Recovery of an MMO Junkie: Like a Maiden in Love



So when this episode started I thought it was just going to be a fun little episode with nothing much happening but OH.MY.GOODNESS.

It looks like after Sakurai got rejected by Moriko he pretty much started drowning in whys. He wondered if he was coming off as a creep, why she rejected him, and what excuse can he use to contact her again. He really wants to get to know her and I’m just thinking this is totally adorable? And I just found it hilarious when he said he’s starting to sound like a stalker, lol! We get a bit of this glimpse into his life but every time I just get more and more curious. The show is about Moriko but can I just get an episode in Sakurai’s life? Especially since his avatar doesn’t do much (at least it doesn’t look like it). Also, he must be getting paid well if he can just splurge on these credits until he gets what he wants

And my poor Moriko, getting talked to by two guys at the convenience store! Though I really liked her interaction with Fujimoto. I feel like that’s how I would react if I met someone and we were both fans of the same thing. Actually, that’s what I did at work the other day when I learned one of the new bosses watched anime, like how cool is that?! Him and my coworker did most of the talking and I just love to listen to people talk about common interests ok, hehe. As for her interaction with Homare…I’m wondering what he’s up to. He knows Sakurai likes her and he was a bit pushy. I’m hoping he’s helping Sakurai out but I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t because he looks shifty, like OK MAN where you goin with this?!


Again, Moriko is really relatable, especially during moments like this. I swear I’ve been in this situation dozens of times, especially now that I work with people, like please move on and let me be here alone, haha

And that ending!!! FINALLY. I was just waiting for one of them to realize who they were. Since Moriko is the more talkative of the two, it makes sense that Sakurai would realize it first and I’m so glad she explained how she ended up agreeing to the drinks with Homare because damn, if I liked a girl and found out my friend got a date with her I’d be so sad! Especially with how Homare brought it up 😛 And she explained why she turned Sakurai down so once he gets over his shock of finding out who Hayashi is, at least he’ll know he didn’t come off as a creeper, LOL.

Also, can I just say I love that Sakurai’s keyboard is pink? Actually I like how soft he is in general. HM, now I want to see him outside of his work outfit

This episode was the slowest and least funny out of all of them so far but that ending totally made up for it. I’m super excited about what’s going to happen in the next episode, which is apparently when Moriko is going drinking. And WOW, she’s going to look Nice. I’m also wondering how she’s going to be feeling since she mentions she’s grateful for Homare as someone she could speak to at work but I feel that’s all they had in common (plus there’s that feeling of anonymity that maybe she liked when they talked? Or at least she didn’t recognize him until he introduced himself so I’m guessing at least she felt more open to talking because they didn’t know one another)

What about you guys? What did you think about this episode or in general so far?


5 thoughts on “Recovery of an MMO Junkie: Like a Maiden in Love

  1. I agree that this episode felt slow early on and I was kind of feeling that maybe the charm of the first three episodes had worn off. Then we went into that second half and finally that ending and to be honest, I fell in love with the show all over again. This one isn’t going to top my watch list anytime soon, but if I can finish each episode with that much of a smile it will be a great show to follow for the season. And yeah, I’d love to see Sakurai in casual.

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