[Review] Cherry Blossoms After Winter by Bamwoo

OK, so I wasn’t expecting to be back so soon but I read this last night and just had to shout to the blogosphere about how much I love this!! It’s a manhwa that I added to my Anime-Planet account because the cover looked cute. Then last night (nearly today) I opened my AP and it was right there and I was in a reading mood. I’m so glad I checked it out!!


Cherry Blossoms After Winter is an ongoing manhwa (Korean manga) by Bamwoo about two “brothers” (Taesung and Haebom) who end up in the same class, which turns out to be rather problematic to Haebom because he has been hiding the fact he’s bullied at school from his family

/HEAVY BREATHING/ OK so let me get a little backstory in here because this is a BL title and not incest *don’t run away!*. From what I’m picking up, Taesung and Haebom grew up together as friends because their mothers were also friends, but then one day Haebom’s parents got into an accident and Taesung’s mother took him in. However, on that day Taesung and his mother got into an argument because he didn’t want Haebom to be his brother. Since then, the one close (?) friends have become strangers, thinking that the other hates them. Years have passed and even at home Taesung and Haebom don’t talk much so for them to be in the same class stresses Haebom because he doesn’t know how he should act

Of course, this problem starts to resolve itself when Taesung starts witnessing Haebom get bullied. And oh man, at first I thought Taesung wasn’t going to do anything to help my poor child with his trouble (that’s how distant they were) but it was more like he was trying to figure out what was going on. For being the top student, Taesung is really slow with relationships? He questioned Haebom about his relationship with his two bullies and didn’t really do anything explicit until Haebom confessed what was going on. From then on he took steps to protect Haebom


But aside from all that “action” it was just SO NICE to see Taesung and Haebom interact with each other. From the start they’re just super awkward but as they start to hang out again, things become a little easier. Haebom (my precious child) is so used to talking and responding to people in a certain way and walking behind them that I was so grateful to see Taesung tell him that they should walk side by side. And then having them speak more casually. I’m too emotional right now!!

I’m still quite curious about the whole “people shouldn’t know that we live together” situation. Taesung seems to not care if people see them together or if there are rumours of them being gay (whole other issue, the DRAMA) so this housing situation seems strange. I’m thinking it’s something Haebom established and that Taesung is just going along with. Haebom is more sensitive to things like this

In terms of the art, I’m loving it all! It’s very soft and the colors are…not muted but soft as well if that makes sense. Nothing is jarring, which is what I usually expect with all color comics. The creator also uses a lot of white space on each page. My theme’s background is also white but these down here are two pages so you guys can see that there’s very few panels on each one

I feel like this creates a calmer mood. I know it made me focus more on each panel and everything in there (the expressions, the colors). In a sense it was also frustrating because I just wanted more. But I really like how everything in this manhwa is so soft, even Taesung who looks like an expressionless block most of the time. The last chapter I read (19) ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and we get to see a bit into Taesung’s past. With how things are playing out now, you’d never really think he had a bad childhood but maybe that’s not completely right…

I have no idea when this gets updated but I am SO looking forward to reading more! There were already quite a few cute BL scenes but I won’t be satisfied until they’re dating, holding hands, and kissing (lol!).

Has anyone read this yet? It’s so cute and I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t (plus it’s such a short read~)

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12 thoughts on “[Review] Cherry Blossoms After Winter by Bamwoo

  1. I really like the drawing Of this manga! And it seems that kind of bl story that I would like to read! One more to my want to read list! Thanks for this review! It was also very well written! Clear and insightful, passing the idea of ir without giving too much xD 👏

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  2. Haha: love your enthusiasm for this. I’ll be honest I know that I will never read this one as I already have trouble reading mangas (that is…time and lack there off 😂😂) But I did love reading your review and I agree with the comment from Arthifis: I really think the art is wonderful. Great post! 😀

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      it was such a cute read and now i wanna go reread it, but it’s so short i’m going to end up crying again O(-( and lolol yes she is tho that cliffhanger about his past *clenches fist* i need moooooooorreeee

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  6. Ah! I just started reading it on TappyToon, which is hellaciously expensive. Is it cheaper to read somewhere else, or does anyone know if the author/illustrator has a patreon where it is archived? I would rather pay the author directly to read than go through a middle man. :/

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