I Feel I Keep Saying This Everywhere…

So I decided to postpone it: It’s been forever since I did one of these! (A roundup slash summary of September, not limited to blogging because then this would just be like one sentence long…)

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Anyways, it’s been really hectic and I think it’s only going to get more busy starting this month. In case someone doesn’t know, classes started in September for me and once it’s October 5th, I will have been in classes for a month. Yup, how time flies…and I’ve actually been productive?! I know, even I can’t believe it. But before we jump into all that fun stuff, here are the links for my September posts:

The Anime Trash

  • [Review] Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: HONESTLY. This review has been in my drafts for a year now and I finally got my butt in gear and published it! It’s a game that I had trouble getting into but once I got in, there was no going back! I’m hoping to check out the anime sometime…when I have no homework…Wow, that sounds like 2019…
  • [Edelweiss] That Blue Sky Feeling by Okura: This is a super cute BL title that I seriously recommend you guys check out!! It’s very cute but also “modern” in how it addresses troublesome typical yaoi tropes 🙂

The Bookish Trash

Welp! That’s basically all I wrote. Most of them were from before I started classes and I think just ONE was during classes. I think I was just stressed with my homework load and I decided to blog about something (which is what I’m doing now HA HA HA…)

But now onto the fun stuff…



Yes, I am living on campus again! But this time it’s somewhere else. I forget if I mentioned it, but my roommates from before brought boys over and I’m not trying to be prudish but I just didn’t feel comfortable with it. I also didn’t feel like I had much of a say in what did or didn’t happen so this quarter I was like, I want to stay in a place where they enforce the guest policy! Which is where I’m at now. Basically, if you don’t stay in the mini-town, you can’t come in without being signed in as a guest (and then there’s this whole policy thing, yada yada)

Since this is a new room, the space is actually different. It is a little bigger than the previous one. I mean, look at that closet!! I would say I have no idea who has enough clothes to fill it but my roommate brought 3 suitcases and it’s bulging so I guess it’s possible. Me, I filled it with books! My BL corner is actually a section now and I also brought my Daiya and MHA collections (basically a ton of my Japanese books)

Unlike the other room, this one has very little wall space, especially on my side, which is where all the windows were at, hehe. So I improvised and put a MHA poster on the closet wall. I also put up a Haikyuu one on the opposite wall and brought a ton of my Misawa trash. I think it’s pretty obvious I’m trash


Which reminds me. MY ROOMMATES FRIEND IS A NERD. When we met she started talking to me about MHA, Servamp, Your Name, and other shows she’d recently watched. I’m not going to lie, it was a fangirl moment (in my mind because IRL I was all stoic and poised, just like all megane should be, LOL). But she isn’t the only nerd around. The place I’m staying at is actually an apartment from the school, so I’m rooming with one other person but living with four more girls (total of 6), and one of my housemates likes anime!

She was actually having a FMA marathon at like 2am and I’m just passing by like YASSS



Before I returned to school this year (2018), I wanted to double major in art and history. When things went downhill I had to cut the history major but now that I’m back, I decided to attach a history minor to my art degree. The class I signed up for this quarter is about the Great War (World War I) and no lie, I am really enjoying this class and my teacher is The Best. He gets being shy and he’s all like, it’s OK and encourages us to see him during office hours. Now, I normally wouldn’t go even with an invite like that, but this year I’m doing things differently. I want to challenge myself and be a little more “daring” so I actually went to go see him at office hours and I SWEAR, we were talking about this stuff for like 2 hours. Don’t tell anyone, but I was late for my painting class at 2:40 and that teacher was like, don’t be late again!

Anyways, apparently, this class is a gateway course for history majors. What this means is that they take this class and start their research for their major’s dissertation but apparently, the option is open to non-majors as well. I mentioned to the teacher that I was interested in this and he was all cool about helping me out. He’s going to be the teacher for the history course next quarter that ties into this one and not even a 20-page essay scared me away! Being daring, remember? Lol

He also mentioned all these other opportunities that I can jump at like presenting my 20-page essay in front of history buffs. Yeah, that one scared me, but I figured I could do it if I was confident in my to-be essay.

But before jumping to all the fun sounding future things, I need to pass this class and even though it’s easy (in a sense), it’s got such a heavy reading load!! We’re supposed to be done reading two books already. Men of War: Masculinity and the First World War in Britain by Jessica Meyer (which is apparently pronounced MAI-EHR not Mayor, what) and The First World War by John Keegan. Men of War was a great and short read. I practically devoured it in two sittings but the Keegan book is killing me! It’s interesting in its own way but it’s much denser and very “this is what happened, the step by step to world war 1” and in certain moments it just gets so tedious. But I need to finish it because 5-page essay due in two days. Lovely

Don’t tell my teacher: we’re also supposed to be halfway done with Poilu: The World War I Notebooks of Corporal Louis Barthas, Barrelmaker, 1914-1918 by Louis Barthas but I haven’t even started that one yet. I’m hoping it’ll be much more interesting than the Keegan book and I’ll be caught up by next Tuesday



