Bringing The Anime and BL with Me to University

Hey guys! So it’s sort of old news but I am now living on campus and I thought I’d share 1) my side of the room’s look and 2) some of my recent purchases (and by this I mean stuff I bought in the last 3 months). One of the things I struggled with when I was choosing what to bring with me was the idea of space. How much of my things would be able to fit? Were there shelves and if so how many books should I take? Would I fill the whole shelf?!

blmanga3 (2)

In the end, I sort of made a compromise with myself. I would only bring a little bit, see what was left to decorate and then bring some more stuff later on.

From the start I knew I would be bringing that Haikyuu poster with me (Zzyzzyy), along with a couple other prints by her. On the first day I moved in, only half the wall was covered because I wasn’t sure if I brought too many things. It was only recently that I brought the Death Note poster as well. Part of me isn’t all that convinced. I had wanted to put another brightly colored poster there (like maybe that MHA poster she has but that I haven’t bought yet). To add some variety I also brought some pins and keychains, hehe

I think we’re not supposed to make holes in the walls (not even tacks) so the posters are on there with the help of painter’s tape and the keychains have these little sticks on hangers. The lights were already there when I got in, courtesy of my roommate.

But I know this isn’t what you’re all here for (or is it? I know it’s not what I’m here for)


blmanga2 (2)

Ok so maybe I just thought up the name a while ago but this is kind of my BL corner. It’s right behind my computer desk (which I configured in a way that people can’t see my screen because PRIVACY. Haha). As for how I went about picking what I’d bring…

The anime was easy. I ended up bringing some of my nicer looking but also favorite movies (no series because I don’t collect anime like that anymore).

Empire of Corpses and Your Name


I actually reviewed Empire of Corpses back when it aired in theatres so if you want to check that out, here’s the link. Technically Empire of Corpses isn’t a BL. I’d maybe argue it’s a shounen-ai scifi movie because that’s what my little fujoshi heart truly believes, but in reality, it’s only a scifi fantasy movie about two guys who want to prove that corpses aren’t mindless zombies. Two guys people. TWO GUYS who really care about each other. And ok, so maybe one of them turns into a corpse but love is love, right? O-K. I see everyone side eyeing me now…

And obviously Your Name isn’t a BL title but it is one of my favorite movies and the box for it is really cute. Nuff said. Unfortunately, I haven’t reviewed this film YET. I just find that if I review it my review will only consist of one coherent sentence running along the lines of (you should go buy it because of everything I just said) except everything before that would be a bunch of gibberish.

Part of my collecting policy has changed in the years I’ve been an anime fan. While I used to collect series before (blind buys), now I try to keep it to movies or series I REALLY LIKE. Unless I find something cheap, then maybe I’ll buy it regardless of my rules.

The PS Vita and Danganronpa games


As you can see, my PS vita and the Danganronpa games are innocently sitting on a pile of steamy hot bishounen books (except for one, that one is sitting inside my car’s glove compartment, I think I need to go save it soon). And yes I’ve played one of these games. I even wrote a first impression on it! As for the full review…it’s coming. It’s like 90% written and that last 10% is KILLING ME. I don’t even know why because it’s that last section where I just summarize everything I previously said. And they say introductions are hard…

I also started playing the second one but I stopped playing it because I haven’t finished my review for the first game. You see, I have this thing where if I continue, I’ll start to get events confused between games and I might end up spoiling something from game 2 if I’m not careful. #RIP my memory!

However, there IS a convention this weekend and I’m pretty sure there will be lines so I’ll try to play a bit then. As well as finish up my review. I swear it’s so close! Plus, I feel I need to vent a bit over how the second game starts and who dies first.

Kashikomarimashita, Destiny

blmanga4 (2)

So I realize that I haven’t reviewed most (if any) of the manga I’m about to talk about. Don’t worry, they’ll be on the blog soon. I’m actually in a BL mood this month. But yes, this story Kashikomarimashita, Destiny is one I randomly picked up one night (as I usually do). I was trying to get to know more Omegaverse titles and this one happened to look nice. Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed with the first volume, which is a very typical Alpha-Omega story of wanting each other and then a heat being induced and the omega being jumped. But it’s okay because the one who bonds him is his soulmate Alpha. BLAH. If that had been it, I wouldn’t have bought this book

Which brings me to the couple on the cover of that gorgeous book right there. The reason I ended up buying this series is that it begins to focus on a side pair Miyauchi and Kudou, who are the butlers of the main couple and who are doomed in romance. You see, in Omegaverse if you’re a Beta, you are supposed to mate with other Betas. Alphas will eventually go with an Omega because of their biology. And it just so happens that Miyauchi is a Beta and Kudou is an Alpha. THERE ARE SOME INTENSE FEELS IN HERE. I’m not kidding. I seriously didn’t expect to have these characters so well developed with those type of real-world insecurities. I mean, this is Omegaverse. It’s supposed to be all fantasy?!

