Recovery of an MMO Junkie (ep 1 – 3)


Oh my goodness you guys I’ve found my next obsession! I love this show and I need more of it right now~

So Recovery of an MMO Junkie is actually a show my brother mentioned to me yesterday and I was half-paying attention to what he said and now that I’ve watched it I’m just crying because, why didn’t I find this sooner?!ย But even more, why is this not out completely, why must I wait for an episode every week?! I don’t think my heart is going to be able to wait (Orz) I literally have a huge grin on my face

Basically this anime is about a 30 year old woman named Moriko who is now an elite NEET playing this MMO called Fruits de Mer. That’s really all she does and when she starts to play she meets a girl named Lily who helps her out on quests. The two start to interact more, joining the same guild, and even talking on a more personal level. Add to this the fact that Moriko’s kokoro goes doki doki for this pink haired and pink dressed MMO character and we have lots of hilarious fangirling moments because Moriko’s character is a handsome guy. But what she doesn’t know is that she’s not the only one posing as the opposite gender in the game


You guys have no idea how much I love and relate to Moriko! I remember doing an anime challenge once where I had to find a character I looked like in anime and I couldn’t find the right one. But now I’ve found her! Moriko has long unstyled hair, she wears no makeup, has unkempt eyebrows, wears PJs all day, and fangirls about the simplest things. Not to mention she isn’t very good with cute guys. Like, if she’s not me in anime form, I don’t know who is

But I guess the funniest part isn’t the whole Moriko playing a guy character and liking Lily but the fact that she has met Lily in person but doesn’t know it because Lily’s human is a guy! OMG I’m foaming at the mouth at how this is so adorable and I’m screaming at my screen like, that’s Lily go on that date!!ย But I’m also fangirling about the fact that Hayashi (Morki’s character) is so lovey dovey with Lily and therefore Moriko is too so it’s like girls love feels! But then Lily is also being really cute with Hayashi and that means Sakurai (cute guy pictured below) is being cute with Hayashi and the yaoi feels! Like GOD, talk about Feels overload

So far this anime has been tons of entertainment and I just want the rest of the series to be done so I can binge it. Actually, once it is all out, I might just rewatch it. I found it that entertaining. Also guys, Sakurai Yuta’s SO CUTE, just look at his beautiful smile!!


And those soft green eyes, his fluffy blonde hair, those glasses, how cute and clumsy he is, and he’s totally an Official Stalker. He pulled up papers on Moriko at her last job. Like if that is not Official Stalker business, I don’t know what is. Next thing you know he’s showing up at her door, LOL

There are also more fun characters but honestly, I am 100% invested in these two. I am curious about why Moriko ended up quitting her job since she was really good at it. Is it sort of like I’ve already saved up enough money to be a NEET for X-amount of time? Lol. And I want to learn more about Sakurai!

What about everyone else? Have you checked out this series? Like it? Don’t like it? Let me know, fangirl with me pleaseย 


12 thoughts on “Recovery of an MMO Junkie (ep 1 – 3)

  1. I’m not a huge fan of comedies, but the premise for this one sounds pretty fun. And your enthusiasm in this review really shines through, so I might check this one out at some point. Great review, I hope you will continue to enjoy the series ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. I love this one too. I think Moriko just got burned out and was suffering from depression while at work. When she cried on the phone, I felt really bad for her. In the long run, being a neet may not be great, but as long as she gets her sense of self back then I think it’s a good thing. Hopefully the show explores this more once she meets the real Lily.

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    • now that you mention it, yes! this would be nice to see. i’m really liking the light tone of the show but it would be nice to get into the why she decided to become a neet and also her getting back on her feet ๐Ÿ˜€


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