We only JUST started this class. I know, the last week of September! I was kind of upset because I wanted as much time as possible learning about this whole shebang. In my eyes, this is sort of like another history class. Basically, we will be studying if dropping the atomic bombs was moral or not. I’ve never taken a course like this before and as I was preparing for the class three weeks in advance (no I was not being a good student, I got the dates mixed up for the first class), I began to wonder. Why are we even studying if it’s right or not? I mean, it was already dropped and thinking of it now, we can say that yes, it WAS wrong

But then I read the essay Thank God for the Atom Bomb & Other Essays by Paul Fussell (it’s also a book) and things started to get a bit more interesting. As contemporaries, I think we can agree that it was bad, but if we put ourselves in the shoes of the soldiers fighting at the time, then I think that yes, we’d be glad it was dropped. Still, I am left with that question of why study it. It’s like I get it, but I don’t get it. Does that even make sense?

Aside from actually doing work, we also talked about a few study abroad specific things and I’m getting excited. I plan to do a vlog for this study abroad ambassador program I’m in, which you will all get to see as well. I’m actually going to be addressing it to you guys and then sharing it with them. AND I want to make a travel journal. I was thinking it can be like my final project for the class that’s being held the following quarter (it’s a joint program. one class this quarter, one class the following) but also just for myself. The last time I studied abroad, I didn’t really do anything aside from taking pictures but even the context and memories start to fade. I have tons of pictures I can’t really make sense of and I’d like for that to change this time around

Speaking of journaling…


I was actually inspired to try this out after reading Kristina’s post End of August, early september ... It’s not the first time I’ve seen these bullet journals but I was suddenly hit with the thought, why not? So I went to Michael’s and bought myself a bullet journal! These journals are surprisingly cheap?! They were $5 so I uh, I got a few…I swear I don’t have a stationery problem!

But what I came to find out is that I FAIL at this:

I stopped tracking my habits and as you can see, I wasn’t really keeping to my goals. I’d seen trackers with different colors so I thought I’d try that out, but it was always a hassle to take out the color pencils, so then I used this highlighter I carry around all the time. Well, apparently not all the time if the pencil marks after that have anything to say! In the end I just stopped tracking my habits because I knew I wasn’t doing anything. Since I started this rather late in the month, I wasn’t all that motivated because everything in the first two weeks were bad news

Also, if you look at the third image, you’ll see I ended up cramming the whole final month into the two pages. I actually like how it looks but I decided to change the look of it for October since I want to do a few things

September was a bit of a fail but I’m sure October is going to be good!


Uhm, is that a pun? That’s totally a pun isn’t it? IDK! Not important but I just wanted to know. I NEED TO KNOW

*cough* Anyways. I have been trying to be healthy for the past year and on multiple occasions before that. It never really worked out and if it did, it wasn’t long term and I ended up gaining weight and eating my favorite food every day (burgers, fries, strawberry dessert). But I’m finding that I’m actually sticking to the plan this time?!

I don’t even know WHY but I’ve been “consistently” eating healthy for about two weeks now (maybe), and I’ve been staying pretty active. By active I mean, I do something for 1 hour every day and that usually consists of walking. I also have it as my goal to take 6,000 steps a day. Where did this number come from? I have no idea but I have this app called Samsung Health and it has me listed for that many steps a day. I think it has to do with how active I usually am, which I’m usually not

But being healthy isn’t just me trying to lose weight and being active. I’ve also decided to fix my eating habits by eating more protein (my intake is low), calcium (same deal), and water (yup, super low too). I know, I’m surprised I’m still alive too!

As you can all see from exhibit A, I have been eating a lot of green things and veggies. I have no idea what half these things are but they’re not all that bad! Just don’t give me celery or kale. I might actually die in that case. I still eat things I like, as seen from the steak in the third image and the stuffed strawberry french toast I ate last weekend at IHOP, but I try to do a little extra activity on the days I splurge. Luckily those days aren’t many and coincidentally line up to days I go visit my family, HMMMM. One seeks to be healthy after constant family pressure and when one does, the family wants to feed them all the junk food…so difficult, lol!

I guess my struggle right now is how to get more calcium when I have a low tolerance for lactose. I tried eating some cottage cheese, which tastes a bit weird, but that’s about all I can think of that I WILL consume. I do add some milk to my shakes in the morning but that’s about it…


It doesn’t look like it in the photos but my portions have also gotten MUCH smaller. It’s so strange how quickly your stomach will adapt to portion sizes if you really want to be healthier. I think it took me a week to start feeling full sooner than usual

By the way: I CAN SWIM?! I am so afraid of being in the water but just a few days ago, I went swimming with my mom. She knows how to swim, does it consistently for almost an hour, but I was just going to go walk in the next lane. Well, I decided to be “daring” and launched myself from the wall and prayed I’d actually Move. Next thing I MOVED. I was so happy I almost cried. Usually, when I try to swim I don’t move, I just kind of stay stuck in one place. I was so excited I ended up swimming 17 single laps of however long that pool was. I didn’t do them consistently because it took all my strength to get one or even two done at a time, but the important thing is that I did it!

