What Have I Been Up To?

Hey guys! So I know it’s been awhile since I last posted ANYTHING on the blog. And by that, I mean actual content. So what exactly have I been doing? Honestly, a little bit of this, a little of that, not much of the other. Stuff like that (hehe)


I don’t know if you guys feel like this but when you find an easier way of doing something, it’s hard to go back to writing. Not that I don’t like to write but I have to admit that just talking to my phone about a show and then posting it on Anchor is much easier. It does have quite a few cons, as I’m not one to outline episodes, but it is fun. Compared to that, I have to turn on my desktop and because I’m a messy person, I need to ask my suitcase for my chair. It’s a bit of a struggle sometimes but it’s something I hope to change. I went to Best Buy the other day and I can get a decent writing laptop for less than $200! I don’t really have the greatest track record with laptops but I’m sure things will be different this time… *prays to all the gods out there*



Like I mentioned a few times already, right now, I’m really not watching a lot of anime. Inuyasha is sort of my main focus and by that, I mean that I’ll go to Netflix, go to my “continue” list, see Inuyasha, go to the episode I’m on, look at how many episodes I still need to watch, ask myself if I really want to watch it. Maybe I might flip a coin, heads I watch (coin lands on heads) and then I’ll be like 50/50 and flip again…and again…and again. Or maybe I’ll actually start the episode and will stop 13 episodes later because where has the day gone?! I probably need to sleep. And then it will take me a year for me to start the next episode

But all of that coin flipping wasn’t in vain. I actually finished the first season of Inuyasha! I know, I was really proud of myself when I finally finished it. Writing the actual review/impression post was a bit tougher (not to brag but I think my summary was pretty good hehehe). But that’s one of my more content-filled posts recently and I’m hoping to start season two of Inuyasha

Soon. Of course, then there’s the dilemma of figuring out where to watch the rest of the series!

Aside from Inuyasha, I’ve also watched some Wotakoi. It took me a while to figure out where I could watch it (hence why I didn’t watch it sooner) but the other day I binged 9 episodes with my youngest brother. I briefly wondered if maybe I should write up a first impression but considering there are only like 2 more episodes before the series is complete, I figured I’d wait to write the full review (unless you guys want me to talk about what I think so far?)

And that’s all the anime I’ve watched in the last 3-4 months. I KNOW. It’s so sad ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )



Is this thing making a comeback?! I really hope so! This is actually a project I started before I went to school and then I kind of had to drop. I had two big reasons for this. One is that I was embarrassed to record anything while I was living on campus. Even at home, it’s a little nerve-wracking recording something where others can hear me. I feel like I’m talking nonsense and I didn’t want a stranger to hear me make a fool of myself #rip. The second reason is that I didn’t really have anything to talk about. I stopped watching anime and I wasn’t reading as much either. All I could talk about was school and even that didn’t consist of much

But just this month I’ve already posted two new episodes!

Episode two is legit me just talking about where I’m at in my Inuyasha Marathon and then fangirling about random moments and characters. Sorry to anyone who likes Kikyo but I let out some of my frustrations on there. The third episode is more of a mid-season review of a Spanish Drama (telenovela) that I’m watching right now. On the blog, I post the podcast via SoundCloud links BUT ideally I prefer if you guys listened via Anchor and/or iTunes (or some other place that’s not SoundCloud)

The issue I have with SoundCloud is that at one point I’m going to run out of space and I might have to start deleting prior episodes. Meanwhile, with Anchor I have unlimited time. The only thing with Anchor is that for some reason you guys can’t play it directly from my blog (when I try to embed it). I also post the episodes on my blog because Anchor doesn’t have a commenting option


I do recommend getting an account there, not just to listen to my podcast, but because there are also others in the anime community that have podcasts on there. I actually got my account because I wanted to listen to Lita’s podcast. And recently I know that Zoe (Let’s Talk Anime) made one too! I’m sure there are others out there with podcasts so please share them with me. I want to listen!

