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[Review] Recovery of an MMO Junkie Was Such A Cute Feels Good Series With Loveable Characters

HAPPY NEW YEARS! I know it’s already past but it is the new year so hopefully everyone spent it having fun and hopefully not drinking too much. I know I spent it stuffing myself full and now that that’s done and over with, time for anime

I’m really happy that for my first review of the year I’ll be talking about Recovery of an MMO Junkie! I know I picked it up and even did some impressions on the first couple episodes but then I couldn’t keep doing it weekly. Next thing I know, someone said it was over and I finally got around to binging it and I’m so glad I didn’t have to wait. If the first few episodes were dragging me through the feels fields, these last ones nearly killed me


KILLED ME. Why are my children so precious and awkward and beautiful

Recovery of an MMO Junkie mainly follows the life of a 30 year old NEET named Morioka who ended up leaving her job for some mysterious reason. And what does she do to pass the days? She’s an avid player in the MMO game Fruits de Mer, where she plays the cute and handsome Hayashi. All seems to be going well for her until she gets elbowed in the face by Sakurai, a younger guy who clearly has his life in order, and then her once simple and nonexistent real social life becomes a “problem”

Not the best summary out there but I’m trying. I think I still feel all the New Year’s hassles in my body. Oh, and SPOILERS everyone so make sure you all watched this otherwise I’m going to spill all of Morioka’s secrets! Kekeke. Anywho, I really enjoyed watching this show. Like REALLY. I think I fangasmed on Twitter every time I did so and one of the reasons is that both Morioka and Sakurai are so relatable and CUTE


Morioka is everything you would expect in a NEET. She lives in a small apartment, she clearly cares about her computer more than her appearance (as we see she’s always wearing baggy clothes, her hair is messy, and overall she’s unkempt while the thing looks so nice and sleek), and she’s always hungry (and eating store bought food). But aside from her appearance she’s also extremely passionate about the things she loves and as bloggers, can we not relate? To her wild gesturing? To how she can talk for hours on end about her passions? Yeah, I really saw myself reflected in her

Sakurai, on the other hand, is more clean and even stylish in his dress, usually wearing dress pants, a suit, dress shirt, or a cozy sweater. He’s like that one person who doesn’t put too much effort into dressing up but somehow still ends up looking like a model. Even though he seems to have his life in order, he’s just as awkward and precious as Morioka. Having elbowed her in the face while running to work late, Sakurai tries to make it up to Morioka but ends up being rejected


Besides the characters being relatable, I really enjoyed some of the topics this show attempts to address. Throughout the show we get glimpses into what made Morioka quit her job but it isn’t until the end that we really get an answer as to what happened. She’s basically stressed out but finds it hard to leave her job because of guilt. Early on we learn that Morioka has a very low self esteem and in the last few episodes this becomes glaringly apparent. The part that really killed me being the whole “is this your girlfriend” comment the local store owner makes. It’s obvious to us that she thinks the two of them look cute but the first thing that Morioka thinks is that she’s unworthy to be seen with Sakurai

Even though Morioka is clearly a kind person and is passionate and we saw that she was hardworking, there’s something about her that she feels isn’t enough. Which is why she tries to escape via computer games. Even in the game her avatar is completely different from her. Hayashi, as she ends up calling him, is a tall handsome young man who is sociable and is very gung ho about missions and the community he gets adopted into

In Fruits de Mer, Morioka can live a completely different life from the one she has. One filled with friends, fun, and an acceptance of herself, making her 1000 times more relatable to me. Not just because we both play games with opposite gender avatars but because of the feelings she gets when online. As someone who doesn’t have many friends IRL, I really love and treasure the community I’m in and see everyone as an extension of my family. Just don’t try to steal my food because then we’re getting into some problems

Another topic that the show addresses but doesn’t outright say (I felt) was bisexuality. I’m going to say it’s a definite thing from Morioka’s POV because that’s the majority of what we get, but also from Sakurai’s. I just can’t see it any other way

In game, Hayashi clearly likes Lily and vice versa. Morioka/Hayashi always looks forward to hanging out with Lily, they say Lily is cute, they agree to be partners, they have matching outfits, and if Lily isn’t on, Morioka isn’t all there either. And even when they discover who they are IRL and in game, Morioka still is very attached to Lily. I’ve always had the belief that even your online personality is a reflection of yourself and I especially see this in this show


And because I’ve listed all the things I really enjoyed about this show, I also want to list the ones I wasn’t all too happy about (and the ones I wish we’d had more of)

