Oh Hey, I Own A Vita: Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc (Ch 1&2 Impressions)

Hey guys! So I know it’s been awhile since I last talked about games on the blog and mostly it’s because I just haven’t had the time to play much (and when I do I’ll just do some random thing like check to make sure my kids are still alive and not being hunted by giants), but recently (yesterday) I finally picked up my PS Vita that I got for my birthday like a year ago, dusted it off, and decided to play the only game I own: Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc


Also, it’s not just because I suddenly remembered and wanted to play it that I did. I actually felt like playing it because Irina posted Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc indeed or Irina fails hard at VN reviews and I got curious. I also know it’s a pretty popular game, hence why it was gifted to me, and wow, I also went to gamestop and there’s like tons more Danganronpa games!

But yes, today was my second day playing and I thought I’d share my thoughts and progress of it so far! Progress: Just finished chapter 2 so this is a first impression but if things don’t pick up it might also be my final thoughts (lol)


So I can’t seem to locate the case for this game, meaning I can’t exactly tell you what kind of game this is but I can tell you a bit about the story. In the game we play as Makoto Naegi, a perfectly normal guy who has been randomly selected to attend Hope’s Peak Academy, which is a super famous school that only accepts Exceptional (Ultimate) students. Students who are la crème de la crème in their field and Makoto just happens to be the Ultimate Lucky Student. He and a handful of other students end up deciding to attend Hope’s Peak Academy because it’s said that if you graduate, you are set for life

Of course, things aren’t exactly as they seem. Soon after walking into the school, Makoto finds himself waking up in an empty classroom. How did he get there? Why was he sleeping? And why did the classroom have surveillance cameras and bolted steel windows? We soon get answers when their orientation starts

As we come to learn, Makoto and fourteen other students are stuck in Hope Peak Academy…forever. They’re told that they must forget everything from the outside world and just live there from now on. There is No Escape and our huge cast of characters find this out relatively quickly. But all hope is not lost because there is a way to get out. You just need to graduate

Sounds simple, right? Except it’s not. In order to graduate, one of our 15 cast of characters (or 14 since I don’t think we can do much) needs to murder a fellow student, stand trial, and get away with said murder. If they get away with it, they get to graduate and everyone else is killed by the Headmaster. If they don’t get away with the murder, they get killed. Either way it’s going to be painful and only one person can win

Ah where to start! So I know that this series is really popular but right now I’m not really finding the appeal. I do really like the concept of the game and it’s something I would normally enjoy, but there’s just something about the pace and lack of things to do that is making this game a little boring to me



So we have 16 characters in the game so far, 15 students and 1 Mastermind Teddy. Like usual, I do have a hard time remembering everyone’s names but they’re all designed in a way that it’s hard to not remember them. Even Sayaka, who (in my opinion) was the plainest of them all stood out to me.

  • Aoi Asahina, The Ultimate Swimming Pro: Aside from her very nice figure, as a character I feel very little towards her. We haven’t really seen anything from her past and in the game she’s one of the more passive ones. She doesn’t want to participate in this kill or be killed game
  • Byakuya Togami, The Ultimate Affluent Progeny: Ok people, let’s use big words so that Crimson can’t understand! So far I’m in the grey area with Byakuya because he treats everyone like dirt but also, way to make things interesting (chapter 2)! There are only a few characters that are willing to play Monokuma’s game and Byakuya is one of them
  • Celestia Ludenburg (Celeste), The Ultimate Gambler: Another of the few characters who is willing to play the game. While Celeste hasn’t been a key player like Byakuya, she always seems to see what others don’t. And she’s got a bit of an aggressive side to her

