Currently Watching: Avatar, The Last Airbender

Hey guys! Lately, I’ve been trying to find something to keep me entertained. I decided to put a few graphic novels and manga books on hold at the library. While I waited for them to arrive, I started reading this one fanfiction called crown medallion by , which is a Misawa story where Eijun is the Prince of the Fire Nation and Miyuki is a General of the Water Tribe. Miyuki, along with a bunch of other benders take up the mission to capture Eijun to use as a hostage. It’s actually a story I read like two years ago but I couldn’t remember how it ended. I decided to reread it but halfway through I started thinking that I never really watched Avatar, The Last Airbender

So then I tried to look for it online. It wasn’t on Netflix and Google mentioned something about it being on Amazon. I went to Amazon, thinking it was available for Prime members only to see I had to purchase it! I then considered just buying a physical copy of the series because I’m not a huge fan of owning my anime or manga digitally

Of course, I didn’t end up doing any of that. When I went to the library yesterday, I figured I’d try and see if they had it. And they did!

avatar the last airbender2

The first person I encountered at the library was the receptionist at adult services. I asked her if they had the series and she became really excited. She asked if I was going to rewatch the series and I admitted that I hadn’t watched the series before. She was surprised but promised I was going to LOVE it before directing me to the kid’s section. Then, while I was in the kid’s section, the other receptionist also told me I was going to enjoy the series. When I told her I had only watched a few episodes back when it was airing on TV she just nodded and was like, tell me what you think once you’re done! I’m not sure if I have the guts to actually tell her what I thought because of Human Interactions but if she remembers me and asks, I’ll definitely tell her.

It turns out that the DVDs I got have the series in Spanish DUB and so I dragged my mom into watching it with me. We’re both now watching it and she seems to be enjoying it. In fact, this morning, she was just sitting in the kitchen and asked if I had anything to watch (we’ve been watching a lot of stuff I want because HURRAY for Spanish Dubs, MP100 is next!). And of course, I was like, I GOT YOU

avatar the last airbender3

So far we’ve made it to the part where Katara is taken by the Fire Nation in order to save some Earthbenders (and them escaping). Both my mom and I have enjoyed Sokka being a fool but also growing in character and strength. Also, as someone who doesn’t ship Aang and Katara, it’s kind of painful to see how Aang wants to impress her. Part of me is like nooo, you’re like siblings to me while the other is like WELL, it could happen so start getting used to it. Don’t tell me the end game! I kind of ship Katara with Zuko even though I have no memory of WHY I ship it

At the same time, though, I’m finding that these first few episodes aren’t all that great and they have a filler feeling but I’m pretty sure it’s only because we’re in the introduction period. Part of me wonders if it’s just my nostalgia that made me want to watch the series or if the later episodes really do get better. Still, I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about this series so I guess it does get better. It’s just that there are a lot of moments where I want to cover my face in embarrassment, especially some pertaining to Zuko, who is kind of one of my favorite characters. He seems to be the only one who is moving along the series since he’s hunting Aang. Meanwhile, Aang is…well, he’s twelve and just wants to have fun

Maybe it’s just because I’m older now that I don’t find a lot of the early stuff as entertaining as I did before. I still really enjoy the concept of the Avatar world and am counting down the moment where we meet Toph (my All-Time Favorite Character here)!

I’d say I’m hoping to finish the series soon but there’s like 24 discs and I’m watching at my mom’s pace, which isn’t even a disc a day sooooo, lol

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2 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Avatar, The Last Airbender

  1. Ahhh I was actually planning on rewatching this series too! Must be that time of the year or something. Anyway, enjoy “rewatching” the best cartoon series ever written—and you’ll defs have to go back and tell that librarian what you thought! (You can do it! 😉

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