Laying off the Seasonal Anime, Picking Up Completed Anime (My 2018 Partial Anime List)

Because why not make a list of everything this year? I mean, there’s a 50-50 chance I might stick to what I write, lol. Anywho, this year I want to lay off the seasonal anime. Every time I try to do this, I end up not finishing stuff, so I thought I’d just take my pick from what’s already done

Not only is it less stressful but it also fits in better with a work heavy schedule. And while I don’t work a lot, I do work some strange hours sometimes and binging anime at night is what I do best…or did I suppose. Haven’t done it in awhile but habits are hard to lose. It’ll come back to me! But what anime do I want to watch?



Did I mention that I’m sort of in a sports phase? Yes well. I am. And I’d like to expand my sports anime horizons. I have already watched KnB, to what degree I remember it all is a bit fuzzy. I did binge three seasons of Haikyuu and I LOVED it. I did watch FREE!! Iwatobi Swim Club…Team? Both seasons and they were fun to watch. I also watched Air Gear in my kiddie days and more recently Ace of Diamond (which I’m still watching)

And there’s way more sports stuff to watch. So here’s my list

+ Daiya S2: (Working on It)

+ Battery: This series is 11 episodes and I’m 100% sure I can finish it in one sitting. I actually stumbled upon this one during one of my seasonal watches but I never figured out where to watch it. I still don’t know but I’ll find out, and when I do…it’s OTP Time

✔ Big Windup: So I ended up buying this 25 episode series from a Funi sale and well, it’s lonely on my shelf. I also recently learned that there is a second season and I haven’t heard much about this in general. Need to change that! More baseball because it’s so gay and I love to ship

+ Baby Steps: I actually started watching a couple episodes from this one and stopped for some reason?? I’m not sure why since I was really enjoying it. Plan to pick it up again and see where it goes. Apparently there are two seasons amounting to 50 episodes but no worries, I watched Daiya, this is a piece of cake, LOL

+ Aoharu x Kikanjuu: This isn’t the first thing I’d think when someone says sports but it is. I remember starting it and then not really liking the main character (she was annoying). But it’s been awhile, the series is complete, and now I can just binge it. And if I still don’t like her it’ll be like peeling off a bandaid real quick instead of gutting myself repeatedly. It’s 12 episodes long so one sitting should suffice. Let’s not prolong the pain


Yowamushi Pedal: So this is a long series. Like 3 seasons at least with a movie. I stopped hitting sequel after that. But I decided to add it on here because I remember this girl at Yaoi-con was selling some YowaMerch and I got it because her art was so cute! She was very happy and I thought, HM, I should watch this. Well, I’m severely late to the fandom but at least I don’t have to wait for the next episode?!

+ Eyeshield 21: Speaking of Yaoi-con. That same year I was about to buy myself a baggie with some anime characters on it. I asked the girl about it and she was like GASP, it’s from Eyeshield 21, you should read it instead of watching it. So then I was like I will and then when I saw the whole manga series at HPB I bought it…yup. Don’t recommend stuff to me guys, I WILL BUY IT (recommend me stuff!). I’ve yet to read it but maybe 2018 is the year. If not for the manga, at least for the anime. The animation isn’t the best since it’s an older series but I want to at least give it a shot! It is SUPER LONG, 145 episodes

+ Ballroom e Youkoso: Rather newish series at 24 episodes. The art is a little iffy in terms of elongated necks but I’ve heard good things about it. Not super excited but also a little bit. I feel like this should be my first one to watch because it’s newer but I’m going to be a rebel and procrastinate some more, hehe

More sports anime will end up creeping into this list, I’M SURE OF IT. But for now, this is all I’m going to announce. I also might watch it in this order, now that I’m thinking about it…tumblr_static_tumblr_static_2dm8t1llzby8wgoowoskk400g_640

But moving onto some less sportsy stuff, I do have some titles I started and never finished and some that I’ve been meaning to watch since forever ago

+ Book of Murder and Arctic: If it’s Black Butler you bet I’m going to watch it. I was really impressed with Book of Circus and I am only expecting even better with the next two and whatever future content we get. I have read the manga so I know what I’m going to get in terms of content but I want to see the animation. I know S1 felt a bit stiff but I think it gets more flexible and smooth with every season. Plus, it’s got Sebastian, of course I’m going to watch!

+ K and K: Return of Kings: I watched K while back. When I heard about Return of Kings I was so excited about it and no, I didn’t watch it. Now it’s been a few years and I think it’s time to go back and revisit the SaruMi because even older OTPs are still fun. I have no idea what the second season is about or if there’s more. If there’s more, I’ll be bingeing it together!

+ Princess Jellyfish: I’ve been meaning to watch this since I saw it as part of some AMV at a con and Now Is the Time. I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy this as I’ve heard nothing but good things about this! What is it about? I have no idea but the animation looks great and so do the gifs. It’s also only 11 episodes long so I should be able to binge it in one day

+ Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: This is another series I started when it was airing and I never finished (you see why seasonal anime is bad for me, lol). I plan to go back and binge this. I think I only watched 2 or 3 episodes before dropping it. I’m sure I’ll like it better in one go. Plus, the animation was pretty good

+ Snow White with the Red Hair: How many times have I said I was going to watch this?! Too many times I’m sure! But this time is a sure thing. I know there’s two seasons out and in 2018 I shall conquer them!

There are a couple other shows I’d like to finish like Joker Game and Gangsta but I’m not sure if I’m ready for those yet. I also plan on checking out some “new” stuff by just browsing the internet and randomly choosing something. Most likely they’ll be shorter shows because #commitmentissues, hehe

And I plan to finish watching all the anime I own, which I can’t get to now because it’s buried but once I declutter everything, I should be able to tell which ones I haven’t watched. I don’t own much anime so it won’t be a lot

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15 thoughts on “Laying off the Seasonal Anime, Picking Up Completed Anime (My 2018 Partial Anime List)

    • awesome~ and have you watched a sports anime before? if not i’d recommend checking one out (maybe haikyuu, i know everyone loves that one and it’s cute) 😀 they’re not like watching real sports, they always get me excited with their enthusiasm and all the characters and their interactions are so heartwarming :”D

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Some cool shows got sure: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is one that I enjoyed quite a lot (some people called it a Attack on Titan clone, but even though there is some truth to that, it was still a very entertaining watch). Enjoy! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol! i was actually one of those people and to this day i call it attack on train xD or kabaneri, but the first always comes to mind first, here’s to hoping for some more awesome fights like the first, she was awesome!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I thought Kabaneri and Ballroom were both pretty good if it’s any consolation. And speaking of K, I have it on Bluray, but haven’t seen it yet for some reason. Maybe 2018 will also be the year to watch it. 👀 Good luck with all the sportsy greatness!

    Liked by 1 person

    • yes!! and wow takuto wow, don’t worry, i also own some anime i haven’t watched yet, which i wanted to add to this list but also they’re buried on a bottom shelf with a bunch of junk in the way so i felt too lazy to xD i’m hoping to get through at least 2 before the year ends 🙂

      and yessss the sports! i just finished one from the list and I AM DYING FOR MORE!

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. I’m curious what you’ll think of Baby Steps, Yowamushi Pedal which I find it really interesting because it’s an uncommon sports to animate and I even reviewed 2 seasons, though I need to continue and watch s3 and s4 >_<
    Oh I wanna watch Battery too, surprised you didn't put All Out! here, dem thicc boys are *-*

    Looking forward to everything you're coming out with on the sports section ;P

    Liked by 1 person

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