  • Chihiro Fujisaki, The Ultimate Programmer: I hadn’t really thought about Chihiro as a favorite or not at the start but after Chapter 2 I’ve changed my mind. I really ended up liking Chihiro, which might be strange since all they did was cry in chapter 1
  • Hifumi Yamada, The Ultimate Fanfic Creator: I have little to say about him. While Makoto things he’s a little weird (and me too), I can understand his passion for his 2D baes!
  • Junko Enoshima, The Ultimate Fashionista: I’m not sorry to see she didn’t last long. She served her purpose of showing everyone what would happen if they broke the school rules. Since she’s offed pretty quickly, there wasn’t much to get to know about her
  • Kiyotaka Ishimaru, The Ultimate Moral Compass: I feel like that is enough to know what this guy is about. Honestly, he annoys me. I get he wants to keep order and he’s all about morals but I feel like he’s not aggressive enough when it counts. I guess it’s because he sees things in black and white, ignoring the grey and I live for grey areas
  • Kyouko Kirigiri, The Ultimate ???: There isn’t much information on this character in terms of what she’s the ultimate of but she’s also the one that interacts the most during trials and investigations. I would take a guess that maybe her ultimate lies in some sort of investigation skills. I like her because she’s that cool and composed type but also I hate the role that she plays in the game. Basically, if I ever need answers, she’s my go-to
  • Leon Kuwata, The Ultimate Baseball Player: OK. So can I just say that I really love his character design. I love that he’s got piercings and he’s loud but also kinda cool, and that he’s got Orange hair! If you guys didn’t know, I really like the color orange. As for him as a character…well, there wasn’t much about him so I don’t dislike or like him
  • Mondo Oowada, The Ultimate Biker Gang Leader: I think I have to agree with Byakuya on this one. Mondo sort of got on my nerves sometimes because he was very hot headed and not very smart. I felt like out of all the characters I’ve met so far, he has the most backstory but it’s not backstory I ended up caring for. I’m not sure if it just wasn’t told in an interesting way or if I just didn’t care about him (maybe both)

  • Sakura Oogami, The Ultimate Martial Artist: Haha, ok, so if I hadn’t read Irina’s post, I might have thought this was a guy before they introduced themselves. I really like Sakura. She’s not much of a talker but there’s just something about her personality…IRL I would have liked her. She tends to be the one standing guard at crime scenes when a murder takes place and IDK, she’s just cool and friendly. I feel like she would be one of the last people standing because she’s The Ultimate Martial Artist, who would take her on?! I also can only see her killing someone in self-defense so I’m curious what’s going to happen with her!
  • Sayaka Maizono, The Ultimate Pop Sensation: THIS GIRL. Can I just say that the first chapter was complete torture because my character was crushing on her?! Like, she’s not even that pretty. Why couldn’t Makoto like one of the other girls?! Anywho, I did think she was pretty interesting, as we come to learn that she is a manipulative little idol. Can’t say I miss her
  • Touko Fukawa, The Ultimate Writing Prodigy: So I initially thought she was so annoying and I still do, but with the developments in chapter 2 I may change my mind. Though in a sense I still probably won’t like Touko.
  • Yasuhiro Hagakure, The Ultimate Clairvoyant: When is this guy going to be killed? I mean, come on, what is his purpose here
  • Makoto Naegi, The Ultimate Lucky Student: Can I play another character?? I’m not a huge fan of how passive this guy can be (lol)

There’s tons of characters so I’m actually really glad the game has a “Report Card” section where I can look up all the characters. If (let’s say) Sayaka tells me I should go talk with Kiyotaka and I have no idea who that is, I can just look him up in the game and be like Ohhhhh, that guy! I’ve done this at least 3 times. If anything, I think this game did well with the whole design of the characters

In terms of favorites, I’d say I really like Chihiro (#clenchesfist), Sakura, Byakuya, and Jack (fufufu)

Gameplay So Far

So I’m going to keep it brief here, since I’m afraid if I go too in-depth I’ll have nothing else to add when I decide to write the final review for this game.


