#12DaysofAnime: Boruto (ep 1 – 5) Rambles


Hey guys! So for the “first day” of 12 Days of Anime, I wanted to give my quick impressions on the first five episodes of the series Boruto (though in reality, it’s more like episodes 3-5). What do I mean? Well, I first picked up Boruto when it started to air but I just had to drop it soon after. I just could not stand Boruto.

Initial impressions of first two episodes:

  • I felt Boruto was very immature and I just didn’t like his attitude towards Naruto
  • Maybe it was just my sentiment getting in the way since I’d watched Naruto before. I knew his story, how much he’d truly suffered as a kid, and how much work he had to put in for others to accept and acknowledge him
  • I GOT why Naruto was a troublemaker, why Boruto is one just escaped me
  • Then I began to think, maybe Boruto doesn’t know about Naruto’s past? I mean, they don’t appear to be close and I don’t know how much Hinata knows about Naruto (ok I stopped watching Naruto pretty early too, lol) or if she ever sat down with Boruto to talk about the way things are
  • Why is Boruto called Boruto? Why does it have to be so close to Naruto except…strange, lol. Sorry, I keep asking myself if Boruto is Actually a name
  • Why doesn’t Hinata do anything to try and alleviate the tensions between Naruto and Boruto? Did they never feel like they should sit down and talk? How have both Hinata and Naruto not addressed Boruto’s obviously immense dislike for his dad?! (I don’t want to say hate because IDK right now. Maybe it’s just frustration, maybe Boruto loves his dad but hates that Naruto can’t be around and he just wants his dad to see him, to be a part of their lives)
  • Why are we following Boruto?!
  • DAMN Naruto. Damn (birthday scene)

In the end, I just stopped watching it, however, I recently fangirled at a bookstore with a classmate and he said I should watch Boruto. I kind of told him I had tried it and just hadn’t liked Boruto and he assured me it got better. Considering a lot of time had passed since I watched the first two episodes, I thought I’d give Boruto a second shot. Like I mentioned before, I tend to be more agreeable about shows when I can binge them

Also, can I just say I feel so bad for Naruto. I highly doubt he realized how much work he was going to be doing once he became Hokage and why is it that he’s so overworked?! I feel like all of the other Hokage had extra time on their hands (didn’t Sarutobi sometimes go to the academy or just watch over the kids or is that just my imagination?). I also don’t think any of the other Hokage looked like they were going to drop dead any second but Naruto looks like he’s going to die of exhaustion! I always felt like Naruto would be one of those dads who was super doting on his family and boasting about them but he’s hardly ever home. Just to give it a different spin, I wonder if he’s working too hard purposefully. To what goal? I have no idea but it’s a random thought I had (this is also how fanfiction begins, oh boy, I already have a thought in mind, and it’s definitely gay)

Impressions on the next three episodes:

boruto shino

  • Oh hey, in case you guys didn’t know, that’s me in the future. Awkward adult trying to be cool and epically failing Orz GOD he’s so cute!!! I doubt Shino ever imagined this to be his future
  • Konohamaru, that boy got FIIIIIIIIIIINE. I know he’s got this generic look to him but he’s super cute!
  • Is this a ninja show or just “ninjas” in a school setting. Hm, I wonder if I’m making sense. I guess I just felt like Naruto balanced the whole being ninjas and school setting and activities a bit more nicely. Boruto almost feels like it’s trying too hard. Also it has a more kiddie feel to it so far
  • Where are the adults in the village and why is nobody around when those things possess the people?!
  • Did I somehow miss or forget what the whole Boruto eye thing is?
  • Can we get more of Sarada? Legit, she’s the reason I even watched Boruto in the first place, lol!
  • WHO is Lee’s wife?!
  • Ok, who slept with the snake?! And of course, his kid would be cute, darn it. But then I have to ask. Is Mitsuki an actual kid or is he an experiment. I don’t know. I feel like both options are feasible and both options give me the shivers
  • Inojin is so cute!!!
  • Why did a lot of the parents grow up to not look like themselves? When I saw Temari I was so confused. Part of my brain was like yeah, that’s her hairstyle but the other part was like maybe it’s not her. I guess it can also be the animation style that’s different
  • Oops, I forgot something important: BORUTO IS SMART?! What is this world? Where am I? I suppose Hinata’s genes got through to him, lol

Welp, this got longer than I expected. To end this post though, I just wanted to say I’m excited to see who the fated rivals will be. Honestly, I liked the episode where Sarada and Boruto were facing off because childhood friends is my thing and is this the first boy-girl rivalry I’ve ever seen?! I feel like it’s usually two guys (Sasuke/Naruto) or two girls (Sakura/Ino). Like, ok, girls can totally take on boys! But who knows. I can also see Mitsuki and Boruto being the fated rivals (my fujoshi mind short-circuited when Mitsuki called Boruto his sun)

Anyways, I’m going to continue this for a few more episodes. But I’m curious, if you’re watching this, what were some of your initial impressions? Or if you dropped it, why?

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