The Last Zombie by Bamwoo [Chap 1 – 8]

Hey guys! So I finally decided to get my butt into gear (heh who am I kidding) and thought I should, you know, start blogging again. And what better way to “come back” than by telling you about some yaoi manga and webcomics I’ve stumbled upon while I had the flu? Yes you’ve heard correctly! I had the flu for a couple days and it’s been weeks now and I still can’t get rid of this annoying cough! And while I most certainly felt like crap during those days I also read a lot of great yaoi


And since I recently posted about Cherry Blossoms After Winter, I thought The Last Zombie, also by Bamwoo would be a good choice.

In the Last Zombie, we’re in a world where the zombie apocalypse has broken out, passed, and now humans live peacefully but isolated. Or at least that’s what Lee Dajeong has been told. He’s never been outside his home for fear that his medical condition will worsen, except he’s not very sure what’s ailing him. He places all his trust with Doctor Lee Sehyeon and if he says the outside world is dangerous, then it must be true. Instead, he stays inside, does chores, waits for the Doctor to come home, and gets his daily (and very painful) injection

Then one day Doctor Lee forgets his phone at home and Dajeong wants to be helpful. He leaves the house for the first time only to find that Doctor Lee hadn’t been very truthful in his description of the outside world…

This isn’t so much a spoiler (maybe) but our little Dajeong is actually a zombie but he doesn’t know it. We learn about it in the first chapter so I thought I’d just go ahead and share it. And MY GOD he is the cutest zombie ever!! We haven’t really learned much about his backstory, aside from him being a research project that had been considered a failure. Afterwards, he ended up living with the Doctor and wow, it’s all so incredibly cute and domestic, my heart can’t keep up with the cuteness!

download (14)Dajeong is just too innocent for my soul and it makes me wonder what’s going to happen once he figures out what’s going on

You see in the town they live in they have a set of rules and one of those rules is that you can’t kill another human. Since he’s technically not human and the Doctor has told him it’s dangerous outside, I’m wondering if that’s a clue to someone finding out that he’s a zombie and there being violence towards him. Which my heart won’t be able to handle because He Must Be Protected. Which is what the Doctor is trying to do. At the same time, I feel like the Doctor has ulterior motives since he’s a doctor and why would you keep a zombie? Is this some continuation of a project? But he doesn’t treat Dajeong like a test subject…am I thinking too much about this?

Since this is technically a BL title, our main couple seems to be Dajeong and Doctor Lee, which I’m all for. I just like the way they interact (they have some really adorable moments). It’s nothing romantic right now but it’s clear they both care about each other. Plus, I kind of just like that one our mains is an older man. I feel like we don’t really get that

Right now the webcomic doesn’t have too many chapters up (where I’m reading) so there’s not much to say in terms of the story. We were introduced to a couple of Doctor Lee’s coworkers and *clenches fist* I’m not liking Jung Haein, Doctor Lee’s female coworker. You see, she kinda likes Doctor Lee and is being a douche towards Dajeong because they live together. Yeah, she should just mind her own business, LOL. And unsurprisingly, Doctor Lee has quite a few admirers, myself included. Sorry, I just like the gray hair and his face and he’s kind ok!

In terms of the art, it’s just as beautiful as what I expected. The characters all look very soft and cuddly (yeah I wanna pinch Dajeong’s cheeks). This webcomic is also full color and with a toned down palette. I think the most obnoxious color was the green of the greenery. The combination of the colors, the character designs, and the spacing between panels just made it so much easier to read. It’s really different from reading a manga, which can get cluttered pretty quickly

So far I’m really enjoying it and I can’t wait to read more!

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3 thoughts on “The Last Zombie by Bamwoo [Chap 1 – 8]

  1. Hmm..Ugh, that flu seems very annoying. I hope you will feel better soon. As you know I don’t read a lot of manga (something that I hope to change this year. But this welcomic does sound quite intriguing, and I am a sucker for all things zombie. Maybe I will check it out at some point. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€

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