Crimson is Hosting the #JonsCreatorShowcase for March (So Let’s Get Those Submissions Rolling!)

I’m back from the dead!!! Welcome to this little corner of the internet I call my home. If you’re here then chances are you A) were directed here by Auri or Jon, B) Know and/or have participated in this showcase, or C) You follow me? Huh, that doesn’t sound right…


If this is your first time hearing about this project, here’s a little info about it (I’d also check out Jon’s official post)

The Jon Creator Showcase was created by Jon over at Jon Spencer Reviews at the beginning of this year. His goal for this project is to have content creators share their work in an interactive way regardless of skill or following. The project was run by Jon only that month because of IRL situations and as a way to not let the project die, Raistlin suggested having multiple hosts. Which is why all you lovely people are here this month~

February was hosted by Auri, and you can check out the showcase here. There are tons of great posts on there so be sure to check a couple out (or all of them) and maybe you’ll find your new best friend on there!

If you’re interested in being a host for the Jon Creator Showcase, read through the guidelines and then check out the 2018 schedule for open slots. As of right now we need hosts for August (taking July submissions), October (taking September submissions), and December (taking November submissions). If you’ve already signed up, Jon said you can host another month with his permission (just contact him).


How do you join in the fun?

(There are a couple rules but they’re fairly simple)

  1. Submissions are via Twitter and need to be tagged #JonsCreatorShowcase. That way it’s easy for us hosts to track submissions!
  2. All creative content is welcome! It can be a blog post, a youtube video, fanfiction, fanart, a comic, a podcast, anything as long as what you are sharing is yours and is respectful (18+ content is ok).Β Content is also up for grabs so submit anime, books, music, culture, travel, etc. to the showcase.
  3. Once you submit something be sure to tag up to 3 other content creators so they can submit work as well! Here’s an example of what this should look like


While the point of this project is to share our content, also make sure to check out your fellow creators posts. Browse through the tag or start off by reading posts by the people who tagged you (or who you end up tagging). Honor system

Submissions and other “Rules”

(Or more like how I’ll be running stuffs)

So aside from those rules up there, we were given some free reign on how to host this project and these are some things I decided to do.

  • This March the Jon Creator Showcase will run from March 5th to March 29th 11:59pm PST. I want to give as much time for people to submit content because why not? (And since Thursdays are my days off, I’ll have all afternoon to work on this, muahahaha). The showcase post will be up by the end of the month (31st). Please submit your best works from FebruaryΒ and then tag up to 3 more content creators. Also spread the word so more people participate πŸ˜€

Please make sure to tag your posts with #JonsCreatorShowcase and if you’d like, also tag me (@crimsonblogs)

  • I will try to follow the posts closely. If I’ve liked your tweet it means I’ve seen your submission. I will like all the posts/videos/etc that are submitted and will try to leave a comment soon after. I will also be sharing the submissions on my Twitter (I’ll try to share them all but it might take me awhile #rip)

If you haven’t been tagged but want to participate, feel free to start your own thread. The same rules apply, share content that is yours from February and tag others to participate

  • If you feel like everyone you know has already been tagged, try looking for some new creators. The idea is to keep the thread going as long as possible

A few days before the end of the showcase I will be making an announcement on my progress. By that time, if I haven’t checked out your post please let me know

Let the Games Begin!!

Ok then, here is the Twitter thread for March (share your best posts from February). If you are starting a new thread please reply to this tweet so that it’s easier (for me especially) to keep track of submissions

If there are any questions feel free to drop them down below, ask me on twitter, or contact Jon

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