Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019: Stats and Highlights

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Hey guys! So it looks like 2018 is almost over. I swear it was just 2016 yesterday, lol. Normally I write up a few posts where I talk about my stats, some favorite moments I had during the year, and what my goals are for 2019, however, this year I’m going to compress everything into two posts, this one being a really short one (instead of the three long ones I used to do)

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#12DaysofAnime: Attack on Titan (ep 34 – 37) rambles

This is going to sound crazy but it looks like I haven’t reviewed anything Attack on Titan on the blog yet. Well, sort of. I have a review of No Regrets (Levi’s story) but considering I was super into this show, enough to collect the manga, it’s “prequel” Before the Fall, the light novels, brought home a bunch of merch (especially Levi merch) from my first trip to Japan about five years ago, and sold my soul to buy the magazines publishing No Regrets, I would have thought I’d written a bit more about the series on the blog. Even if it were just Ereri content because you bet that’s one of my Top OTPs, but no. I think this is the first legit (hah) post I’ve written for this series and I think I need to change that come 2019

Now, I’ve been slowly (very slowly) getting through season 2. I thought I wasn’t even halfway into the season but when I sat down to work on this post, I realized I was only three episodes away from finishing the series (such a short season compared to the first!). Kind of perfect actually, considering most of these 12 Days of Anime posts are three episode long impressions Continue reading

#12DaysofAnime: I’m Being Harassed By the Sexiest Man of the Year (ep 1 – 3) rambles

Hey guys! Before I get into this post of ohmygod expressions you can’t see me make, I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I know most people celebrate on the 25th but today was our celebration day. While we ended up not making everything I had hoped for (tamales), we are finally eating some stuff I haven’t eaten in a while (posole, barbacoa), which is always a nice change. Also, I am hoping to get one more 12 Days of Anime post up around midnight, since I have to stay up until then anyway. With that one, I THINK I’ll be all caught up! But first, the yaoi

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[tsukkihina] jealousy: DRAFT from Hinata’s pov [ch2]

Hinata knows he’s not the smartest cookie in the pan? Tool in the box? Whatever. It’s close enough. But he does pride himself in learning, observing, and his social skills aren’t too shabby. Especially when it has to do with the things he loves, like volleyball and (he blushes) Tsukishima. Plus, being a Ball Boy also has non-volleyball perks

What he’s not sure is if Tsukishima is trying to hide the fact he’s upset. Part of him doesn’t think so if that display of affection during lunch is anything to go by. Since they started dating they’ve never been too physical but this time he’d felt how hungry Tsukishima was and while his grip on his waist had been harsh, Hinata had liked it. He liked it when Tsukishima held him, liked feeling small (the ONLY time of course), and Tsukishima had made him feel Small. He rubs his arm and clears his throat

The only problem now was figuring out why his towering boyfriend was upset because if there was one thing he knew about Tsukishima, it’s that he wouldn’t spill the meat buns. Hinata had to sniff them out and pry them from his unrelenting boyfriend. Or something. Continue reading

#12DaysofAnime: FREE!! Dive to the Future (ep 1 – 5) rambles

Double post today because sports anime and maybe because I’m more behind than I thought, what day is it today again??? How many days have I missed?! Who am I? Also, this post ended up a bit more, ah fangirly than I originally expected. It’s just that one of my old OTPs is in here (MakoHaru) and I got so emotional! Plus all the gay vibes *SCREAMS*

dive to the future

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