I’m liking the concept of the game, not so much the game as a whole. Once there’s a murder, there’s more things to do. I have to investigate crime scenes, look around the campus to find clues, and there’s actually a point to interacting with other characters. The trials are the hardest part for me since a lot of it relies on coordination and let me tell you guys, I can’t press X and keep track of what people are saying and shoot my truth bullets at false statements all at once. Part of me is glad I get ten minutes to complete those rounds during the trials, but also, I feel like I should be challenged more (I know there’s levels but I just kept mine at whatever the default is)

Outside of trials…well, we get a lot of free time where we should interact with the characters. I do that but I haven’t really figured out what the benefit is and I just want to skip it. I would but the game recommends we interact with others and so I do. Plus, there’s only so much to do when you’re stuck at a school with limited access to the building

Going back to the cases, I know I’ve only done 2 of them so far, but they really need to get more interesting. In the first one I kept telling myself it couldn’t be that easy. Our culprit was basically spelled out for us and when it was true I felt cheated. In the second one it did get more interesting. I don’t think I would have picked up on the last bit if Kyouko hadn’t spelled it out for me

Which reminds me. This game won’t let me lose and it kind of frustrates me and, I feel, takes away from the excitement.

OK, that’s all for now! I’m going to start on chapter 3 today and get through what I can. I’m not really sure how long this game is but I’m guessing we need to get through all the characters. It does take me a few hours to get through just one chapter so if I play this consistently and only one murder happens per chapter, you might hear more from me in about 2 weeks

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12 thoughts on “Oh Hey, I Own A Vita: Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc (Ch 1&2 Impressions)

  1. I can say it picks up u it’s sneaky. As in I suddenly couldn’t put it down put I can’t put my finger on the catalyst. In any case, life’s too short to play a game you’re not having fun with

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  2. Allow me to start by saying that it *does* get harder (in the sense that the murder becomes that much more complicated) in the later chapters, with Chapter4 in particular I remember as being quite the headscratcher — so do look forward to that at least xD

    If I had to name one; the trials are the my favorite part of the game — everything about it, from the Non-Stop Debate to the Bullet Time Battle. For one, it’s *the* game element of the game for the most part as outside of it the game plays much like a point-and-click-adventure/visual novel instead; not saying that I dislike VNs, but, I dunno, I feel like if I pick up my PSP (which was what I used to play DanganRonpa at the time, lol) I should be “playing”, as opposed to just reading.

    While I do like the “investigation” part of it; since the game won’t proceed unless you interact with every object you need to interact with, and talk to every person you need to talk to, it feels much less like an investigation than it does just feel like you completing a checklist of things to do (more so because the “scan” feature makes it so you can’t miss anything important inside a room) If the game made it so you can go to trial without all your facts lined up (that is, if it had the option that you could miss some key piece of evidence and without it you fail the trial) then I’d be more enthusiastic about going through anything and everything.

    My least favorite part of the game would have to be dealing with the other characters during Free Time — but only because of the game mechanic attached to it. Each time you interact with a character, their report card gets filled in a bit. Maxing out a character’s report card unlocks an equippable skill for trials This is all well good, unless you didn’t get to interact with the next victim, thereby losing out on a skill that they may have given you while they were alive (case in point, Maizono’s skill is very missable xD) Things like that tug at my inner completionist, lol

    Still, it’s a fine game (in my opinion at least), and rest assured the story picks up as well (you *might* end up liking Naegi a bit more over the next few chapters, haha!)