Really good read! I know there’s a section where Aoi (the Omega MC) says he can’t lose to Miyauchi’s romance and I’m here like Dude, you’ve been left in the dust!

Kanna Kii


When I get my Japanese books, I actually have to make a special order. These special orders usually take about 2 weeks to come in, which is why if I’m going to buy more books, I like to have my next order handy in 2 weeks. But of course, my dumb butt didn’t know that the wait was actually 2 weeks long so I was visiting Kinokuniya frequently enough that leaving empty-handed wasn’t an option. Also, the second time I came around these books just stuck to me like glue. I’d seen them before but hadn’t read them (which I tend to do before buying), hadn’t heard of the mangaka (but had seen her work before), and then I thought, why not?

It’s hard to browse through the book when it has plastic on it but I just had a feeling these would be soft BL titles with beautiful artwork. I’ve still yet to read them but the first thing I did when I got home was take off the plastic and skim through it. I was right about the art and content. But for the stories…I don’t know yet. I’m hoping to actually read them one day soon though!

Pink to Mameshiba

blmanga5 (2)

I’m pretty sure I mentioned somewhere that I really liked the story SICK by Tomo Kurahashi. I also reviewed it and have reread it dozens of times (the wonders of oneshot stories!). I’ve also read quite a few of her other stories but there’s only one other that I’ve liked enough to buy

Pink to Mameshiba is a oneshot story of “Shiba-chan”, a major idol otaku, who is blackmailed into being Kurokawa’s dog after they realize they’re teacher/student at the same school. Now, I know this already sounds bad BUT it’s actually really cute. Kurokawa usually just bothers Mikoshiba by saying hi in class (and calling him by his pet name), eating with him, and since Kurokawa works at the place where Mikoshiba buys all his idol-merch, sometimes he’ll give Mikoshiba stuff. Of course, being a younger guy, Kurokawa is more devious.

I know there’s actually another book that goes into the idol group and their troubles and romances, which I tried to pick up because it’s part of this world. I just couldn’t get into it. I’m not sure if it’s because the focus is idols or if I find the characters bland. I think it might be the idols because I’ve liked all of Kurahashi’s characters so far

I’m hoping to properly review it in the coming days/weeks.

Scarlet Beriko

_DSC0230 (2)

I finally got them!!! I’m so happy! Every since I read Tatsuyuki Oyamato The 4th I have been wanting it in my collection and when I lifted my book buying ban, it was one of the first books I got! But because I could splurge a bit, I also bought Joou to Shitateya, which is another favorite of mine. I’ve actually reviewed both of these books on the blog so definitely check them out so that you can be 100% convinced these are for sure pickups for fujoshis/fudanshis

While Tatsuyuki Oyamato is all sexy, wild, and yakuza type story, Joou to Shitateya is a calmer and cuter read. Both of them have major appeals even though they reside on different BL spectrums.

Keri Kusabi

_DSC0231 (2)

Another book I’ve actually reviewed!! So these are also Omegaverse stories except way more smut filled, or at least “the first volume” is. The reason I say it like this is that I’m not 100% sure if this is a series. I know both books reside in the same universe but would it be a sequel or a spinoff if the main couple for the second book is different? Whatever it’s called, I have to say I prefer the second one (which is the one with the silver strip).

Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban isn’t really anything special in the omegaverse stories. Our main couple is an Alpha/Omega pair but I guess the thing I liked about it was how Takaba isn’t your typical Alpha and how Karasuma uses his omega nature to his advantage. True it goes hand in hand with all those terrible things people say about omegas but I feel like there’s power in owning what you have and using it to your advantage. In this book, we actually get to meet Utou, who is our main guy in the second book. Basically, he is a Beta that would help Karasuma with his business

And in his story, we see how he does something similar to another omega named Sumito. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a beta but I want him to be happy with Sumito even though Sumito is…well he’s hard to handle at first, lol!

