#12DaysofAnime: Anime I Plan to Check Out Before I Disappear Again This January

Hey guys! So I recently heard (at like midnight) that #12DaysofAnime has officially started. Today is the first day and wow, isn’t that a lucky find? Know what else is lucky? That my laptop didn’t die on me after it crashed to the floor in the bathroom. Yeah, bathrooms and I don’t really have good histories together, and I may be infamous about having butterfingers

ANYWHO, I thought I’d try my hand at this challenge. I think I tried doing it two years ago? three? and just stopped because I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete it. But I have a gut feeling this time I can! Or maybe that’s just my stomach getting used to American food again…

But what are my plans for this challenge? To watch some anime and then give some of my impressions on them. I’m planning to watch at least 11 different series before Christmas day. Chances are high most of the series I choose are some I already started and just want to finish, but there will also be new series I will be checking out. For those new ones, because of time constraints, I might only do first impressions (unless it’s a REALLY GOOD series and I miraculously binge it)

Here is a tentative list of what I want to check out:

  1. Wotakoi: I actually already started this series but I am ONE episode away from finishing it. Why didn’t I just watch it when it aired? I’m not sure. I had binged the last couple of episodes but for some reason I just dropped the show. Maybe I was busy doing something…?
  2. Goblin Slayer: I know what I’m getting into, seriously, but someone I know asked me what I thought about it and I feel like I need to answer them. They only watched the first episode before dropping it but they’ve heard it gets better and they’re not sure if they should continue it or not. Also moral reasons they’re hesitant to continue it and I figured I’d help them out
  3. DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year: Correct me if I’m wrong but this is supposed to have BL elements right? If not, then oh well. It has two guys and they’re touching, that’s enough for my fujoshi eyes, LOL
  4. Attack on Titan S2: Yes I’m so behind!! I loved this series around the time it first aired (like I’m sure many of us did), but once all those spinoffs came out and we were left hanging for X-amount of years, I kind of drifted. When the second season came out I was excited but I had also moved onto other anime. Now I’ve decided to go back and continue it. I did watch a couple of episodes since the summer so I’m probably halfway through this season. Don’t think I’ll have time to get into S3 until next year
  5. Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san: This one was actually recommended to me by the same person who asked about Goblin Slayer. Plus, it looks cute!
  6. Boruto: Yup. Now that there are a couple more episodes, I figured I’d give it a chance again. I always feel like binging shows makes me more agreeable to them and maybe that might be the case for this one. I highly doubt I’ll be catching up to the series but maybe I can watch a handful of episodes before I move onto the next series. Plus, I did hear the series has gotten better…
  7. Gurazeni: Money Pitch: Sports anime! GOD how I miss them. I saw this on the simulcast section on Crunchyroll and it looked interesting. For one, it doesn’t have a very bishounen-like style and the main character is older! While I do love all my HS boys, I think I’m starting to be more curious about older characters (as I age *CRIES*)
  8. FREE!! S3: I would like to credit this selection to Mel. After reading her megane post on Hiyori I just got super curious and I would like to at least start the series before the year ends!

I’m leaving my last 3 options open because I’m not 100% percent sure what I want to watch yet. I’m thinking of going through my TBW list on AniList and trying to choose something from there. I was also thinking of adding Banana Fish to this list but I didn’t see it on Crunchyroll so I have to find it first (and see if I can watch it). Other than this, I probably won’t be posting much until March

But I’m curious, who else is participating in #12DaysofAnime and what will you be doing?


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