Una crítica de la canción “No me acuerdo” cantada por Thalía y Natti: mensajes subliminales y destructivos

¡Hola! Hoy tengo un post aleatorio para ustedes, pero igual es uno que he tenido en mente escribir desde que escuché esta canción por primera vez (que fue hace unos meses). En realidad, también hay otro tema musical que quiero discutir, pero como este tema es más reciente, decidí publicarlo primero. Si les gusta este post y quieren que haga algunos parecidos, ¡dejenme saber! Continue reading

Thalia and Natti’s Song “No Me Acuerdo” (I Don’t Remember): Subliminal and Destructive Messages

Hey guys, so I have a bit of a random post for you all but it’s also been one I’ve been meaning to write since I first heard this song (which was a couple months ago). Actually, there was also another music topic I wanted to bring up but this one won out since I felt it was more recent. If you guys like this post and want me to do more like this, let me know! Continue reading

Crimson is Hosting the #JonsCreatorShowcase for November! (Hello Again~)

I am back from the dead!!! Dejavu? Well, aside from using this in nearly all of my posts, I also used this same phrase about 8 months ago when I hosted the Jon’s Creator Showcase for March. Please don’t check my math, I haven’t taken a math class since years ago. EHERM. Now, chances are everyone who is stopping by are veteran Showcase bloggers but in case there are any new viewers or just bloggers coming out of hibernation (like me) who forgot all the logistics…we’ll start with those.


credit goes to Nesha for all the JCS graphics!

If this is your first time hearing about this project, here’s a little info about it (I’d also check out Jon’s official post) Continue reading