Killing Stalking


This is something I started recently. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but back when KS first came out, I avoided it like the plague. It’s not that I didn’t want to read it because I heard bad things about it or anything. I just didn’t want to read it because it was so popular (also why I haven’t watched AoT and BNHA). Now that it’s died down and I found myself with nothing to read, I thought I’d check it out

I binged this messed up webcomic in one night and it was gloriously disturbing

In lieu of wanting to reread it, I thought, why not make some bullet list impressions? And so that’s how this “special” started on my blog. It’s something that will be posted every Friday (hopefully, crossing my fingers and praying). This way I don’t spam you all with 10 posts a day but also gives me something to post weekly so my blog doesn’t look dead

I do already have the first post done (35 Thoughts While Reading Killing Stalking Ch 1) and the next 4 posts are already in my drafts. Well, one of them is scheduled already, hehe. This is my first time doing one of these types of posts so definitely let me know if it’s a decent read. I imagine it would be more appealing to people who have already read KS but I think some of my thoughts can be fun

Also, because I already read the series and know what’s coming, some of my comments tie forward. For example, when Bum is inside Sangwoo’s house he takes note that it doesn’t smell like anything. During my first read, I thought this was strange but because I know later on that Sangwoo cleans his house very thoroughly I mention cleaning supplies when technically I shouldn’t have that knowledge yet (though I guess it can be something inferred during a first read)

Haha, I tried to make that scene sound as non-weird as possible but if you guys know KS you bet it wasn’t as simple as that 😉

Feature Posts

So this is something I’m working on right now. If you guys haven’t noticed, I really fail at doing roundups. Not just for others but for my own content as well. So as I was thinking of how to share some of my favorite reads, I thought I’d do this: Reblogging

How is it going to work? I don’t have a count I’m trying to meet. If I read something interesting and you have the reblog option available, I will reblog your post, ideally add a quick sentence or two of why I liked the post, and bam! It’s done. It’ll then post on my twitter and facebook. It might sound lazy but I honestly don’t have the time or patience right now to do roundups. And this way I don’t forget to share a post, I’ll do it instantly!

Wow, that sounded like I didn’t want to share posts but I swear I do! I’m just not the best-organized person out there (in fact, I’m probably the worst!). But this doesn’t mean I’m completely giving up on roundup posts! I hope to bring them back later on when I have more time for blogging since I actually do find them fun to do ^^

Patreon (lots of words incoming!)


This is sort of something I’ve had for a while now but that I hadn’t really advertised much. I figured I’d start to change that!

I have a patreon, for anyone who might be curious. Right now I have 3 tiers up but I only really advertise the cheapest one because I think it’s something feasible

Free Content (the Bulk): I’m using my Patreon sort of how one would use a FB page. I share my posts that I have on my blog and my Anchor links. I also post some short rambling thoughts, like when I found out I was accepted to a study abroad trip to Japan, I wrote up a little post about that. It consisted of things I was able to fit into a tweet but also a little more. Something I started just recently is posting videos on there where I show my progress on getting healthier. They’re mini-videos!

Donate to the Fun: This tier is specifically for anyone who just likes my content and wants to help me make a little bit of money. It’s $1 a month and it’s still in the planning stages.

The next two tiers are more for people who want my blog to go in a certain direction. There are a lot of kinks with these because I’ve never done requested posts but that’s why we’ll talk. If anyone decides to pledge for any of these, I will link to your blog and social media

Because I’m super bad at coming up with names:

Crimson Talks: This one is $5 and the post you request can be about anything, granted it doesn’t require me to watch a series. Ideally, it’s a post I can write from the anime and manga I’ve already consumed (which you can find via AniList). They would be something like my OWLS posts, which are also based on topics and prompts. Length would fall around 500 words (min).

Binge a Show: This one is $10 and is basically me following an anime series episodically with a final review at the end ^^

I don’t think I mention it on the page but any of these can be blog posts or an episode in my podcast. It’s whatever format you guys prefer it in. Right now I do have 2 patrons: Let’s Talk Anime (ZBoudrie) & GrimmGirl (Kat Sade). They’ve been my patron for MONTHS now and I’m so grateful! 

If you guys have a Patreon, feel free to leave me links!


That’s basically all I’ve been doing lately. It’s not much but in a way, RL is more important right now, especially this month. I went to court a few days back for the house my family bought. And now we’re doing some finishing touches. My involvement is mainly talking with people but that means I have to go out at random times. Like the other day I had to go meet some people for a cement pouring five minutes after waking up (how rude! LOL) and then like 2 hours later I had to go see about an inspector wanting to stop the work being done. Then there’s the whole thing about actual physical labor like gardening from scratch and breaking cement (my job is picking it up)

And then soon we’ll be moving in and ohhhh how that takes a while. I am excited about my books having a new and bigger home but just the thought of moving everything already has me exhausted!

Not to mention I haven’t looked for a summer job yet. Part of me just wants to stay home and the other rational part is like, yo you won’t be able to buy junk if you don’t work!

But what is everyone up to right now? I know some people are resurfacing now that it’s summer (lol)

Enjoy my content? Want to support me? Feel free to follow me on social media (FBTwitterInstagram), like this post, share it, and/or leave some comments so I know I’m not just screaming into the void! You can also support me by buying me a coffee ^^


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