[Review] Rewatching My Hero Academia S1 in Preparation of S3 Plus Some Favorite Character Fangirling


Hey guys! It feels like only yesterday when I was whining about not having anything to blog about and now here I am, writing actual content. HMM, actually, it might have been yesterday…*EHERM*

It looks like whenever I have nothing to watch, or I’m afraid of investing in something new (because who am I kidding, THIS is why I don’t watch as much anime anymore), I tend to rewatch things. And this time around I am rewatching (and rereading some much needed yaoi) My Hero Academia. It’s a show I picked up 2 years ago (what is up with me and 2 years?). At this point, I can’t remember if I read the manga first or watched the anime. I want to say it was probably the manga since I already knew what season 2 would bring for us (sports festival) way before it ended but I could have probably picked it up after the first few episodes and binged it 

The thing is, I love this show. I LOVE IT. If I had to answer what show I’ve rewatched the most, I would say MHA season 1. When it was still airing, I would rewatch all the previous episodes before I watched the new one. Then I’d play my favorite episodes and scenes, which were just about all of them. And when the dub came out I went and binged all the dub. It got to the point where I’m in the living room and my mom comes over and is like are you watching that AGAIN?

And yes, 2 years later and I AM. While I did finish season 1, picking up season 2 when I was already really far into the manga made my progress slow. I think I picked it up only after it was complete (or almost) and then only watched…5 or 6 episodes? Yeah. I’m terrible but I’ve come to right my wrongs!

Of course, it has nothing to do with where the anime is right now and how it’s basically (or nearly) at the point where I stopped reading the manga. I KNOW. I stopped reading it too because I was all caught up and didn’t want to wait for the next chapter so I was like hey I should let it build up and then binge the manga too except I never went back…

p.s. This turned into a fangirl post and there are some spoilers? Maybe? I try not to talk about actual events and more about the characters


But what is MHA about? Well, if you’re not part of the adoring fanbase, let me (attempt) to tell you. MHA is set in a world where superpowers are the new normal and with those powers, we now see the terms Heroes and Villains outside of comic books and TV. If you want to save people, then becoming a hero is your goal, as the police is not really a respected occupation anymore (in comparison). And Izuku Midoriya has ALWAYS dreamed of becoming a hero just like All Might, the Symbol of Peace and #1 Hero

Of course, things do get complicated when Izuku is dubbed Quirkless when he’s a child, the time where Quirks first start to manifest. Something so completely strange and normal as having two joints on his pinky toe, which apparently you shouldn’t have if you are to develop a Quirk. Something about evolution and losing what you don’t need. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a cool superpower…

And while some people would find this roadblock the end of their dreams, Izuku is not a quitter! He grows up bullied for being Quirkless but his dreams of becoming a Hero are much greater. As he’s about to finish up Junior High, we learn that he’s applied to UA, a really prestigious Hero Academy where only the creme of the crop are accepted and the place top heroes emerge from


As we come to learn early on, Izuku’s greatest roadblock (in a sense) is Katsuki Bakugou, his childhood best friend, and bully. Like Izuku, Bakugou’s goal is to become the #1 hero by becoming stronger than All Might and to do this, Bakugou has kept his official records as squeaky clean as can be. Or at least he’s trying to. When he finds out that Izuku is trying to enroll into UA, he does everything he can to intimidate Izuku into not applying. Not so much because he sees Izuku as an actual opponent but because he wants to be the only one from their school to be accepted into UA (as we later learn, there are different programs you can be accepted into UA for)

And this is where a lot of people started to hate Bakugou (but I swear he gets better!). But Bakugou is a roadblock for a completely different reason. It’s because Izuku acknowledges him as a strong opponent and wishes to compete with him as a rival hero

Season 1 is the beginning of Izuku’s journey from being bullied and Quirkless to realizing he’s Hero material. And as we learn in the first episode, MHA is the story of how Izuku becomes the #1 hero!


