Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (ep 1 – 3)


Spoilers Abound

“Wow, I’ve been rather on it with these anime posts,” I say as I’m 4 weeks late. Now, I was really excited about this show when it came out. The first episode was so good! I loved seeing the whole family relationship with Toshiko. When she was in the building, walking up the stairs I swore she wasn’t the one in the flashbacks. Not only did she look really different but this one (pic above) looked so evil and crazy. And in the flashbacks we had this girl who didn’t want to kill if she didn’t need to.

Then, surprise! It was her. I think my jaw dropped then. What happened? How did she change so much? I wanted to know everything


I guess the thing I really liked about the first episode was how much background info we got on Toshiko and how she wasn’t a “good” character. Having her younger sister chosen for the Juni Taisen really messed with her and in turn, she turned her sister into a killing machine who later killed herself. This was super impressive to me. I mean, to be able to do that to your own sister! And her sister looked up to her. Wow.

And we see that Toshiko’s whispered words also affected herself, making her less afraid to take a life. Which is why I was so SAD when she died in the first episode. At first I was thinking she wasn’t dead. We were left at a cliffhanger so I had to wait until later to find out what happened but GOD. It was so disappointing to get rid of her so soon! She was so confident, so manipulative, and I was sure she’d be killing zodiac butt. Alas, that’s not what happened


After that, we’re introduced to a few more characters. One of them is Dotsuku, the Warrior of the Dog. I wasn’t really invested in anything he had to say or what he did. Actually, he didn’t do much aside from talk about how clever he was (and then he died in such a hilarious way!). Likewise, we later met Niwatori, the Warrior of the Chicken. Honestly, I was hoping that she would get farther into the competition but like Toshiko, she was taken down quickly

So far the episodes have been repetitive (us meeting a character, seeing a bit of their backstory, and them dying). Already there are quite a few characters who have died, and now only some of the stronger fighters are still around. I’m wondering how this is even going to end. I know the Warrior of the Monkey wanted to do things peacefully but now everyone is scattered and just killing each other. Plus, I don’t really like her. Peaceful characters like her aren’t my cup of tea. I am really curious about the Warrior of the Rat though. He’s just always sleeping and we know nothing about him! Plus he’s really cute, hehe

I have already watched episode 4 and I saw that episode 5 is already out. Depending on what happens in the next few episodes, I might not write anything until the end of the season (final review)

What about you guys? If you’re following Juni Taisen, what are your thoughts so far? Who are you hoping wins? Still really like it? Or are you just watching to see what happens?


9 thoughts on “Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (ep 1 – 3)

  1. I’m not particularly into this which is a shame because I kind of wanted to like it. I’m mostly just watching in the hopes that the story ever gets as interesting as the animation from the first episode. It might help if they introduce a character who isn’t dead boring to listen to.

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  2. BOAR WAS BEST CHARACTER. Honestly though, I’m trying to stay engaged with this show but the formulaic deaths are killer (literally!). Apparently, that’s one of the major criticisms of the novel, so I hope the Zodiac War still has a couple tricks up its sleeve to give us a good shock.

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    • SHE WAS WHYD SHE DIE. very, im really dialiking the repetativeness of it all xD ohhh so its a LN? I can see how that would be even more boring. At least here you have the animation. Hopefully it picks up :”)

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    • yeah, i get that. many times i’ve had to cut down bc there’s just too much to follow xD and don’t worry, considering how it’s going, you’re not missing out on much :”)

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