2018 Reading Plans: Manga Edition

Hey guys! So I haven’t been around much for December, partially because I’ve been busy with holiday and work but also because I’ve been sick and too lazy to turn on a computer (hehe). I am still living at the old house but I am crossing my fingers that SOON we shall move and my computer will have a better place so that turning it on isn’t so much as a hassle


But yes, we are nearing the end of the year and already I am thinking about what I want to read in 2018. Usually I have this ridiculous list of books I want to read but for 2018 I want to a) be more realistic and b) trim down on all my unread books on my shelves. That doesn’t mean I won’t be reading any new shiny books that catch my interest, but I would like the emphasis to be on my older books

And well, here’s my list. My shelves are split into two types of books. One are novels and they have the most unread books on it, but also all my manga which is only a small percentage unread (which is UNACCEPTABLE) . This list will focus on my manga~

Air Gear (38 Books)


So this is a really old series that I started reading (and was following) when I was a kid. I picked it up after I watched the anime and I just LOVED the whole skating concept because I loved skating. I never finished it though, because I got tired of waiting for it and reading online. Since then I’ve collected the manga and I now own nearly all the volumes. I’m like 2 or 3 short. It’s a total of 37 volumes and the art is amazing and it’s hilarious

Daiya no A (58 Books)


Next up is Daiya no Ace (Ace of the Diamond), which I’ve been meaning to read since two years ago when I picked up the anime. The reason I haven’t is because online reading is a pain, especially for longer series. I do own up to volume 11 in Japanese with a few random ones but that does me little help when I can’t read it (lol). Still, it is on my shelf so I’ve added it to the list! I do remember trying to pick it up and found the art a bit iffy but I feel like that’s how we always start and then it just gets better. Also, this pulls a TG where the next series is Act II and that bit is currently 11 books long

Pandora Hearts (24 Books)


OK, time to read something aside from sports manga! Next up I have Pandora Hearts. I do own all the volumes as I’ve been really consistent with buying it and I know the art is great, but I just never continued it. It is an Alice in Wonderland retelling type story and I love those. It’s a much shorter series, only 22 volumes so I’m sure I can get through this relatively quickly. I also have Caucus Race volumes 1 to 3, so once I read the manga I’m hoping to get to those light novels

Umineko When They Cry (17 Books)


I picked up this series possibly a year ago, possibly 2. I thought it was only going to be a short little horror manga but then it went from 4 books to 17! Each volume is at least omnibus large and it’s a bit of a fantasy murder series. The artwork is AMAZING but the only thing is that it can get a bit repetitive. You see, at the start we have a family who needs to solve the Witch’s riddle and find her gold in order to escape her cursed island, except that everyone kind of hates each other and then people start getting murdered. And the cycle continues until only Battler is aware of what’s going on and needs to figure out how she is murdering people when he is a realist

Devils and Realist (15 Books)


And speaking of realists, I do really want to pick up Devils and Realist! I watched the anime and enjoyed it (except for that ending) and now I want to read the manga in hopes that it’s much better and complete! I have about 10 volumes on my shelf so that should tide me down while I get my hands on some more volumes. The story follows a couple devils trying to convince William (our MC) that he is the descendent of Solomon and he must choose who the next demon king will be…or something. My mind is fuzzy but in the anime he didn’t have to choose a devil ruler and I’m hoping in the manga he does!

Until Death Do Us Part (26 Books)


Oh my…is this a completed series?! Yup! I actually stumbled upon this manga AWHILE ago and I never continued it, but still continued to collect. I think I only read part of the first omnibus volume and it had to do with a blind protagonist that was also an amazing swordsman. He ends up meeting this girl who sort of hires him as her bodyguard and well, there’s fighting and awesome art!

These are all the manga series I’d like to either finish reading or catch up on by the end of 2018. In total there are 178 books but the count may go up since not many of these series are complete. I also own a couple more series that I’d like to catch up on like Are You Alice, 07 Ghost, X, and some older ones but these are the ones I’d like to focus on

I decided not to list any yaoi or yuri titles because I actually browse through titles and just randomly pick stuff, so these will be more like surprises on the blog

In terms of yaoi on my shelf, I do think I’ve read ALL of them, so obviously this means I need to buy more, right?!

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13 thoughts on “2018 Reading Plans: Manga Edition

  1. 178 books??!!?? Wow….that is a lot of books. I have some manga myself, but I think my total amount will be around 15 😅😅
    I do read the occasional manga, but in between the already way too many hobbies that I have, I just can’t find the time to also really invest in manga 😊
    Good luck on reading, sounds like a couple of very cool stories!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hahaha yeahh it’s quite a few books >_< and omg i wish i hadn't bought the pandora hearts books bc of that new boxset but also i like my old ones lolol (and you should!)

      Liked by 1 person

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