November in Review: What Crimson did, what she’s up to, and Sharing is Caring

Hey guys! So remember I’m trying to make this monthly roundup a thing? Yeah, as my easiest post of the month I’m not going to let you all forget (LOL). Well, as I mentioned in October, in November my productivity went down…by a lot! As for the reason, there isn’t any. I just haven’t gotten around to writing stuff like I probably should but it’ll be up…eventually. One day, one year, one millennium

But what did I do in November? Well here’s the list! Like always, if there’s an asterisk on it, check it out ^^



To anyone that is curious, I’m debating how I’m going to finish up the fall season. Part of me just wants to focus on the end of season reviews but I also have fun writing those episodic reviews (but I’m so behind!). As of now, I have paused some of the series I was following closely like Juni Taisen and Kino’s Journey. I also want to focus on reviews because I realized that my blog doesn’t actually have many reviews (oh my)

Fall Anime

  1. 2017 Fall Mid-Season Update: Basically I talk about what anime I’m still caught up on and which I have put on hold because I’m just going to binge them when the season is over
  2. Recovery of an MMO Junkie: Secret Triangle: AH! I’m still loving this series and while I wouldn’t call it my #1 this year (or would I? HMM), I still think it’s so adorable and relateable and obviously I’m so sad it’s ending soon!
  3. Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (ep 1 – 3): A series I was really excited about starting but that has only gotten worse…and worse…and well, I’m going to finish it but won’t be reviewing until the end

Full Reviews

  1. [Review] Daiya no Ace Season 1 Final Thoughts And Maybe A Bit of Fangirling on the Side*****: I doubt anyone who was into Daiya 2 years ago is still around but HOORAY I’ve gone and finished the series! I know it took me so long but it’s done and now I’ll be continuing into s2, which is 51 episodes long. Is it complete? I’m not sure but I’m sure it’s not enough. I just want to see all these characters forever and ever and gimme college baseball and pro-baseball


  1. OWLS Diplomacy Blog Tour: Because Words Are Still Mightier Than A Fist*: For November OWLS focused on Diplomacy and like every month I have little idea where I’m going with my posts. Still, I hope you all enjoy this as I talk about Mob Psycho 100 and how I felt Mob, Reigen, and Hanazawa show decent representations of what I think Diplomacy is (and I’m always looking for thoughts and feedback so leave me comments~)



I decided to group these two together because, while my intention was to write up quite a few movie reviews (in lieu of all the movies that have come out recently) I just didn’t keep up. I still haven’t watched all the movies and then some I’ve discussed on my YT channel but they just haven’t made it to the blog yet.

Movies on the Blog

  1. Kicking Off Movie Month with Suburbicon (2017): This is the first time I’ve wanted to leave before a movie finished. It wasn’t a total disaster except it kind of was. Have you watched it? Let me know what you thought!
  2. Thor: Ragnarok (“The humor saved it” they said. “the humor killed it” i said): I went to go watch Thor twice and while the first one had me giggling and laughing, the second time it just didn’t hold my interest as much. Not a movie that will stick with me and if I had to describe my review, it would probably be an Unpopular Opinion




Before I go into December, let’s see how I fared this past month. For one, I’m really glad I finally worked out what anime I’m watching this season. It’s not a lot but it’s a decent amount and stuff I’m interested in. As for how often you’ll hear about my thoughts on those, maybe Twitter is the best place

I also didn’t do many movie reviews BUT the plan is to continue into next month. Movies I want to watch/have watched but haven’t blogged about yet are:

  • Daddy’s Home: Finally got around to watching this so expect a review in the coming days. Sorta sets in perfectly with Christmas coming up!
  • Bad Mom’s Christmas: Apparently this movie was still out so I’ll be writing up a review for this one and I’m thinking of combining it with Daddy’s Home because I found them very similar
  • Wonder: This is selling out at my job and need to get to it before it goes! Not sure if I’ll have time to binge the book before but for sure I need to watch
  • Coco: Yes I’m going to watch this soon (hopefully today since it’s my day off)! I keep hearing that people love this and that it made people cry
  • Justice League: Already watched this so I should be making at least a video on this soon. The full review will follow soon
  • Murder on the Orient Express: Watched, video made, just need to add to the blog
  • Star Wars: I’m watching the previous ones so I’m thinking of taking the week when the new one comes out to just dish out some reviews. Because of time, I’m only watching the ones my coworkers consider essential to the story (so I think we skipped 1 and 2)

I’m pretty sure there are others but I’m blanking out right now!

