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Currently Reading: I’m in Webcomic Hell (And Other Fun Books)

Hey guys! So February is coming to an end and I’ve come to terms that it was not my best month in terms of producing content. I think I only published two posts and that’s only because they were both part of Blog Tours. And then I thought, what can I write that won’t take me forever? Because usually everything takes me forever, I’m a slow blogger!!


And then I thought, there’s a ton of stuff I read recently, why not write up an update?? Just as a warning, a lot of it is BL (the best kind of reading material)

None of the Above

WOW! I can’t believe I still haven’t finished this!! It’s not that it’s a bad story, when I do pick up the book I’m invested, but that’s the problem. I don’t really pick up this book and when I do, I can only read little bits and pieces (during work). It’s gotten to that moment where it’s all HELL, which I was hoping wouldn’t be the case. It makes you wonder how people found out (the only thing I can think of is the friends and if so wow they are DOUCHES) and how things are going to pan out. Honestly, if someone told me they were intersex I’d be hyper-aware of it initially but I would try my best to just be like always. I know I can seem rude with topics like this IRL but it’s not because I’m trying to, it’s because they’re things I’m not used to so I end up being super aware of them

Hazel Wood


OK so I’m not sure what I was expecting when I picked this up BUT it wasn’t this. I guess I was expecting something more fantasy based instead of contemporary bordering on urban fantasy?? I’m not sure. I haven’t gotten too far into the book. What I do know is that our MC isn’t my favorite right now. There’s just something about her attitude that I don’t like, especially towards her stepfather. Maybe something will turn up later in the book about why she’s so against him but for now, I’m reading while rolling my eyes at her. What I have found interesting though, is that redhead that kidnapped her when she was a kid. Having him turn up and looking the same is taunting me, gimme the magic!! Lol

Lover Boy

wide (2)

So I THOUGHT I’d reviewed this on the blog already but it looks like I didn’t. Really need to get to writing! Basically this is the story of Eunho, a boy who loves Jaeha (who he calls Hyung) except Hyung doesn’t want to accept these feelings for two reasons. One is that he doesn’t believe in love and the other is that Eunho is so much younger. And ohhh the feels and drama in this series. It’s still updating and it’s gone from Oh look at Eunho he’s so cute and making puppy eyes at Hyung and Hyung you better pet him to OH SNAP Eunho’s gonna break Hyung noooo!!

Sign Language


This is another webcomic I recently started reading, hence the reason I won’t be giving names (I can’t remember them yet!!). Why is it so hard to remember foreign names?? But I’ll get better! Anywho, in this webcomic we have our main character (the short one in the picture) who has just been attacked by a water hose being wielded by that tall megane. Using his health as leverage, he sort of forces the guy (and his friend) to hire him at their cafe. Wow ok this is hard I changed my mind. Soohwa (short guy) then finds out that Goyo is deaf and so he tries to learn the necessary signs to communicate with his boss. Except he’s having trouble learning. Luckily? for him, Goyo offers up to help him learn sign language and then surprises Soohwa by speaking! And what a hot voice he has…Yeah, this is just a hilarious and cute webcomic of a guy who has a voice kink and a guy who has a sign? kink??

Can I just say I LOVE kink stories and this is one of the good ones

Hogu Hagyeongsu 

1 (5)

I don’t think I’ve ever read anything as messed up as this webcomic. Like WOW. So this webcomic is about Kyung-Soo who confessed his love to Choi Yule when they were in school and during their relationship Kyung-Soo gets gang rapes. By Yule’s friends. Who were ordered to do so by Yule. I know, I should have stopped then but I kept going. Fast forward a couple years and Kyung-Soo still has nightmares about that incident but at least he’s far from Yule. He lives somewhere new, works at a convenience store, and is starting to fall for that cute guy who always comes to the store. Kyung-Soo decides to confess and the two are borderline friends and boyfriends. They start hanging out in hopes of maybe dating seriously. And that’s when Yule shows up and f**ks everything up again. Honestly, this whole webcomic is just Kyung-Soo being abused by the people around him and I’m a little hesitant to post about it on the blog but I really want to share my thoughts on it so I might do it anyways. The webcomic is still continuing but it’s at the second season. The first season’s ending left me mindblown. It was such an unexpected ending!!

Not a story for the faint of heart

An Uncomfortable Truth

wide (1)

I was going to have another cute one next so that there’s a pattern but I’ve actually been reading some crazy stuff recently. And here’s another. Out of all of the ones listed here, this is my most recent read. It tells the story of Yoseob, who has been accused of killing 8 civilians. He’s being held at the police station but no matter who interrogates him, he says nothing. All seems to be going downhill until a new officer enters the room and, for some inexplicable reason, Yoseob begins to confess in story form. And in that story we meet Yoseob as an abuse victim, a survivor, as the precious little brother of Jaeha, and as an aggressor to anyone who gets too close to Jaeha. This is such a GOOD READ. While the others are obviously BL, this one doesn’t even address the issue. It’s just a story about Jaeha and Yoseob who use each other and how the people around them (and themselves too) are affected

In some of the more recent chapter there’s this “ghost” that Yoseob sees and that thing gives me the creeps! Need to fangirl about this soon

Welp! As of right now these are the series that I am keeping up with (along with The Last Zombie) but I’ve also read a ton of other oneshot manga and completed webcomics. I’m not really sure if all those BL titles will make it to the blog but I’ll try to at least review the ones I really enjoyed (and then bought because yup, I recently splurged on some yaoi). I also plan to start reading Crimson Ash and Blood Water Paint in the coming days since I did sign up for some blog tours (hehe)

But what about you all? What are you reading right now? Any recommendations?

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5 thoughts on “Currently Reading: I’m in Webcomic Hell (And Other Fun Books)

  1. Ooooh, I’m in webtoon spree too!
    Haha, Shinku-senpai, that cherry Blossoms after Winter got me tooo into them~

    I haven’t read too many BL webtoons though, I’ve been really obsessed with the art style of Chasing the Sun and am looking for something similar but can’t find any…. Any suggestions?

    That said, I’m also in one-shot mode! That of course is because of my exams at the moment….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I think that’s one of the first that got me, I think I just started getting used to the style and wanted to read more xD and ohhh, I haven’t heard of Chasing the Sun before! I looked it up and the art looks nice! I’d have to read it before giving a recommendation (or at least know what it’s about) ^^;; so I’ll get back to you on that if that’s ok :3

      Oh yeah, I get that. The good thing is that yaoi has LOTS of oneshots, usually only oneshots lolol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sign language is a big nut, bless it <33333333
    I need to read Lover Boy causee daaaamn fine boiiis
    Need to get my eyes on An Uncomfortable Truth too, sounds nice **__**

    Hogu sounds like a ride, jeesus, might have to try just to see if I like it or not /wipes sweat

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg Sign Language is HIlarious and cute and amazing, I love it I wish I could also hear his voice bc curiosity is killing me xD xD but def a cute one :3 and there be fine bois in lover boy, it’s hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Yeah Hogu is a hit or miss, it’s pretty violent >_<


      • Imagine if there was a drama CD for sign I’d die sjsishs
        Ohoho, it’s hot I see 👀 I’ll definitely be getting my paws on it then 😳

        Hogu is a miss for me but it’s a pity because it had potential, the execution just isn’t as deep as it should’ve been.

        Liked by 1 person

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