends before his own well-being (dangerous as we clearly see but endearing), his intelligence, and Pumpkins! I will take that story to my grave
  • FML I ship them so hard! God they’re so cute! I love their interactions and just the way they live together and how Eiji will come up behind Ash and he’s like whatevs but if it’s someone else he’s like BACK UP MAN. Or when they’re eating together and the shooting practice. And it’s not just their actions but their words: never leave my side, I’ll wait for you forever, I’ll protect you! THE PURENESS. I think I’m melting!!
  • I know I mentioned No. 6 somewhere at the start of these fujoshi feels but I just realized the parallel of two characters who live completely different lives and the appeal of the other. Shion wanted to get away from the walls of No. 6 and I feel like Eiji doesn’t want to return to the monotony he was living in Japan. Then we have Nezumi and Ash who are angered by how pure Shion and Eiji are but they also can’t help but be attracted to them and want to protect them
  • I think Ash’s comments on Japanese customs and food are hilarious! Especially that masochistic comment. I mean, it sounds like something I would have said. Though his comments on Japanese food being stinky…I didn’t think it was, lol!
  • I also love how Ash and Eiji aren’t just cute but real (in a sense). I don’t know how I would react if I were in Eiji’s situation but I like that Eiji is straightforward. He understands that Ash kills and he doesn’t shy away from it but he draws the line on killing for no reason (the argument they at the condo). Even though Eiji isn’t physically strong, I really admire how he’s not that friend who will turn away or sugarcoat things. He’s going to tell it to you straight!
  • There are so many cute things happening in this series and I want to see MORE

banana fish3

But that’s not all that’s happening in this series and it just KILLS ME. God, I usually like dark content but this series has made me love all our characters that seeing all this torture and bloodshed is going to give me a heart attack! I don’t think Attack on Titan had this effect on me and there are people dying left and right in that show

If it wasn’t clear already, spoilers!

  • This series really touches on some trigger worthy topics like sex slaves, drugs, murder, torture (physical, mental), rape (adult, underage), and child pornography so I would be cautious if you aren’t a fan of any of this.
  • Honestly, I just want Ash to stop getting tortured. I feel like everyone he’s ever cared for (cares for) has either died or is on their way to getting offed. And it’s not even a simple death like getting shot (well, maybe one person yeah but damn he was just a kid!) but a whole plan to really break Ash. Shorter!!!! (That was intense ok and then his body)
  • I don’t think I’ve watched many crime series before. The only ones I have experience with are the Spanish liveaction ones on Netflix and those tend to be really dark. Banana Fish is dark and it’s really cool to see the parallels
  • I don’t really have a lot to comment on in terms of Yut Lung other than he was definitely having fun with Shorter. MMM, fanfic ship. UH, on a more serious note. I don’t dislike him. He’s like an antagonist but also not? I mean, he didn’t have to paralyze the scientist guy and he could have made more trouble for Ash by telling the shorter Chinese kid that yeah, Ash Killed Shorter. But I’m also wary of him because I don’t really know what his intentions are. HMMMM
  • I’m really worried about where Ash is at in the series (mentally). In the beginning, he didn’t want Dino to kill people and now he’s killing them like it’s nothing 😦

Welp! Those are some of my quick initial thoughts. I’m a bit confused as to where the series is heading. I know they’ve mentioned what Dino’s plans are, what with wanting to start something in the Middle East in order to gain control of the drug market? And Ash is obviously trying to stop him, if not because it’s the right thing to do then because he deserves to be killed. But I still feel like I’m missing something. Also, Ash better not die. I will cry into the New Year if he does!!

I’ll be tweeting more about this though I’ll try to keep it spoiler free on there. I’m super glad this series is more than 12 episodes but that just means the creators have more time to torture me, lol. I do know this has a manga and I’m curious about picking it up!

Definitely let me know your thoughts if you’re watching this!

3 thoughts on “#12DaysofAnime: Banana Fish Rambles

  1. I can’t believe this is ending tomorrow. I have lived following this one and part of the fun, much like with Yuri on Ice, has come from the community and the conversation on Twitter each week. I am going to miss these characters. Of course I am pretty sure my heart is going to get broken tomorrow morning and I do not believe I am ready for it at all.

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