2017 Fall Mid-Season Update

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Hey guys! So remember when the anime season started and I said I would be trying to keep up? WELL. I am but also I’m not. I know I started some episodic posts for The Ancient Magus Bride and Recovery of an MMO Junkie but I haven’t continued since a few episodes ago. Why? Basically, I’m just really bad at keeping up with anime every week (lol) but here’s what I’ve watched so far!

  1. The Ancient Magus Bride: I finished the Cat episode but I didn’t write anything for it. That’s actually the last episode I watched but I caved on the whole waiting and ended up reading the manga so I’m all caught up and I know where everything is going! Unless the anime takes a different turn but considering it’s been really faithful to the manga I find it unlikely? I’m hoping to pick this up soon but by then I’m not sure if I should just do the final review
  2. Recovery of an MMO Junkie: Another series I started writing episodic reviews for and another I haven’t updated recently. Unlike tAMB, I actually am up to date with this one…I just haven’t wanted to write anything. But I think I’m only two episodes behind on the blog so I might just add the two into one post and keep going. As for what’s going on, let’s just say I was kind of expecting something like it but also not (I’ll mention it later)
  3. Black Clover: I watched the first two episodes for this on time and then just dropped it until today. I decided to binge the next few episodes and if I watch in bulk it doesn’t feel as bad. At this point I’m sort of used to Asta’s noisiness, which isn’t all good or bad. I’m thinking of doing a separate post for this because I have some feels about the position both Asta and Yuno are in. Plus I’m already hating someone (lol!)
  4. Juuni Taisen: Another one I ended up binging after I said nothing exciting was happening. And well, I still stand by that thought. I’m not really loving it even though they’ve started to go a little more in depth with the twins. The next time I talk about this is probably going to be as a final review
  5. Garo – Vanishing Line: Surprisingly I’ve been keeping up with this series. I know I was really excited about it from what we got in episode 1 but after that it started to feel very episodic. We have the whole “El Dorado” thing going but the focus is more on getting rid of the Horrors in town, until the recent episode where we finally get some story. I’m wondering if we’ll have enough time to develop it though (anyone know how long this series will be?)

And those are really the only series I’ve “kept up” with. As for what series I do plan to finish, here’s a tentative list:

  1. Dies Irae: I actually want to start this before it ends because I hear it’s confusing and I want to see how confused I’ll be. HA.
  2. Kino’s Journey: I think I’ll enjoy this more if I just binge it. It’s a rather slow series is why
  3. King’s Game: I think I was intrigued by this when I watched it but 6-7 weeks in and I’ve kind of lost it. Especially since I haven’t heard anything really good about it, thoughts?
  4. Sengoku Night Blood: I was going to continue watching this but for some reason I didn’t? All I remember was being so lost with all the characters and clans and alliances that were shown and I thought I’d put it off for later
  5. Code Realize: I have no idea why I didn’t continue this but I was enjoying it, will be binging!

Ideally by the end of the season I should have at least 10 series completed. What about everyone else? What have you kept up with? What have you dropped? Or if you’re not keeping up with the fall anime, what anime are you watching?

Outside of this season I’m actually picking up some sports anime. I remember buying Big Windup! at a convention so I’m finally going to sit down and watch it. I’ve also been into some Misawa stuff recently and now I want to finish the 1st season, which I was almost done with, and then watch season 2

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10 thoughts on “2017 Fall Mid-Season Update

  1. Got 16 shows going; dropped Omiai the hentai bait and Urahaha (the latter doesn’t suck—just not my thing).

    I have also been drowning myself in live action shows while I was on my flight to Thailand. Still feeling the water…

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    • WOW. 16?! thats a lot :00

      i tried to pick up liveactions awhile back but there’s just something about them that makes me nervous about starting. the same nervousness i have when im going to watch a tv show, like i don’t want to get obsessed xD and i hear the tv series are the good ones

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  2. I know what you mean about how hard it at times is to keep up with series. So far I have been succesful in keeping up with Ancient Magus Bride, King’s Game, and Black Clover. The last two shows are a bit meeehh for me, but Ancient Magus Bride is incredible. 😀

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    • i feel so sad i’m not keeping up with the ancient magus bride like i wanted to because it is so beautiful but i feel like the pacing is just so hard for me to keep up with. with slower shows i just like to binge them because by the end im just left wanting for more Orz

      what do you think of king’s game? i want to continue it but i’m also not sure how i was feeling about it. i thought it was interesting but then i’ve heard not so great stuff about it so now i’m mehh

      aside from recovery of an mmo junkie and the ancient magus bride, nothing has really stuck out to me either (and even those two aren’t what i’d call The Best)

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      • King’s game is one of those shows that I keep watching, but I have no idea as to why. It is certainly pretty bad at times, has a story that isn’t going anywhere, but still I keep watching it. Karandi said the same thing. It’s one of those things that can’t be explained I guess 😂😂
        I was watching Two Car, but that series really didn’t do much for me. While I have ‘t officially dropped it, I’m not in a real hurry to continue with it either 😊
        But besides those (I’m also still watching Black Clover, but on,y because I like keeping up with Weekend Otaku and Karandi for their posts😀), I’m not really enthusiastic for it either 😊

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  3. There are so many shows this season. I’m not even watching all the ones I want to ad have access to O.o Any way, I’m sticking with King’s Game just to see how stupid it can get. Having fun in that respect but yeah it is terrible XD

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