I’d like to eventually learn how to swim properly. I was just like paddling and holding myself up. And wow, did my back hurt after that!


Ok, so I didn’t show any links to other blogs and stuff. I know, I’m a TERRIBLE person, but honestly, I just didn’t have time to go blog hopping but that changes this month!



JOURNALING: I wanted something fun to keep me busy and motivated on my health goals, along with other goals, and even though I failed in September, I feel good about October. One of those other goals is that I want to read at least two posts a day and leave a comment on them. I think my roundup for the end of the month might end up being a list of the posts I visited. HM, still thinking it through

I decided to set up my habits organizer a little different. For one, I’m only going to be using pencil because it’s less stressful, but I also dropped some of my goals. I want to read at least 1 post a day and leave a comment (before it was two). I also want to do one creative thing a day. This can be some form of writing (stories or blogging), sketching, or painting. It used to be that I wanted to do all three. I also have a section for finished books, since I want to finish at least one book a week. To not have it empty the whole month, I told myself any book format is good so I can scratch off a square if I read a manga book!

One thing that I think is going to help me keep up with these goals is that in my daily log, I have a section where I actually have to fill in what blog post, book, and article I read. Article means something news related. I always feel like I don’t know anything about the world around me, so I decided to change that! It doesn’t have to be anything lengthy, but I do want to be a bit more informed ^^


I also have a couple other pages that I randomly thought of. One that I for sure knew I needed to have was a positivity page, which is basically where I write down something good for each day!

I know it’s only the first day of the month, but so far I’m on track!



BLOGOWEEN: This is actually an event happening in the bookish community where you basically write up some Halloween posts in October. I figured I’d give it a shot and signed up for Level 1, which is to write 13 posts in October. I’m not entirely certain I’ll be able to do this challenge but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try!



INKTOBER: Yes, it’s that time again! I don’t think I’ll be posting my images on a daily basis. Maybe I’ll post them in the roundup or I might cave a week or two into the challenge and post them somewhere. I’m not 100% sure yet. I know there are prompts out but I’m going to keep it simple. As long as I draw something every day I’ll count it as a win!

Well, that’s as far as I’ve planned things. I do have a couple of post ideas that mainly consist of pictures but that involve me talking about some artworks I went to go see recently. I have also been meaning to do a bit of a discussion about this one song and oh! I went to watch the My Hero Academia movie so I would like to review that and a couple other things. Oh my! So many things to blog about and not enough time!


11 thoughts on “I Feel I Keep Saying This Everywhere…

  1. Wow…I’m just gonna shower you with all the love and Blogoween feels, cause I think I’d have keeled over by now if I had the workload you have xD I took history as a GCSE and man…I hated it. I’d rather learn about the different eras like Victorian, Edwardian etc still. I hope everything works out for you and Blogoween will be awesome ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol! thanks, it’s been a surprisingly work filled month but it’s also rather satisfying getting things done 🙂 ouch, it sucks you didn’t like them. history used to be my worst subject but there’s something about uni history that’s so much different and i’m basically studying topics i like like the world wars xD maybe you just need to find one you like 🙂 and yes, i hope i can get to it! thanks for stopping by~

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are doing amazing and I hope you don’t beat yourself up if you have an off day! Those trackers look amazing and something like that has really helped with my writing. It might be fun to put it in more of a physical chart form… Although if I drew it mine would not look as nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • it really gets me motivated, which is why i thought i should try it out xD and actually, my charts usually come out crooked but the notebook has the dots so it helps keep it looking straight so don’t worry about that xD and thanks, i think i’ve been doing pretty well this year 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ayy, we all need a little trash in our lives. For me, I bought and read the latest Seraph of the End volume and NEED more. Congrats on getting that Danganronpa post out btw—I know how relieving it can be to finally get an idea out of the drafts and onto the site! Same goes for swimming, YAY CRIMSON~!

    It sounds like you’re surrounded by good people this semester at uni. Stay focused on studying, but don’t forget to have fun (and share them anime thoughts with us)! School’s gonna be tough for both of us, but we’ll make it through. 💪

    Love the dorm room “trash” decor, and it’s great to hear from you again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks xD i’m actually really glad I got this post out too, just bc i feel like i’m not even part of the anime community anymore o(-( like what has happened i was gone for so long xD and yes, i think i know some fun people this quarter 🙂 hopefully i can keep in contact with them, i can be a bit distant sometimes and good luck with your workload 😀 i saw you’re going to be following some anime 🙂 and i did see that photo on twitter with your seraph collection, NICE

      Liked by 1 person

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