Chiaki Kashima

_DSC0237 (2)

My Chiaki Kashima collection has a new book!! I seriously love this mangaka. They have some super cute characters, cute stories, and an adorable art style! So obviously I had to buy Ore to Joushi no Kakushikoto, which is a cute story about an overworked salaryman named Mikado who ends up getting seduced (and sleeping with) his boss. Except his boss was so drunk he hadn’t realized he was seducing Mikado! But the damage was done and now Mikado has blackmail material, which he always brings up when Anezaki is overworking him. Of course, things change when Anezaki goes to Mikado’s home to get some papers and finds out Mikado is an idol otaku! Basically, the two now have blackmail material on each other and in order to not get busted for their hobbies (” “), they begin to spend more time with each other.


I seriously thought this was only going to be a funny type read but halfway through the feels start to hit you and just, MY CHILDREN. In terms of a story, I think that one is Chiaki Kashima’s best (from the picture). Oh and I have reviewed a couple of her stuff so check those out if you want~

Aco Matsuyoshi

_DSC0240 (2)

For anyone who doesn’t recognize this name (like I didn’t), Aco Matsuyoshi is JULIA, one of my favorite Misawa doujin artists! I didn’t know she created original content so when I found these, I knew I had to check them out. I started with Family Simulation, which is about two friends who end up raising the MC’s nephew. SUPER CUTE. After that, I picked up Himitsu no Love Sensation, which is like a 10 years later sequel. It follows the two kiddies from the previous book, which I thought was cute but honestly, I just wanted more of the 10 years later papas. They aged really well if you know what I mean, hehehe. The second book also goes into a new romance, which I also enjoyed because teachers!!

Now the last book there with the yellow font. I haven’t read it yet and I don’t think it’s been translated either but I decided to buy it because I love her work anyways.

Doukyuusei (and sequels?)

_DSC0248 (2)

So if you guys don’t already know, I LOVED the BL film Doukyuusei, which is about two high school classmates who start to get to know each other when they need to learn a song for school. It’s a short movie that came out in theatres on my birthday (and tragic story, I wanted to go watch but ended up forgetting to go #RIP). Awhile after that (like Awhile after), I ended up buying all three of these books. I wasn’t really sure which was the content from the movie but since they were all about the same characters…well, you know I gotta support the things I love. I haven’t read them yet and I only recently took off the wrap

Well, that pretty much wraps up this post with lots of BL manga pictures. This made me realize that I haven’t really reviewed much BL even though I’ve still been avidly reading it. I probably won’t be buying much else for a couple months though, which is SAD. Also, there was supposed to be another book on this list but something happened and Kino didn’t order it. I’m not sure if they were out of stock or if I got the ISBN# wrong. It’s a title I didn’t ever think I’d be reading but more on that later~

Thanks for stopping by!

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15 thoughts on “Bringing The Anime and BL with Me to University

  1. Dang, your walls and stash are gorgeous and amazing, I’m jealous of you and your roommate for having access to all this!
    I’m here for the danganronpa games reviews 👀
    Omg kashikomarimashita destiny! I remember that series, the angst oof!!!!

    Kanna kii looks adorable 😄💗

    Haven’t read pink to mameshiba either, but now I need to add it to my pile 👀

    Your stash is great, dreamy sigh!
    I just get the free volumes from ebookjapan and bookwalker, they’re free for a limited time but they have BL and all the other genres free each month. Not entire series, but sometimes it’ll have 2 or 3 starting volumes from a series. Koori no monogatari had it’s 3 first volumes free to read and I snapped it up just to look at the pretty art 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • you know, i always say don’t give me angst but those are always the best stories O(-( Ooooh if you don’t mind something cute and a little devious/playful, i’m sure you’ll enjoy it! it’s such a cute and fun read :3 hehehe

      nice! i don’t think i’ve heard of either of those sites. i usually read my bl online but i always make it my goal to buy the stuff i like. which is what i’ve been doing with the webcomics i read recently. i went over to lezhin and just bought the chapters as my way of support for the work


      • Oh yes slow burns are the best for me. I lose interest if they bone early, but if it builds some good tension until they bone I’m hooked 😂

        Cute and devious and playful? I’m here for it! 👀👀

        I read stuff online too, there’s too much chafe to buy everything one sees that looks pretty.
        Ebookjapan and bookwalker are online/digital, so you don’t get the physical books but there’s no importing and no shipping fee, so it gets ridiculously cheap.

        Lezhin I can’t support them as I did now that the whole story came out of what they were doing, and I even did a blog post on it because I was disturbed they really took advantage of authors :/
        I do hope those authors have PayPal and we can send them money directly, or they change to Line webtoons, naver or daum webtoons.
        That said I always try to read the free chapters on Lezhin because even just reading gives the authors money, even if it’s not all or even half of it.

        Liked by 1 person

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