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    • Oh that’s good! I know that from 1 to 2 there was more stuff going on so it’s good to see it’s going to get tougher! i’m bad at mysteries but i accept the challenge xD

      that’s true. i think i tried Umineko once at a convention and i couldn’t get into it because it was all dialogue. i could just read the manga if that was the case. aside from that i think this is my first VN?? I don’t think the wolf among us is a VN right? tho it’s close to what i imagine a vn to be and yeah, same here, that’s why i’m not a huge fan of the whole free times Orz

      YES. it was actually in ch 2 where i was getting this bit of disappointment for that part. i did this whole investigating and i even thought up what was going on. when the trial began it was all what i imagined but then there was the whole twist with the biker guy and i’m just here like WOAH I did not get that. i wish the game would have let me choose byakuya and then have me lose. at least like that i would have to reinvestigate everything and there’d be more to it. but then kyouko pretty much tells me everything so that’s why i like her but also don’t like her xD and OHHH yeah! that would actually be a nice twist to the game! haha, I would have lost in ch 2 if they did that because I’m pretty sure i missed some stuff but the game wouldn’t continue so i kept investigating

      Wow, I didn’t even think of that option. I probably missed stuff from every victim since I just interact with whoever i find first and they’re still alive xD i have gained a couple skills but also i don’t know how to use them so they’re just there…interesting, maybe once i’m done with the game i’ll come back to it to try and interact with the victims

      Lol, I can be a bit of a completionist too sometimes. But more so with achievements, that’s why i like playing games. I always try to get all of them and might even replay the game multiple times to get them but idk if this one has any?? i know after each chapter there are trophies but i haven’t really looked into what those are @_@ i’m fairly new to the vita

      Nice, well since so many people liked it, I figured it might get better later (one of the reasons i’m still playing it). Thanks for filling me in! 😀

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  3. Why would you want me to perish?! I’m good 33% of the time. XD

    I do understand your gripes with the original game. In fact I have quite a few of mine own though. I do enjoy the characters the more you learn about them and progress the story. I have a soft spot because it got me into the franchise, but the subsequent games further grasp the insanity of the situation and have arguably better casts. I hope you do enjoy the chapters that await you and look forward to your final thoughts on the series!

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  4. YAAAAASSS CRIMSON I’m so happy you’re giving Danganronpa a shot! I loved getting to know your thoughts on some of the characters. Lol RIP the pretty fashionista and YES Sakura is a freakin QUEEN!!!

    Silliness aside, my intro to this massive franchise was with the anime adaptation of this game. For the longest time the anime was regarded as absolutely horrendous, as it cut out so much characterization. But lately, as the game seems to age, more and more people have been turning to the anime as an intro for those without the console (me) and also the time (me too) for the game. Appreciation has skyrocketed, especially with the third (second?) anime’s release, and if you DO in fact end up stopping the game, please, don’t let that stop you from considering the anime! It’s a short 13 episodes, and even now I remember the thrill and the love I had for these characters as the insanity spiraled out of control for that wicked finale.

    I commend your efforts for at least TRYING to play a Danganronpa game, and I do hope it strikes a chord with you soon so that you feel the urge to play on! It’s an incredible story—and this is just the beginning to it all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I FINISHED IT. like a few minutes ago and the first thing i did was look up how much the next game was xD I know what I’m getting next month B)

      and I knew it had an anime! i felt like i’d seen something about this aside from a game and ick, i hate when they do that. hmmm, i might still watch it though, i mean, it’s only 13 eps right?? lol and OMG i have so many feels right now about this game that pretty much amount to I did NOT expect that ending. xD

      i plan to continue onto the next game~ and omg Byakuya!! what happened to him since game 1 xD

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      • YAAAAY I’m gonna take it that you enjoyed this first game LOL and YES, you should absolutely watch the anime—the music is spot on, and it’s just cool to see the school in anime format. It presents a more enjoyable, cinematic experience, and, well, I can’t recommend it enough even if others don’t like it!!

        As for Byakuya, upuPUPUPU I’ll save that one for you to discover~!! I’m so happy you stuck with it AHHH the feels!

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  6. I love Danganronpa, in fact I’ve reviewed the 2 games, and I want to play the third a lot but I also am trying to clear out my backlog before tackling it :”D

    Chihiro love, yes!!! <3333333
    Can't wait for the final post of this, I'm here for it! ❤

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