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Reading Devils and Realist v 1 – 10

Ok guys, so before I start this, I just want to show you all the covers of this series. Aren’t they SO NICE, like if you saw them at a bookstore, wouldn’t it make you curious about the content? Well, that is exactly what happened to me and this series. I think I picked this up around the time there were maybe 4 or 5 volumes, or maybe I only owned that many at the time…Either way, I jumped in to watch the anime and then sort of dropped it for awhile

But now I’m back, burning with unanswered questions that the anime left me with! Unfortunately, I only have so many volumes within hands reach and you bet I was left at a cliffhanger

So this series follows William Twining, a genius (practically) attending a prestigious school, who plans on being either a lawyer or politician and then swimming in loads of money. All seems to be going well until he’s pulled to the principal’s office and is told his tuition hasn’t been paid yet. Going home to see what’s wrong (they’re on break I believe), William finds that he is bankrupt. His uncle, who had been in charge of his assets since he’s still underage, had squandered all his fortune and then promptly disappeared. The only thing William has left is Kevin, his butler who believes that William will get them off the ground with his wits alone!

Which is what William plans to do! However, while looking around his mansion for an heirloom he remembers, he comes upon a door to his basement he doesn’t remember. But instead of finding fortunes he summons a demon called Dantalion. Dantalion then informs him he (William) is the Elector and that he must choose a demon (Dantalion) to become the next representative King of Hell while Lucifer sleeps

At this point I’m already foaming at the mouth because demons? Hell? Hot demons and male cast in general? Funny moments? FANTASY! What more can I ask for?!

From the beginning I think this series does a great job at giving us all the information we need in a way that doesn’t just boggle us down with information. Part of it might be that it’s mixed in with the humor and part of it might be because it’s Interesting. It also has little blurbs at the start of the book and end detailing some information on characters we’ll be meeting in the book or in the next volume

What I don’t think this series does well is keeping a constant pace. We get really upbeat or even action packed moments in a few pages, only for it to get abruptly cut off to something school related. Like, I remember one part where there’s a whole bunch of demons who cross over into the human world on Sabbath, Dantalion and the other demons come to the rescue, and then the next page goes back to something mundane. It takes away any possible suspense and feels more like an Oh, by the way, William you need to go on stage and perform this play because the main actor collapse from apendicitisΒ (or whatever he’ll be doing at the time)

I also felt like the series is dragging in a way. I really like the content because we get to see some cute moments of William and everyone else on campus. Seeing Dantalion as a demon and then a student is always a fun transition, but also, this is a series about William having to pick the next ruler of hell! Can I get more of that?

We also get introduced to Angels along the way, which I HATE. Not the concept, I think it’s all pretty interesting but between the Angels and Demons, so far the angels are more evil. I guess maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be? Us identifying more with the demons and fallen angels more because they’re sinners (and so are we according to the bible). Meanwhile, Angels and God (to me) have always been described as ruthless. I mean, if God decided he was going to drown the world, that’s kind of ruthless, right?

Also, as the series progresses I’m really glad to see William change as well. At the beginning he’s dismissing demons, hell, and anything supernatural as just a dream but as he continues to get attacked and sucked into hell, he realizes he can no longer ignore this. But instead of automatically believing in the supernatural, his goal is to explain things in a rational way. In a way he is still an Atheist but he’s also acknowledging that these beings made of atoms like him, calling themselves demons, exist


So where does that leave me? SPOILERS ABOUND.

By volume 10, I think we’ve established a lot of our major players. We’ve been slowly learning more and more about Dantalion, which was complete torture because I just want to know Everything About Him (like William, Mhm). It’s being hinted he killed Solomon in order to save him from Ecstasy, which is what Angels do in order to create soldier puppets. Out of all the representatives he’s starting to lose power because he needs a Retainer, which is like a protector demon, and he can’t seem to find one. Which scares me, I want him to win!! But it’s also being said that he’s also very powerful (raw power) since he slept for 1,000 years

Solomon is starting to slip through and I’m afraid this might mean William can disappear, after all, only one soul per body, right? And you know what, I don’t even like Solomon. There’s just something about him that’s a bit creepy and distant. He’s revered by demons and angels but to me he’s like an empty vessel. While I care deeply for all our characters, both mains and sides, there’s just something about Solomon that’s missing

Kevin seems to have made up his mind and his descent to Hell in order to save William makes me wonder if he’s already fallen! With the help of Metatron, he’s been able to avoid Michael and his duty to induce Ecstacy on William. THANK YOU. And I have no idea what Metatron’s intentions are but I hope he succeeds in overthrowing Michael, which is what I think is his goal?

I think that out of the three representatives, Sytry is the one I’m rooting for the least. Dantalion is obviously my favorite and there’s just something cute and even right about Camio. But Sytry…there hasn’t been much on him. He’s physically cute, there’s some kind of abuse he’s enduring from his Uncle, and he adores Solomon. We don’t know too much about his power (though it looks like they’ve said he is powerful) but in terms of personality, he doesn’t really stand out. Also, I kind of ship him with Metatron, like *drools*

Overall, the later chapters of this series are starting to get Much Better. I think the whole of volume 10 kept up a decent pace with little to no interruptions of school life, which I feel could have been shortened in general. Even though the mood has been shifting to more series in later volumes, we still have some of that comic relief at the end of the book. HA, I’m just laughing at the one scene with Dantalion at the bar, being sad that William isn’t paying attention to him. While I wouldn’t say this series is a 5 star read, it is an interesting one. Depending on how things pan out in the next volumes, I might even say it’s a 4 star read

Oh, and if you like yaoi, this is definitely something you might want to check out. The BL undertones in here are the best! I know in the anime I felt them but in the manga I’m just having heart attacks and drooling on each volume because of the William x Dantalion feels. Especially the Dantalion crying over William feels (they’re hilarious)

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  1. Does this go further than the anime did with the story? I’ve always been curious about whether this story actually had an ending. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the anime, mostly because they kept telling me William was a genius but he never did anything all that bright, but I was curious about the whole election thing and Solomon.

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