Recovery of an MMO Junkie: Secret Triangle


Spoilers Abound

Oh man, oh man. So I felt like we sort of moved forward but didn’t actually in this episode. In the previous one, Moriko was pressed to go drinking with Homare and in this episode we see her getting ready. In a way it was funny because she falls into the habit of converting how much money she spends with loot boxes. I do the same but my conversion is to books, so if I spend some $50 I’ll automatically think, oh that could have been 10 manga or 3-4 novels. Hayashi also talked a bit with Lily, asking for advice on what to wear and HA, I loved how Kanbe knows that both Hayashi and Lily are playing the opposite gender! It makes me wonder if he knows who Lily is IRL or if he just happens to know that Lily is a guy (I mean, Sakurai has gone to that convenience store before soooo)

I guess the thing that made it feel like nothing happened is because that’s all this episode was about: Moriko getting ready. She ends up going shopping, she asks for some clothing advice, she gets her hair done, and she ends up waiting. Also, I’m really curious about the misunderstanding with the day of the date. Moriko was clearly convinced that it was the next day but Sakurai mentions that Homare told him it was the day after. Maybe she just got it wrong? Or was this a setup? HMMM

And because I can. I’m not a huge fan of Moriko’s haircut, or rather how short it ended up being. Unless there’s some trick going on here that I don’t know about. When she said she wanted it medium length I thought they’d only cut a few inches off but nope, it’s gone

We were left at a cliffhanger and one where I’m just biting at my shirt! I was really hoping to see Sakurai and Moriko interact in this episode but I guess I have to wait one more episode? The only real advancement I saw was that Kanbe now knows Hayashi’s secret. By the way, did anyone feel Moriko was being a bit too obvious about Hayashi possibly not being a guy this time around?

But yes, those were my impressions this time around. Nothing much happened so I’m not bouncing off the walls yet. I am curious as to where the next episode is going since I saw Homare in it with Moriko? What happened to Sakurai? If you watched this already, let me know what you thought!

4 thoughts on “Recovery of an MMO Junkie: Secret Triangle

  1. Moriko definitely dropped some of her male persona in game this episode but I kind of didn’t mind that. It all just kind of added to the overall sceanrio and while I’m a little bit put off by that cliff-hanger ending, part of me is kind of fine with it because the story so far has moved along at a decent enough pace that I assume they’ll give us something next week rather than just stringing us along indefinetly.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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