I also was only able to review one BL title and it ended up on my YT channel. I’m hoping to pick the yaoi up for sure next month! I did catch up on some manga titles so I just need to, you know, blog like I’m supposed to (HA)

Also, because it’s December next month I’m going to be doing a lot of End of Year type posts, so expect those in the last week of December and into the first week of January. Post ideas I have are your typical Favorite Books, Favorite Movies, Favorite Anime, and whatnot. I’m also game for any post ideas anyone has!

I also kind of have a special post because according to my calculations, I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now. What to do, what to do…any suggestions?

OH! I will also be trying to do the 12 Days of Anime. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a bit of a challenge where you post about anime related content on your blog (or YT or whatever other place you post stuff at) for 12 days. It starts on Dec 14th and right now I feel like everyone is planning out what they’re going to do and I’m just here like what do I do?! I know I tried last year and failed after like day 2 and I think I also tried the year before but it’s been too long to remember what happened then. Will I finally make it this year? Honestly, at the rate I’m going, probably not but also I want to try. If nothing comes out on the 14th then I probably won’t be doing it (lol)

But enough about me, let’s see what people were up to recently and also not too recently!


Like always, give these people some love, leave a comment, like their content. p.s. Just how I didn’t blog much in November, my reading up on people’s posts wasn’t all that high either so sorry if there’s not much in this section this time! Will make up for it in the next roundup 😀

A Discussion on Blogger Decorum Collab by Remy and Irina


OK, you guys know that one song that talks about being the last to know? Yeah, well, I think I was the last person to read these great Collab posts by Remy and Irina. In the first part they talk about some topics I consider “the usual” so things like likes, follows for follows, and being a good neighbor. In the second they go into other points that I hadn’t even considered. Definitely check them out as I think these posts can help us learn what is a yay or nay

Orca & Dolphin: The Coequal Duality That Is Makoto & Haruka by HeyitsZel


FREE is one of my older fandoms but I am always so happy to see some MakoHaru in my timeline/reader so thanks a bunch Zel! In this post Zel talks about Makoto and Haruka, why she loves them individually, and together (as OTP but also just as a pair of friends). And yes I agree with everything she says ^_^

Friday Favorites-Anime Men Who Are Too Damn Smart For Their Own Good by KawaiiPaperPandas

So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I LOVE SMART GUYS. They’re kind of my weakness so when this post by KawaiiPaperPandas showed up on my reader, YOU BET I checked it out and #CRIES I loved it, ok?! I don’t know all the characters on the list but the ones I do know I most definitely agreed on, and the ones I don’t know…I shall know soon (hehehe)

Blogwarming Party (hosted by Irina)


And the results are IN! If you haven’t checked out the two bloggers that Irina has featured, then you should go check them out now. One of them is Brittany who wrote up a review on Orange (a show I haven’t watched yet but that I hear is AMAZING). She also writes about other fun stuff like personal stories (I recommend them, they’re fun to read). Irina also featured Fueled by Smiling who wrote up a reaction post on Kino’s Journey, and no lie, I had fun reading it because I’ve had moments where I’m watching something but my mind is so tired I start to see things strangely. Haha.


I Read for 24 Hours Straight by readbyzoe

I’m trying to use Youtube a bit more and I’m…slowly getting there, lol! And while exploring I found readbyzoe, a booktuber who I instantly attached readathoner to. Basically she reads as much as she can for 24 hours and vlogs about it. I really enjoy checking out her vlogs because they’re really entertaining and wow, I wish I could read this much in 24 hours (but I’m a slow reader). I’m actually going to try doing one of these next year once I’ve trained myself and on one of my days off (hehe)

She also has some other entertaining content so check out her channel~

Just A Song I Like

Ok so that’s all I have for November and as a ’til next month, I leave you all this song that I’ve been into. Actually there’s a lot of songs I’ve been into lately BUT here’s this one because I love Shakira. She’s like my yuri crush (hehe). The song is called (in english), I Fell in Love. I also like Chantaje, which would be Blackmail (huh, I didn’t know that)

Like always, feel free to share any of your own posts in the comments section so that we can check them out! Or maybe other people’s stuff because sharing is caring 🙂


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    • Ooooo! good luck with finals (if you’re still doing them, idk if you’re at a semester or trimester school xD) and yeahhhhh can’t wait to see what you dish out for the challenge. i was thinking of maybe just changing the 12 days to after christmas so it’s like 12 days of christmas xD WHO KNOWS, i’m just going to try not to stress out >_>

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    • lolol, yeah, thats been me so many times, but maybe i’ll do something simple, i know some people are just doing anime challenges >_< and thanks, i'm glad you're looking forward to my junk :"D

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