#12DaysofAnime: Attack on Titan (ep 34 – 37) rambles

This is going to sound crazy but it looks like I haven’t reviewed anything Attack on Titan on the blog yet. Well, sort of. I have a review of No Regrets (Levi’s story) but considering I was super into this show, enough to collect the manga, it’s “prequel” Before the Fall, the light novels, brought home a bunch of merch (especially Levi merch) from my first trip to Japan about five years ago, and sold my soul to buy the magazines publishing No Regrets, I would have thought I’d written a bit more about the series on the blog. Even if it were just Ereri content because you bet that’s one of my Top OTPs, but no. I think this is the first legit (hah) post I’ve written for this series and I think I need to change that come 2019

Now, I’ve been slowly (very slowly) getting through season 2. I thought I wasn’t even halfway into the season but when I sat down to work on this post, I realized I was only three episodes away from finishing the series (such a short season compared to the first!). Kind of perfect actually, considering most of these 12 Days of Anime posts are three episode long impressions Continue reading


#12DaysofAnime: I’m Being Harassed By the Sexiest Man of the Year (ep 1 – 3) rambles

Hey guys! Before I get into this post of ohmygod expressions you can’t see me make, I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I know most people celebrate on the 25th but today was our celebration day. While we ended up not making everything I had hoped for (tamales), we are finally eating some stuff I haven’t eaten in a while (posole, barbacoa), which is always a nice change. Also, I am hoping to get one more 12 Days of Anime post up around midnight, since I have to stay up until then anyway. With that one, I THINK I’ll be all caught up! But first, the yaoi

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#12DaysofAnime: FREE!! Dive to the Future (ep 1 – 5) rambles

Double post today because sports anime and maybe because I’m more behind than I thought, what day is it today again??? How many days have I missed?! Who am I? Also, this post ended up a bit more, ah fangirly than I originally expected. It’s just that one of my old OTPs is in here (MakoHaru) and I got so emotional! Plus all the gay vibes *SCREAMS*

dive to the future

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#12DaysofAnime: Gurazeni Money Pitch (ep 1 – 3) rambles

Hey guys! So it might not be too much of a surprise that I decided to check out Money Pitch next. You see, I just came down from a Haikyuu high (I got to volume 33! and dayum) and thought I’d continue on the sports anime spree. Also, I’m sure everyone has already heard we’re going to be getting more Haikyuu in our lives soon YASSSS. I seriously CANNOT wait for that. Ahhhh, if I cried now while reading the manga I’m going to be bawling when we get the Miya twins on screen. I seriously loved that match! Haikyuu is probably one of the few series (and the only one I can think of off the top of my head) that I’d say I prefer the anime over the manga, but only because I like seeing all the action on screen Continue reading


Currently Catching Up: Haikyuu 25+ [fujoshi rambles on the tsukki/hina]

Hey guys! So along with the anime I started watching again, I figured I’d stop procrastinating on my manga reading and first up was Haikyuu. Though if I’m being honest, that’s only half the reason I started reading Haikyuu again. The REAL reason is that I was doing some research on Tsukishima and Kageyama’s interactions for uhm, non-fujoshi purposes ah heck who am I kidding, it’s for the yaoi, it’s always for the yaoi


I ship them so hard! *indecipherable whale noises*

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#12DaysofAnime: Banana Fish Rambles

Hey guys! So as some of you might have noticed, I have been watching Banana Fish for a couple days now but honestly, I feel like I have nothing to say about this series. I know I love it and it’s probably going to be my favorite watch for these 12 Days of Anime, and Possibly for the whole year (I mean, I haven’t watched much to begin with). But where do I even start with this series?! Continue reading


#12DaysofAnime: Goblin Slayer (ep 1 – 3) Rambles

Hey guys! So it looks like I missed a day but I still plan to get those 11 anime posts out “on time”. It just means there will be two posts in one day (when, I’m not sure). For today though, I decided to finally start Goblin Slayer and oh boy do I have stuff to say. I think so far I’ve been keeping it short and rambly but since there’s a bit of talk surrounding this, I will be giving my thoughts on the rape matter, which all things considered, I feel has been blown up (oh wow, I see everyone giving me the stink eye now)

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#12DaysofAnime: Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san (ep 1 – 3) Rambles

Hey guys! I’m back from another anime tasting and OH MY GOD I love this so far! So I had actually seen this series a couple times on my WP feed but it wasn’t until a classmate of mine (who knew I was a weeb and fujoshi) recommended it to me that I decided to check it out. Considering the first episode aligned pretty well with my recent life (Western fujoshi ready to throw their money at Japanese bookstores for the BL booty), it makes me wonder if that’s why it was recommended to me


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#12DaysofAnime: Boruto (ep 1 – 5) Rambles


Hey guys! So for the “first day” of 12 Days of Anime, I wanted to give my quick impressions on the first five episodes of the series Boruto (though in reality, it’s more like episodes 3-5). What do I mean? Well, I first picked up Boruto when it started to air but I just had to drop it soon after. I just could not stand Boruto. Continue reading


Jon’s November Creator Showcase: Not Exactly Hollowcentric But Definitely a Feast For Us Readers!

Wow, guys, I am SO embarrassed right now! I’m sorry, this post was supposed to be out almost two weeks ago and I’m only getting it out now! More as to why at the end, I think I’ve left you all hanging for too long. Onward to the showcase~

If this is your first time hearing about this project, here’s a little info about it (I’d also check out Jon’s official post): Continue reading