The biggest thing that pulled me about MHA was the characters. While Izuku isn’t a character I would say is extremely relatable to me, we do share some parallels. But more than relatable, I feel like Izuku is someone that inspires. Even though he was told he wouldn’t be able to be a hero and even though his own mother lost faith, Izuku never wavered in his dreams. He kept up with all the hero talk and kept his own notes for current heroes, analyzed them, and internalized the information. Used it to his advantage even when everything in his life seemed to be an obstacle. Even with the whole bullying, Izuku never hated Bakugou and he kept a level head. Yes he hated being called Deku and useless (though at some point he dubbed Bakugou calling him Deku a lost cause) but he never let the insults shape him

Like, I remember a part where Bakugou tells Izuku to go die and then when Izuku is alone, he’s berating Bakugou saying that if he’d actually jumped, Bakugou would have instigated suicide. Considering he had this type of talk (maybe not as bad as kids) all his life from someone he considered a friend, I am really impressed and look up to Izuku because I know something like that can be hard to listen to but also to “ignore”

And Izuku is literally a ball of purity. Out of everyone who wants to be heroes, I feel like he wants to be a hero because he truly wants to help people. When Katsuki is in trouble, Izuku tries to help. When Uraraka is in danger, he tries to help. He’s put himself in some dangerous situations consciously (and unconsciously) just to help the people he cares about!


But it’s not just Izuku that I admire. And before you all start throwing rotten tomatoes at me, I’ve learned a few things about Bakugou that make me feel this way. Yes, he’s a rotten scumbag at the start of the series but if you look beyond that, he’s actually really diligent and smart. It might be excuses but he’s got a big ego for a reason and we get to see this about midway of the season

Still, Bakugou isn’t a total ass and I’d say he grows quickly. When Izuku tries to save him, we see that he sort of leaves Izuku alone afterward. Even at UA when they pass by each other (gif at the start of this post), he just ignores him. To me, this was like a truce. He’s not really thanking Izuku but he’s also not messing with him. Of course, he then explodes when he learns Izuku isn’t exactly Quirkless. I feel like his reaction, while overly over the top, is understandable. They’d known each other for so long but Izuku never mentioned having a quirk. God this is sort of confusing and maybe me putting words and feelings out there but I feel like, to an extent, Bakugou does consider Izuku as a friend. Otherwise, I’m here like, why would he feel betrayed?! They have no obligations to each other if they’re not (to some extent) friends

I’m not going to lie though, I also just really like Bakugou because his quirk is A-MA-ZING. If you guys didn’t know, if I were to ever have a superpower, I would want mine to be like Bakugou’s. I just LOVE fire powers and even though his are more explosions, it’s right there with fire. Plus, he’s not just all talk. He IS strong and he always strives to become a better fighter (I mean, he wants that take that #1 spot from All Might!). While extremely painful (remember after the fight?), he recognizes rivals and his own shortcomings. I can definitely understand why Izuku looks up to him and wants to beat him

And maybe I kind of ship them *whistles innocently*


I love how this gif can also be a reaction to my last comment LOL

We also get to meet more characters once Izuku gets into UA. Two main ones being Uraraka and Iida. While they don’t get as much screen time as Izuku or even Bakugou, we do get to learn and interact with them enough where I might have a crush on Uraraka. Like, she’s so normal but also not? If that even makes sense. Out of the bunch she just feels really level headed but she can also be really understanding about certain things (like the whole battle of men thing). Iida…isn’t really my favorite of the bunch. He’s just…really gung ho about the strangest things. Like whether or not we should put our feet up on desks…

I think as a season 1, MHA did a really good job at not just introducing us to an interesting world, but also charming us with the cast. Maybe I didn’t know everyone’s names by the end of the series but I most definitely could tell you a bit about them and recognize them. And even the ending was really well done! It introduced us to conflict and actually spent enough episodes for it to be a non-rushed ending, which I was so happy about. Sometimes I feel like endings can really make or break series for me (yes I’m thinking about you Devils and Realist). And since I already confessed this was the only show I’ve rewatched a dozen times, it’s also one of the very few shows I’ve listened to the opening song every time I rewatch it