The show did such a good job at making Morioka a super relatable character but left everyone else either partially developed or not nearly developed. We know that Koiwai is the matchmaker of the trio and while his methods bordered on total creep in the first few episodes, he ends up being a nice guy. But that’s all we really get from him. I suppose I don’t mind terribly because he pretty much served his purpose as the bridge for our two mains! But the other members of the community are also just there

I especially wanted more of Fujimoto since we learn that he’s in the know about Morioka and they see each other often enough (not to mention the hints of romance with him and another character, though I think it was one sided). I just really wanted to know more about him

But the part that left me with mixed emotions was the ending. Since this is called RECOVERY of an MMO Junkie, I was extremely curious to see how Morioka would recover. Would she be going back to work? Continue being a NEET? Would she learn to appreciate herself more? In a sense we got a yes and no answer and I liked that. I liked it because self-deprecating thoughts don’t just go away because you found a cute guy or made some new friends that tell you you’re nice. That type of mentality takes awhile to develop and takes even longer to heal. So to see that she still sees herself as unfit feels very real to me

And honestly, so does her thought process of changing herself for someone else’s sake (vs for herself) even though I can’t truly see that as a recovery. It’s a first step in the right direction but I feel like that kind of mentality and dependence can be dangerous (but the series ends so we can’t really know what happens after)

Overall I REALLY ENJOYED THIS. I’d even say it was my favorite of the year even though it wasn’t a perfect show. It really had me screaming every time I watched it, from all the cuteness and suspense. It really did work as a show to follow weekly but it worked even better as something to binge. Definitely gave it a 10/10 for cuteness overload, lots of laughs, and weird whale noises at 1AM!

But what about you guys? Did you like this show? Hate it? Felt meh about it? Did anyone else pick up on the whole bi-feels or is that just me reading too much into things? Let me know what you thought!Β 

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15 thoughts on “[Review] Recovery of an MMO Junkie Was Such A Cute Feels Good Series With Loveable Characters

  1. I haven’t read the full post because of the spoilers you mentioned, but from what I have read, your enthusiasm for it really shines through. This one has already been sitting on my to watch list for quite a while, and a lot of people seem to like it. I’m looking forward to seeing it myself at some point later this year. Looking forward to it πŸ˜€

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  2. This is certainly one of the feel good shows of last year. I love the characters and I agree there was some interesting elements at play in relation to the online game and how the characters choose to interact with it. And yes I did pick up the whole bisexual vibes you weren’t alone XD. I didn’t feel like the online elements had a conclusion to it as much as the romance portion did, but what it did do is certainly bring a smile to my face. Though I have to say the last few episodes dragged a bit too much and the side characters not really taken the time to explore despite offering some of their real life selves, it was quite enjoyable. You can certainly feel how much you enjoyed the show in this post and hopefully that does cause some more people to check out one of last year’s cutest shows.

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    • yes! i’d like it if more people checked it out! i feel like when i think about a show with computer games i don’t think of something like this show so thats one of the reasons i liked it. it was just so relaxing in a way (tho stressful too in some ways lol)

      muahahaha i wasn’t imagining stuff then xD

      it did feel like that tho i binged the last bit so i think that helped me in terms of pacing. i almost want some ovas to get to see more of the side characters but i feel like it would all just be fluff

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  3. I really like the points you made on this show. I also, really, really enjoyed it.

    Your thoughts on both Morioka and Sakura being bisexual is an interesting take, something I hadn’t seen. Now I think about it, I think you’re right. They both clearly fell for each other, believing that the person behind the avatar was the same gender as the avatar.

    I didn’t see it that Morioka changed her appearance for someone else, though. I saw that as being her going through a confidence boosting routine. New hair, new clothes, all to make herself feel prettier albeit probably to make herself feel β€œworth their time” too

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    • yup yup! which i thought was nice bc since morioka was playing as a guy you’d think the thought lily was a guy might have popped into her mind but she never really thinks about that until later on when she already likes and is attached to her :3

      i guess what i meant was that her last transformation didn’t feel like it was for herself. the one where she gets groomed and cuts her hair i let go because yeah when you go out you get a bit self conscious and want to make a good impression. at least that’s how i feel when i legit go out with friends. i feel like i just can’t go out like i usually do in my lazy clothes. but i like the idea of a confidence boosting routine, hadn’t thought of that πŸ™‚

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  4. I did not read further once I saw the SPOILERS warning since I have not seen this anime, but you say it is a feelsy one and I can tell you enjoyed it so I will definitely watch it and return to read this post through! Thanks for the recommendation πŸ˜‰

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