The Show That Started Me on the Path to Weebdom

Hey guys! This post is sort of me checking in to let you all know I’m still alive and kind of to let you know what I want to do in the coming days. I haven’t watched anime in what feels like FOREVER. I think since before the last season? I did end up checking out an episode the other day of this boxing anime (at my brother’s insistence) but it just didn’t catch my interest

Though I do have a couple shows I want to check out once classes are out. Right now I’ve only been reading and trying to catch up on my drawing for my art class! As to that one thing I want to do…


You see, I started reading this Inuyasha fanfiction story about Kagome and Sesshomaru (an otp I developed a liking to when I “grew out” of watching Inuyasha). So far it’s been really fun to read and I suddenly got the urge to go back and actually finish watching Inuyasha. I used to collect this series like crazy when I was younger and even when I stopped watching it, I managed to nab me a good deal on a bunch of volumes a few years back (story: it was the last day at yaoi-con and the girl selling them wanted them off her back and who am I to refuse a cheap deal?). This was before the series ended. And then it ENDED and I was devastated but also like, it’s over!

I did hear about how it ends but I haven’t Watched it so I’m planning to do like a marathon. And then I’ll review every season on the blog!


This is how Wiki has the episodes split up. I was thinking of watching it consistently but honestly I’m not sure if I can do that. I want to set aside at least two hours every couple days to watch about 4 episodes and see where that leads me. It’s going to take me awhile at that pace but I’m hoping that with summer right around the corner, I’ll pick up the pace

  • Season 1 (2000-01): Episodes 1โ€“27
  • Season 2 (2001): Episodes 28โ€“54
  • Season 3 (2001-02): Episodes 55โ€“82
  • Season 4 (2002-03): Episodes 83โ€“110
  • Season 5 (2003-04): Episodes 111โ€“138
  • Season 6 (2004): Episodes 139โ€“167
  • The Final Act episodes (2009-10): Episodes 168 – 193

Aside from the series Inuyasha also has 4 movies that I ADORE (Well, most of them. That one at the half-demon island was meh). I’ll also be reviewing those along the way so expect to see quite a bit of Inuyasha on the blog from now until the end of summer.

As for other content, I haven’t really decided yet. I had this idea a few weeks back to write up a post talking about these two movies but I haven’t gotten around to formatting them. I’m hoping to work on that in about a month when school is out. AND maybe I’ll go back to the older anime seasons

Welp! That’s it for now. Til my next post~

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4 thoughts on “The Show That Started Me on the Path to Weebdom

    • I only ever read volume 1 when i was a kid but I’ve been wanting to try reading it now. It looks pretty good considering it’s an old manga. Oh, nice! I know my school’s anime club is going to be watching it too when school starts again in the fall


  1. Have fun! I sort of fell out of the Inuyasha fandom once the release schedules for the anime and manga started slowing down and the anime got into a lot of filler. Heck, even the manga is a lot of going in circles, but I plan to revisit it one day. Enjoy!
    Also, Kirara is the best.

    Liked by 2 people

    • really?? wow. for some reason i would have thought the manga would be more direct. i’ve been wanting to read it for awhile now, i’m impressed by how it still looks good even though it’s an older series ๐Ÿ™‚ and SAME, i stopped watching after the white haired naraku incarnation appeared?? i remember there was also some horse (things are hazy, but for sure i at least got to the whole mountain arc). THE POINT BEING I dropped it xD but i Loved this series as a kid and now that i started rewatching it, I can see why

      hopefully you still enjoy it :3


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