[Review] Big Windup S2 Hit A Homerun In My Little Sports Anime Lover Heart!

Ok guys, so I wasn’t expecting to get through this one so quickly but once I picked up season 2 it was so hard to stop!! Beware the spoilers for season 1 and maybe for season 2? I’ll try not to get into much detail but it’s so hard to when I’m so excited!


So in season 2 we pick up directly after season 1. Nishiura has just finished their first big game against a top school and they’ve WON. However, instead of riding on their high of winning, they keep working hard, never underestimating the next team they play but also trying out new game plans. Unknown to them, their next big competitor, Bijoudai Sayama, is studying them and are ready to do whatever it takes to win! Will Nishiura win the next game and become one of the Top 16 schools?

First I just want to say I don’t understand why this was split up into two seasons! I mean, what if someone wasn’t convinced about season 1 and they dropped it? They’d be missing out on all the new content and development in season 2! Plus, it just feels like it flows so naturally into season 2

Anywho, if it wasn’t clear from the first part of this post, I REALLY enjoyed season 2! In season 1 we pretty much met a bunch of first years who end up attending Nishiura High School, a school without a baseball team. I believe they spent part of the summer getting things up and running (like the fields) and by the time classes start, they’re ready to start playing as a team. But they’re a small team consisting of just one pitcher, a catcher, and just enough members to play bases and outfield. And just like all first years in every sports anime, the kids in Big Windup have a lot of growing and experience to gain

And the one who needs it the most is Mihashi Ren, our pitcher and ace of the team (though I’d also argue that Abe Takaya, their catcher has his own growing to do, not so much as a catcher but as a person)


I really liked Mihashi’s development in this season but also we get to see that there’s more troubling stuff happening in his relationship with Abe. With every game they win, with every kind word he gets from his teammates, and from the crazy things he imagines, Mihashi is changing. In the first season he’s really afraid of upsetting his teammates, of being the one at fault for any losses they may take (damn those kids who did this to my child), and of (in general) being hated. In season 2 these fears are still present but they’re also evolving. He’ll still feel responsible about losing but it’s no longer a fear that haunts him and he’s starting to see that his teammates truly care about him. He’s becoming louder during games, acting like a true ace, and (near the end) he’s Thinking

Ha, that last one sounds a bit harsh but in season 1 Mihashi was completely dependent on his team. He saw himself as useless and unworthy. In season 2 he’s starting to see some of his worth and even thinking about what plays are better for the team. I still love to see him stutter and be cute and shy but seeing this development makes me so excited about seeing this new and improved Mihashi!


But Abe’s development isn’t left in the dust either. In season 1 we saw that he really just wanted a puppet pitcher who did whatever he wanted without question. We see why he thinks like this and he just so happened to be paired up with someone who obeyed him. It’s something that ends up hurting the team in the long run but also the dynamic of their battery. There’s even a part where Mihashi meets Abe’s father and he admits he’s afraid of Abe (and of course my heart shattered but it makes sense)

Because of Mihashi’s experiences in middle school I feel like he fears the catcher the most. A catcher and pitcher should be a team and Mihashi does what he believes is necessary to have Abe catch his pitches and send him signs (which his MS catcher stopped doing). So I feel like the whole fear thing is linked to Abe as his teammate more so than Abe as his kind of friend (are they even friends?!). And it’s very apparent to the viewer how much lack of communication is happening between these two. I feel like in season 1 Abe grew to respect Mihashi and he even wanted his trust in return, but Mihashi finds it hard to understand things unless they’re direct (and Abe is anything but direct about his feelings). So while Abe thinks they’re moving forward as a team, Mihashi is still thinking Abe thinks little of him

Aside from these two, we also get more screen time for Tajima (who I absolutely LOVE at this point, he’s so amazing ok) and Hanai. I love them both but I’m definitely here for the Abe and Mihashi story 😉 Oh and the Tajima and Mihashi brOTP is so cute and sweet and makes me smile like crazy


But I guess the thing that really brought out a lot of the development in this season was the game against Bijoudai Sayama, who I rather dislike at this point. I had my suspicions during the series but then we got that OVA and yup, I dislike them.

However, they did help Nishiura realize where their weaknesses lied so they had their use! And they brought up something I had been wondering from the start. As a team of first years with little experience, I was surprised they kept winning and that they even beat a previous champion! As a whole I don’t think Nishiura is a bad team but it did surprise me that they made it so far into the tournament

The season did end at a pretty good place and I’m thinking of learning some black magic so that there will be a season 3, but for now I must dive into the manga if I want more! I ended up rating this series, as a whole, a 9/10 because I just really enjoyed it. It does have a slow start but in the end I just came to love all the characters (that I could remember, some still escape me)

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7 thoughts on “[Review] Big Windup S2 Hit A Homerun In My Little Sports Anime Lover Heart!