I just really like the music! It’s not even something amazing but it somehow fits the series so well

If it wasn’t clear already, I do recommend this series and I’m excited to continue it. NGL, more so in manga format because there’s just more out there. It’s definitely keeping to the manga so far and the animation is GREAT. Especially those fight scenes, had me shivering and crying here. I ended up giving this a 10/10, not because I think it’s a Perfect series but because I think it’s a perfect series. It really has all the elements I enjoy! Of course, if you’re not a big fan of a main character who is crap at the start, you might not enjoy this as much

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8 thoughts on “[Review] Rewatching My Hero Academia S1 in Preparation of S3 Plus Some Favorite Character Fangirling

      • LOLOL I gave up on HELP, I’m fine where I am as well. HAHA, it’s okay, it happens! 😀 soft kacchan in the fic’s are the best. BTW what are ur fave fics? Theres an ongoing modern au one that i absolutely love!

        Liked by 1 person

        • oh? which is it? honestly, i’ve read so many at this point that i can’t remember. i only started to read some again yesterday (i legit spent all day just reading #rip) but right now i’m going through warschach’s stories. i read like one of their multistories about katsudeku being older and they haven’t seen each other in like 8 years or something. katsuki is some sort of boxer/fighter and they fall for each other. it’s also omegaverse (≖◡ ≖。) but there was i remember called May I take your order, dipshit? It’s a oneshot and SO CUTE. gahhh there’s so many! like this one series The Misadventures of Explodo-kill Agency and Bluebird was angst filled and cute too MY SOUL

          Liked by 1 person

          • I LOVE OMEGAVERSE KACCHAN!! omg omg i know ive read a lot!!

            Misadventures of Explodo-kill agency was great and Bluebird i bookmared cuz omg yes all that angst was soooooo cute, kacchan made my heart so full in that fic!

            Blood Moon and Steadfast are my faves. Steadfast they’re college students in a modern setting no quirks or anything. Katsuki is so into deku but cuz of their troubled past he could never admit it. But then people start interfering and trying to make them come to terms that the feelings are mutual. so much angst, and its got two chapters left. I legit fangirled sooooo hard on their first date cuz omg omg. LOL. I love AU’s where they’re older/established relationships too.

            I need to find the “May I take your order” one!

            All the angsty soft katsuki’s are just sooooo good!

            Liked by 1 person

            • DUUUUUUDEEE I LOVE PINING FICS even tho they break my heart bc i just want them to get together and the drama and angst Imm read it!!

              i love anything thats cute on either side tho i like for bakugou to still be explosive bc thats cute too or when izuku is bold or he teases katsuki like BE STILL MY HEART and i hate and love the drama! even tho i like for their bullying past to still be there i think i also just like it when they meet when they’re teens. and def like when they’re older or in an established relationship bc then i can just squeal at all the cute stuff lolol

              it’s a really short story but it’s so cute, if you filter the stories by kudos i think it’s somewhere on the first page 🙂


              • oooo YES i love embarassed kacchan..and him pining is the best thing ever. LOLOL steadfast is great for that

                Also, Blood Moon is more about miscommunication and the strain of it mixed with a sexual relationship. They slept with each other after a bad run in with villain where they almost died, it was like a thank god we’re alive…its intense but omg is it so good. the angst, the miscommunication. the miscommunication is so small but it created so much shit for them. It’s insane! It takes place in their third year of UA as well as going into their future. The same writer also wrote another one calle “On the Run” Im midway through that one and am also in love with it.


                • omg as i was reading your summary i was like hey this sounds like a story i’ve read before and then you mentioned on the run and im like OK i know why xD i started reading on the run when it was still updating i think (is it complete? i feel like it should be at this point) but if it was anything like that then i bet blood moon is just as good! def going to check those out >:D

                  Liked by 1 person

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