#12DaysofAnime: Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san (ep 1 – 3) Rambles

Hey guys! I’m back from another anime tasting and OH MY GOD I love this so far! So I had actually seen this series a couple times on my WP feed but it wasn’t until a classmate of mine (who knew I was a weeb and fujoshi) recommended it to me that I decided to check it out. Considering the first episode aligned pretty well with my recent life (Western fujoshi ready to throw their money at Japanese bookstores for the BL booty), it makes me wonder if that’s why it was recommended to me



  • The first episode is my favorite. As a fujoshi, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory but also this is the first time fujoshi’s aren’t made out to be freaks?! I don’t know, I just get the feeling other series give us a bad connotation but here Honda-san seems to be having fun at seeing how passionate fujoshi’s are (and the reach BL manga have, mwahahaha)
  • Mr. Hot Foreigner, how can you be so nonchalant about a tied up and blindfolded guy surrounded by tentacles?! But wow, his daughter is a hardcore fujoshi
  • UGH Honda-san is super cute! Especially when he’s freaking out over his interactions
  • I love this perspective of the bookseller!
  • The 11 minute episodes are great but because I am enjoying everything I wish they were longer (except that’s the charm of the series, instead of longer episodes just give me a thousand of these experiences)
  • I have always wanted to work at a bookstore and not even episode two can put me down. Though it makes me wonder how different an American and Japanese bookstore can be. It seems like so much work in Japan but you know who loves to keep busy? Me, lol
  • I need to work at a Japanese bookstore before I die
  • Speaking of dying, those responses about what we think about bookstore employees and the one guy is like boring. And I’m just here mumbling, so boring he’s a corpse :))))))
  • Oh wow! I love how passionate the whole staff is and how they go the extra mile! I feel like bookstores here would be like nope, don’t have it or wouldn’t have any or many recommendations. And I did not know that Japanese bookstores also had manga in different languages?!
  • I love how this series is so entertaning but informative. Didn’t know that salespeople did things like that in Japan
  • Bookstores are Serious Business out in Japan. Wish they were here too, then we’d have more #rip (the suburb I live at doesn’t have any bookstores)

As you guys can see I’m really enjoying this series! I only watched the first three episodes because I’m still extremely jetlagged and spent half the day dead. HELP. I know what to do but it’s so hard to stay awake during the day, lol. I also went to watch that new Spiderman movie (which you all should GO WATCH). But I will be continuing for sure and will most likely catch up before the week is over. At the same time though, I want to go back to Boruto and watch a couple more episodes. I won’t say it’s “gotten better” but it has?! It’s a strange thing (I got to episode 16)

Oh, let me tell you guys something real quick. So while I was in Japan I mostly went out with my classmates to places. During these outings, I would scope out the place for bookstores and a couple of times I wandered into them (twice I had classmates accompany me which was embarrassing but by the end of it I was like ok, I like yaoi, let them judge me #getsjudged #itwascooltho). Of course, I went to get my beloved BL titles but there was one time where I couldn’t find what I wanted so I wrote down a ton of mangaka names and asked one of the cashiers up front if they had any books by them. All the names were a no-go so I was very sad! But after watching Honda-san it makes me wonder what they thought

Welp! That’s all for now 😀


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