#12DaysofAnime: Goblin Slayer (ep 1 – 3) Rambles

Hey guys! So it looks like I missed a day but I still plan to get those 11 anime posts out “on time”. It just means there will be two posts in one day (when, I’m not sure). For today though, I decided to finally start Goblin Slayer and oh boy do I have stuff to say. I think so far I’ve been keeping it short and rambly but since there’s a bit of talk surrounding this, I will be giving my thoughts on the rape matter, which all things considered, I feel has been blown up (oh wow, I see everyone giving me the stink eye now)

goblin slayer

Now, I’m not saying getting raped by goblins isn’t a bad thing (rape, in general, is Bad). But I’m going to take a similar stance on the issue as Lethargic Ramblings (if you haven’t read their post, I would recommend it). Rape and consent issues exist in anime to such a degree it’s off-putting if you think about it. In yaoi, a huge chunk of the genre is centered on rape and yet it’s romanticized. It’s true love. They were repressed. We continue to enjoy reading yaoi and if there are any complaints from antis it’s that, well, yaoi is gay (GASP). Likewise, I never really hear about complaints on the objectification of women in anime. Big boobs, fondling a woman’s breasts (be it by a guy or another woman, it’s still an issue!!), and the innuendos are also a huge problem but nobody really says anything because it’s fanservice or they’re not real (IDK, personally I’m not a huge fan of any of this). I mean, there’s even ecchmas posts on my feed so there’s obviously an industry for all of these genres and themes. And if I’m being honest, I think these things are more troubling than what Goblin Slayer is presenting

I think the big issue with Goblin Slayer is that it didn’t shy away from such a topic. Honestly, I don’t think the rape scene was graphic at all. With how much everyone was talking about it, I thought it would be worse, but I found other scenes more disturbing. Getting an arm chopped off, getting clubbed to death, SEEING all of this happen, children getting murdered (because that’s what it was). Now I’m not saying this to play down what the goblins are doing to women. I just want to say that everything was messed up and it’s unsettling that nothing else is getting attention. I figure it’s because there’s so much violence in our everyday media that we don’t really bat an eye when someone’s being chopped up while still alive. Ouch. I bet that hurts

I think it’s also important to notice how rape is being used in this series. The impression I’m getting from people who dropped Goblin Slayer and are attacking those who have continued it is that we endorse this type of behavior. In case people didn’t know, rape happens in wars (and I’m sure in colonization as well) and that’s what is happening here. Also, I find it fascinating that I just learned about the atrocities that the Japanese army did to other Asian countries. There’s one event specifically that I thought of while watching this, The Rape of Nanjing, where, as the event name suggests, the Chinese people were killed, looted, and raped by the Japanese. Not to mention the use of Korean comfort women. I find the parallels interesting, especially considering that the goblins are goblins. My question is, are they really goblins or is that just a way to dehumanize them so that it’s easier for us to hate them? I mean, they’re ugly, stupid non-human looking creatures but if they had been ikemen? What if they had been given compelling background stories? I think it’s easy (and morally correct) to say that we would still hate them

goblin slayer 3

But you know what. I can be rather ruthless and my question is, why should I feel bad for these adventurers? They were cocky, unprepared, and didn’t take things seriously. It was a game to them. Which brings me to something else I found disturbing: the adventurer mentality. We’re here freaking out over goblins killing and raping people but the people of the Goblin Slayer world don’t care! They see goblin slaying as something beneath them if they’re of “higher rank”, as we see Goblin Slayer getting dissed continuously (and yet they’re the only ones who stand a chance against the goblins). But isn’t it more disturbing that people don’t care that villages are being pillaged, people are being killed, and women are being raped? I mean, it didn’t happen to us, so why should we care? And isn’t it more disturbing to see that this is the mentality that surrounds us in the real world? Nobody truly cares unless it happens to them. It’s not real unless we have firsthand experience

I find it very sad that the only person who is willing to help these people in need happens to be a victim of goblins. So far he’s the only one and while he is making a difference to many people’s lives (yet too few), there’s only so much one person can do. We’re clearly told he doesn’t take breaks. In a sense, he’s overworking himself. How long will he be able to last? What will happen when he dies? Right now villagers have to put in requests to see if any adventurer is willing to help and the only ones who do take those requests tend to be low-level adventurers who want to get to a higher ranking. As we saw in episode one, that tends to not go over very well

So yes, I find this series rather disturbing because of the parallels I’m seeing to the real world. I’m going to keep watching it and hoping it keeps up a good pace, however, I’m worried about the tone change. I like how dark it is but episode three was like, hey we’ve had too much darkness, here’s a bit of a reprieve. I don’t like characters who are only there for comedic relief and aside from Goblin Slayer, there are quite a few characters I don’t know the purpose of. One of them being his blonde partner. We don’t know anything about her aside from her being a newbie adventurer. Why is she an adventurer? Why is she still accompanying Goblin Slayer? Right now her role seems to be making Goblin Slayer more approachable and that’s so one dimensional compared to the matter we’ve been displayed with so far

Welp, that’s all for now. Til the next post! Feel free to let me know what you think about my, uh…long ramble, lol

One thought on “#12DaysofAnime: Goblin Slayer (ep 1 – 3) Rambles

  1. The light novel does a better job of explaining aspects about this world in the story. I consider myself a Goblin Slayer fan, enough to buy light novel products for the series, so you have to take my opinion with a grain of salt.

    I won’t say this is the best series in the world, the messed-up stuff or not, but I find it very interesting.

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