  1. “I don’t understand why this was split up into two seasons!”
    This. Along with — why is this only 13 episodes?? (I mean, I understand that right after the game with Bijou thing slow down hard in the manga, but still!!)

    It’s interesting how the two games in this season are set-up. It showed the difference of outcomes when opposing teams study Nishiura. If you sleep on them (like with Sakitama), they can win. But if you know their game (like Bijou), Nishiura’s inexperience unravels right away.

    I love how they played the mechanic here of “Abe dislikes pitchers who shake off signs” ’cause it really molded who Mihashi was as a pitcher and while we kinda saw it a little bit in S1, S2 really showed how one-sided their battery has becomee — all because of a misunderstanding. And what was amazing was once Mihashi was allowed to shake off signs, we actually see that he has good game calling too. Makes me very interested how good the two of them will be in their next game.

    Mizutani and Hayai had a little push towards the end of S1, but S2 made me really like Izumi and Sakaeguchi, more so because I didn’t notice how good of a hitter Izumi was in S1 (he was!) and how Sakaeguchi’s bunting becoming a thing (after that cheeky bunt he did in S1, lol) “Tajima and Mihashi brOTP” Sakaeguchi thoooo loljk

    Definitely a solid 9/10 for me as well. It’s a real shame that it’s been 7+ years now since S2, but I still hope we get another season some time in the future.

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    • OMG I thought I replied to this already Orz #fails

      I know right, when I was watching this I was just counting down the episodes, biting my nails because I wanted more! but someone told me the manga is slowly being updated and you mentioned this is really old so maybe at the time they just didn’t have enough content to go on (but now they do so where’s the next season?! xD)

      yes! from the start i thought it was interesting how they were winning but that’s also because nobody knew who they were and they just didn’t take them seriously. bijou actually did their homework and we realize that nishiura relies on really simple strategies (which Bijou worked out quickly)

      oh man i haven’t gotten to the next game yet but i’m in love with the idea of them finally working together as a team and not just having abe work things out. and lol, i guess with characters like tajima and hanai and abe and mihashi, some of our other characters start to slide into the background but yeah, we really got to see more of the others in this season. and honestly, i feel like batting wise nishiura is pretty good. i’m going off of daiya because in daiya i felt like they didn’t hit as much?? while in here they connected many times

      weeeeelllll a lot of old shows have been popping up with sequels lately, maybe oofuri will be one of those too *crosses fingers and learns black magic*

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      • This is like the third long comment I’ve hit you with so I understand xD

        Yeah, I should really try picking up where OoFuri left off in the manga one of these days. Gives me a reason to watch this again. Haha!

        It was actually impressive how Bijou dissected both Nishiura’s offense and defense –considering they only had that Tosei tape to study (granted they went the full nine innings so there was a lot they could observe and stuff). In a way it was very similar to Hinata’s early games when he first joined Karasuno, when everyone just didn’t know what to do with the freak quick until a smart team like Nekoma figured them out.

        Oh nooo, I singled out Izumi and Sakaeguchi but I forgot that S2 actually had one of my favorite Hanai moments ever (the one where he says “Mihashi is fighting everyday”) that was so goooooood. But yeah, characters like that one reserve guy that I keep forgetting, and that other guy after Mizutani who’s actually pretty good at hitting too. They don’t get a lot of home runs, but yeah they make contact /a lot/, especially the first half of their batting lineup (Sakaeguchi’s bunt sequence to a walk-okk was awesome!)

        *raises arms in an attempt to transfer power to Crimson*

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  2. Reading your posts about Oofuri made me want to re-watch and re-read it all over again! (I just re-read the manga around December last year.) I really love Oofuri for reasons quite different from why I like Daiya. I just adore the Nishiura guys so much along with Momokan! Tajima is my favorite character and I really love his and Mihashi’s BroTP, too! Though I sometimes feel bad for Izumi. Hahaha! But I also love that Sakaeguchi’s someone who can talk properly with Mihashi. Tho it’s still amazing that Tajima can understand him easily.

    And I really love the parents, too! They’re all so adorable! (Tajima’s family is so cute and they actually played an important role for the guys to take a step towards building relationship with one another.

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    • yes to everything!! and you know, its a series thats easy and quick to get through. that’s sometimes why i don’t rewatch anime but there’s something about oofuri, i mean, i already rewatched it once and then random episodes

      i’m still reading the manga but i hope to catch up soon 😀 though then i’d be sad bc it’s not complete and i’m going to want it all!! Orz


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  4. Tajima and Hanai are such good characters, I love them loads alongside Mihashi and Abe, plus the coach and the parents hehe~

    I really dislike the whole 13 episodes, or dividing seasons when it’s clear there’s a continuation. Daiya in that regard did well with its 50 and 70 episodes per season haha.

    The manga is great too, I’m sure you’ll like it. I’m praying for another season ;_;


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